'Charlie's Angels 2' Movie Fashion Report

The Boston Globe talks about the fashion and custumes that we can expect to see in Charlie's Angels 2: Full Throttle.

The movie's clothes are mercifully seasonal; just try hitting the pool in Keanu Reeves's priestly, floor-length duster.

"Full Throttle," which also stars a reborn, refurbished Demi Moore, places the emphasis squarely on fun, which the costumes italicize. Some fashion stunts are better not tried at home: A rabid Drew Barrymore in a wrestling unitard and Moore and Diaz's two-piece-beachwear pose-down come to mind.

The movie could play as an exuberant magazine spread, with its stars as living dolls. But lest Diaz, Barrymore, and Lucy Liu stand accused of being jiggling cogs in a sexist wheel, make no mistake, these angels are fun-loving crime fighters. They kick; they sashay; they wink.

Good luck wringing a drop of irony from "The Matrix," an allegory of man's subjugation to machines. Its clothes were designed to complement the film's dark, oppressive atmosphere. "Charlie's Angels," on the other hand, is a fantasy ultimately about the chic of the individual.

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