USH'S LOTR GAME REFERENCE- People of interest at Fornost

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This is a list of the important people to whom the players can meet at the court at Fornost- and whom may accompmy you elsewhere.

KING ARVEDUI: The Last King, ruller of Arthedain, descendant of Isildur- in fact, the most direct descendant still left on Middle-Earth, as the Gondorian line has gone askew. If Aragorn has a brother in the films, then Arvedui would look like him. Arvedui is wise, generous, friendly, fair, strong and good and each of you is acting under his initiative. Whilst he is only too happy to help out, he IS King and he is very busy. You cannot just walk into his room and talk to him.

PRINCE ARANARTH: Arvedui's eldest son and heir to his throne. Aranarth is very stern and serious but aspires to be the equal of his father in wisdom.

PRINCE ELENDUR: Arvedui's second son. Elendur is stunningly attractive and appears to be quite the fun-lover- he is often seen flirting with the pretty maidens around the court.

PRINCESS MALLACHIEL: The equally beautiful daughter of Arvedui, she is grateful to the players from the firast game who saved her life- but is rarely seen around court. I always considered her to look like Jennifer Connelly.

QUEEN FIRIEL: Like her daughter, Arvedui's beloved wife is rarely seen. Firiel is in fact Gondorian- Arvedui's marriage to her was a great triumph both of love and diplomacy, and was the culmination of years of work to re-open contact between the two Kingdom's. Arveudi's marriage to Firiel made him the moist logical heir to the Gondorian throne when her father the King- who had no other children- died, but the Gondorians chose a more distant relative instead.

LORD FARAEL: A Dunadan Lord who was also responsible for saving Mallachiel. Farael is most unusual for a Lord- rough, ready, gruff, with a harsh face and using a very unlordly weapon (an enormous warhammer)- yet he has a place on the ruling Council. No player has asked about this discrepancy. Farael is peeved with Rex's character who called him bad things...

LORD GORLIM: A rather mild-mannered and friendly Dunadan Lord, who is also the King's Chamberlain and responsible for much of the organisation of the Kingdom.

LORD MORSIRE: Brash Dunadan Lord who was notably unfriendly towards the players

THE OTHER LORDS: The other notable Lords of the ruling Council at Fornost are Halatir, Annuneryn, Seinost and Annphor. The players know little of them yet, but as Dunadan Lords (note- Boromir and Faramir are examples of Dunadan Lords from the movies) they must all be notable people.

TURAMBAR: Gondorian Ambassador to Arthedain. This is an unpleasant job, as everyone is always looking at him with a 'When is Gondor coming to help?' look in their eye. Turambar is a proper Ambassador, handpicked by King Earnil of Gondor and acting for his interests in this place- he is as powerful as a Lord in his own right (he has a name of great historical tradition). Players from Gondor are under his authority whilst here.

MARAKITH: Eothian Emissary to Arthedain. As the Eotheod have only recently become a soveriegn nation in their own right they haven't really got to grips with the finer points of diplomacy, and Marakith's presence here is all the more odd for that. Marakith is very to the point and always after answers for the many questions he asks about the current situation- and always seems to wear his war gear and carry a strategic battle map.

That is all for now- if you meet more people they shall be noted here in due course.

In case you are wondering, the closest the Elves have to official representation here are Dexx and Fitch's characters.

Ta-daa! Doesn't need much altering this. However, this is a chance to learn more about people, and so this thread will expand as time passes.

pfect...i'll turn my brain on, and see what i can get

just wondering is the guy called elendil or elendur?


Oh, it's -dur

???? Is this an RP or some idiot thinking ElenDIL is called ElenDUR! Is thsi actually a game yet?


No offense, but are you a newbie or some idiot who thinks "Role Play" is a noun?

no reason for insults Faroth

I know, sorry... but I believe that what goes around comes around. But still, I could've handled it differently.

- Doesn't think much of Annuneryn
- Doesn't think too high of the king either
- Might enter the melee competition
- Thinks the militairy situation is critical, wants to confront the Witch-king
- The army is not yet fully equiped, but this can be arranged
- The king is looking for the right man to lead this army (got a smile with that, suppose he thinks that he's the best man for the job)
- Doesn't think much of the people of Gondor

- Bit of an ugly duck
- Doesn't seem to like Gorlim
- Led war parties against the orcs
- Believes that the orcs travel through the Downs

A competition between FARAEL and HALATIR could appaer about who is to lead this new army I think

Good good- the question of new armies is an important subtext to it all.

well they have the men, Halatir said that, but they need equipment (which he could arrange) that sounded a tad dodgy

Question of logistics. Also remember Arthedain has more than one army.

good to remember indeed, but if you already have the gear then why not equip the soldiers

It's easy to equip armies whilst they are sitting in a city. But it takes a lot of effort to supply an army in the field. Whoeever gets charge of an army, first thing to do is make sure it can fight.

ok, I wonder who will get it, might want to talk to Gorlim about that soon

Them. Get them. Like I mentioned above.

True, I wonder how manyt damn soldiers Arthadain has

so are you guys playing yet?

At god
Well I want to play it too Im into LOTR books. I finished them just yesterday (fellowship- return of the king). I know some info of middle earth but, I don't know if I'll play a good charcter :P

OK, Menelacar has spoken to Lord Seinost

- Not actually titled; married onto the council.
- Highly thought of by Gorlim, and others apparently
- Has a remarkable collection of artwork
- seems patriotic to Arthedain
- has never served in the army; has no ambition to lead an army
- thinks anyone seeking to lead armies should not be allowed to in case they are too aggressive
- Knows Farael wants to control armies, but concedes he would not seek to invade Angmar, which Seinost takes as a good thing.
- thinks several other lords want the job
- Lord Annphor is a friend of the Chamberlain
- Morsire is friend to the young prince
- Annuneryn is very young
- will not be taking part in the tournament, but will be a spectator.

Questions to consider - how did someone so... passive... end up on the ruling council when he was from a nondescript small landowning family?
-Exactly WHY is he so highly thought of? What are his particular strengths?

Nice job!
He SEEMS really passive, but do you think he would have a motive for being a traitor?
I'm still looking for suspects.

I'm not discounting him
- he was very anti-invasion of Rhudaur
- not a fighter
- comes from a 'lesser' family, so perhaps has inferiority complex which Witch King could tap into
- nice collection of artwork - perhaps evidence of a separate income?

Obviously, I'm not saying its him either! But, a 'definitely maybe'.

I can sort one thing out- bar the intervention of the King, the Council titles are hereditary.

When the tourney starts, I suggest we all take another Lord. Darvan'll try and chat with Annphor.

Originally posted by Ushgarak
I can sort one thing out- bar the intervention of the King, the Council titles are hereditary.

But Seinost obtained his title through marrying the descendant.

Yup; the previous incumbent was his Wife's Father.

Lord Melkor
You can add to Farael`s info that his not Dunadan.

Halatir`s ambition certainly seems suspicious. He may be the type to do something stupid to get the glory he wants. He is likely the foremost among Hawks, right? We should see about Morsire as well.

Concerning Seinost, it seems he is respected for his wisdom, he appears to be rather likeable. Likely to be a good administrator, and seems to have good relations with common folk.

'Not' Dunedain may be stretching it a bit. His line is weak though.

Lord Melkor
Well, Morsire doesn`t seem to like elves. Fact that Pallidan didn`t use proper term with refering to Prince(though he seemed to be respectful) but it doesn`t excuse Morsire being so hostile. He is not dealing with his subject here.

Frankly, a Noldor is entitled to not feel like some Dunedain`s Prince inferior, I think.

Well, Palidan is in that person's country, Elendur has a right to position that even the Elves recognise, and is a direct descendant of the Dunedain (or even more precisely, Numenorean) King that once saved the Elves, Noldor or otherwise. 'some' Dunadain Prince is an odd term. They are incredibly rare. Much rarer than some wondering Noldor.

Like I said to tpt in private, you CAN play your Noldor haughty enough as to not care about that. It's not absurd for a Noldor to be like that. But it would be staggeringly unhelpful. There is a difference between feeling inferior and showing respect.

Lord Melkor
Guys, we have no grounds to throw baseless accusations against Lords, like Anglomir just did against Annumeryn! Why do you think he is likely to be a Traitor. That he is young and not remarkable doesn`t matter as he simply inherited his title!

No-one is accusing anyone yet, but they are ALL under suspicion...

I will be updating Annuneryn's info once I finish beating - er I mean skillfully extracting - the information out of Gorlim.

Lord Melkor
Morsire certainly doesn`t like elves, I bet he isn`t keen on outsiders in general. What do we have on him from the previous episodes? He had some argument with Rex`s character, right?

Captain REX
Everyone had an argument with Morsire, I think. He's not a friendly person in general.

OK, Annuneryn info

- Young, and arrogant
- Thinks the current situation is more hysteria than actual threat
- Thinks very lowly of Farael as he doesn't have pure Dunedain blood
- BIG skeleton in his closet in regard to his father - Gorlim winced when I mentioned it and got very defensive.

An interesting quote,
"As you yourself are well aware, of course, Dunadain are the leaders of Men. Farael's almost a commoner. My father would have none of it!" He shrugs and seems to think about something. "Maybe he should get one of them after all though... ahh, who knows?"

Perhaps some Kin-strife tendencies/opinons?

Well now, this is a general vibe that has been slowly bubbling around.

Basically, the entirity of the Arnorian nobility consider the Gondorian Dunedain to be impure, mostly as a result of the Kin Strife. The purity of the Arnorian line is shown in their dark hair and similar looks throughout and is in many ways a laudable thing, but its darker side is shown in the prejudice against Farael.

Lord Annphor:

- quite friendly, cheerful
- Was with Gorlim at the original ambush, which puts him in the 'unlikely' category (this is correct, Ush?)
- Thinks Amon Los was attacked from INSIDE Arthedain, but concedes this can't be proven
- States the Council is in debate over the matter.
- Not entering any tournament events
- thinks Annuneryn is going to enter the Tournament, always keen to impress
- Annuneryn's father hated Farael because of his mixed heritage
- Annphor seems to hold similar views about heritage, although seems to get on fine with Farael, and thinks he may be a suitable general for an army

Hey does any1 know the range and strength of the troll chain and the rocks they throw ? can u display it lie this too ...

Troll chain = range=... strength=...
Boulder = range=... strength=...

Many thanks jaked 13 :P

As the game is restarting, it might be an idea to reread this again.

Couple more points to consider:

Annuneryn's father was disgraced - this is how Annuneryn got his title.

Halatir's lands are in the north, bordering the most dangerous parts of Angmar and Rhudaur

Lord Knightfa11
hey i was thinking of joining y'all. A few questions though as I am a noob at roleplaying.
When does this take place?
Where/who is fornost, and how do i start?
tyall in advance.

I am new too, and want to join.

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