Quotable KOTOR*spoilers*

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The bioware discussion forum is cool....but personally I think this site is faster...anyways KOTOR is such an awesome game...the dialogue is so funny I thought I'd share some of my favs...and hear yours....if you plan on playing the PC version don't read....there will be spoilers

note for now I'm not telling you who says what
Fun fun driving me insane is your idea of a good time?!

....you spoiled little jedi princess.....

Alright sister just just calm down before your head explodes.

well..those aren't exactly spoilers, julie smile

they are if someone wants to play a game and hears all the lines before hand...I'm just giving them that option....

Carth: "awww...what a sweet guy...he should get the Sith Congeniality award."
HK-47:" Touch the master's sword and lose an arm, meatbag."
Mission: Just die already

sorry it's been awhile.....

Mission: Hey Bastila, you ever use the force on someone...you know just a little jolt of force to trip up some jerk who's ticking you off.
Bastila: I would never use the force for such petty and trivial revenge
Mission: aww come on there's gotta be times when you've wanted to....you don't have to be so stuck up; come on you can tell me
Bastila: I am NOT stuck up...I merely have the wisdom and maturity to see how childish such an act would be
Mission: Childish....is taht a crack about my age...you aint much older than me miss HIGh and Mighty...just because you're some jedi doesn't mean you get to be a prissy little *oamph*(mission gets knocked over with force)
Mission: hey what the....!!!! that wasn't funny
Bastila: *straight faced and innocent look* I have no idea what your talking about...do try to be less clumsy in the future

Only female characters will have this conversation

Carth - D*** it woman if you keep hounding me like that I'm gonna put you over my knee and teach you a lesson
Player: Is that a promise?
Carth: Oh no, sister, I'm not going there.

or this one

Carth: I'm all ears beautiful
PC: Beautiful? Isn't that a little inappropriate?
Carth: Is there something you'd rather I call you?
PC: How about gorgeous.
Carth: * laughs* I might consider it, but what will you call me in return?
PC: Handsome thug.
Carth: I like the handsome part, but I'm more partial to "the most handsome pilot in the galaxy....kidding aside....

Canderous: So Bastila I heard you had a little trouble with the Vulkars.
someone (prob PC: What are you saying.
Canderous: I',m saying that if we had been fighting more jedi like Bastila in the Mandalorian wars my side might not have lost.
Bastila: Bold talk from a broken down mercenary serving at Davik's heel. I'd call you his pet Kath hound but they have enough loyalty not to turn on their masters.
Canderous: Insults? Maybe if your master had trained your lightsaber to be as quick as your tongue those vulkars might not have captured you , you spoiled little Jedi Princess!
Bastila: I was NOT spoiled...I was given the same training as everyone else...you are nothing but a ...NO, no I must not do this. There is no emotion there is peace.
Canderous: See that's the problem with you jedi. Always speaking about control...never up for a good fight. Well I except for Revan I guess.
Bastila: Enough, Mandalorian. I won't rise to your bait anymore...the game is over.

very loose paraphrase...It's been awhile since I heard this conversation.

Carth: Bastila, I've been wondering about something. How did those Vulkars ever manage to capture a famous jedi like you. What happened to your lightsaber ... I mean I've seen you jedi in action and there's no way they could have captured you.
Bastila: My lightsaber was....missplaced.
Carth: *laughs* so wait a minute... you LOST your lightsaber? Isn't that a violation of some jedi code?
Bastila: This is not some laughing matter.
Player: Of all the jedi...we get stuck with the absent minded one.
Carth: hey hey hey don't get mad...it's just kind of funny to think of a lengendary jedi losing her lightsaber. Hey here's a piece of advice...that might be one fact you want to keep out of the history books.
Bastila: I hardly consider myself a legend, Carth, but I will consider your advice when I relate these events to the Jedi Council. There's no need for them to know everything...

Admiral Karath: you summoned me, Lord Malak.
Malak: The search for Bastila is taking too long. WE cannot risk her escaping Taris...destroy the entire planet.
Karath: the...the entire planet, Lord Malak, but there are billions of people on Taris. WE'd be slaughtering countless innocent civilians. Not to mention our own men still on the surface.
Malak: Your predessor once made the mistake of questioning my orders, admiral, surely you are not so foolish as to make the same mistake?
Karath: of of course not my lord. I will do as you command, but it will take several hours to position the fleet.
Malak: then I suggest you begin immediately. You are dismissed, Admiral.

near the end of the game: ....

*evil laugh*
Malak: You are strong child, but I will break you.
Bastila: I'll never fall to the dark side.
Bastila:You think tortue will turn me, Malak...you're a fool.
Malak: Tortue...no dear Bastila...This is but a taste of the dark side to whet your appetite. When you finally swear loyalty to me it WIll be willingly.
Bastila: Never!!!!
Malak: hahaha....the dark side calls to you Bastila...become my apprentice and all it's power can be yours!

THis droid is really interesting.

PC: So where do all the meatbag references come from
HK-47: It was you who programed me, master. YOur student once asked me what I thought of him, and I informed him of his meatbag status. You changed my programing so that I would continue to use the reference.
PC: So Malak was the original meatbag, huh...I like the idea.
HK: of course you do, Master. You did then as well.

Malak: So have you discovered how Bastila escaped the destruction of Taris?
Admiral Karath: She was aided by Carth Onasi, a decorated war hero and a legendary soldier, during the Mandalore wars he was honored many times for his bravery.
Malak: Interesting...how did you acquire this information, Admiral?
Admiral Karath: An eye witness Lord Malak, Calo nord...a bounty hunter was there when Bastila and Carth escaped the planet.
Admiral Karath: Calo has agreed to help us capture the young Bastila, in exchange for a very hefty fee of course, but I assure you he is well worth the price..his reputation as a bounty hunter is well earned.
Malak: A jedi and a war hero...it's a wonder you survived the encounter
Calo: I am hard to kill, Lord Malak.
Admiral Karath: Forgive me, Lord Malak, but there is one other thing. May we have a private audience away from the ears of the common soldiers?
Malak: I trust you are not wasting my time, Admiral Karath.
Admiral Karath: I promise you will be very interested in what Calo has to say about Bastila's other companions.

I've been out for awhile so I'll post a few to catch up...

PC: Don't forget..rescued the Damsel in distress.
Bastila: Yes well I hardly consider myself a" Damsel in distress"...I'll admit I probably wouldn't have been able to free myself had it not been for the brawl after the swoop race. Actually your presence at the swoop race is what I wanted to talk to you about. ...
PC: Can't you just admit you were rescued?
Bastila: Ahh yes the rescue again....very welll...you rescued me from Brejik.

nothing too deep here

various responses to poison:
PC ( male) : uhhh I think I've been poisoned!
PC ( female): D*** It's poison!
Bastila: *grunt* I can feel it!

what they say when you select them:
Jolee: And your need?
Bastila: I'm here or yes
PC ( male): what
PC (female): hmmmm
Carth: ready
HK: RRReaddy
Zalbaar: *wookie grunt*

random lines

HK: Combat mode...active.

Mission: What'd you expect? If they could get away with it, the Tarisian nobles would stuff their own mothers down here to make more room in the upper city.

Carth: I guess that's the way with the sith..lots of power and no longevity.

Jolee: Right you are.

Malak: The Dark side is strong in this place...I can feel it's power.
Malak: Is this wise? The ancient jedi sealed this archway. If we pass beyond this door we can never go back...the Order will surely banish us.
Malak: Are the secrets of the Star Forge so valuable? Can finding it truely be worth the risk?


PC( to some lady you're robbing): I think I'll just take it from you.
Mission: You know sometimes you're nothing but a bully!

very loose paraphrase

Tanis: Anybody out there?....Hey thanks for stoping by.
PC: What happened here?
Tanis: The wife put a kink in my droids...she knew I wouldn't be smart enough to fix them.
Bastila: I say leave him
Tanis: You know you're pretty heartless for such a pretty lady.
Bastila: On second thought...let's go congratulate his wife.
....(later in conversation)

PC: No I won't help you. In fact I'm going to stand here sipping ice water as I watch you die of thirst.
Tanis: What? Why?...
Pc: It's the cruelest type of death possible.
Tanis: YOu're joking right?
PC: ok I'll help out....but only for the credits.
Tanis:* Whew* don't scare me like that...just acess each droid to fix it.

very sorry if I repeat anything

Carth: great just what we need some punks to come and steal our lunch money.

very big spoiler.....final light side clip

Dodonna: You have defeated Malak, found the Star Forge, and broken the spirit of the sith. From Coruscant to the farthest reaches of the outer rim territories you will be knows as the heros of our age...for this we give you the Cross of Glory...the highest medal in the Republic

Vandar: ... We jedi now have another tale to weave into the grand history of our eternal order...the redemption of Revan ...the prodigal Knight. But you muct remain ever vigilant....for this is the destiny of the jedi.

PC - killing people is wrong and you know it
SIth - HA that may be the funnies thing I've heard all day.

PC: ARe you Elsie's droid?
droid: Did she send you to find me....please don't tell her you found me......she was becoming more and more insular...she tried to treat me as her dead husband.
PC: ER ALL the time?
droid: you don't want to know.
PC: probably not....

PC: hey nice job on those black vulkars
Calo nord: one
PC: I'm just trying to be friendly(paraphrase)
Calo Nord: two
Pc: ok I see your point I'll be leaving now.
Calo: smart

Davik: **** those sith, they're bombing the whole planet, I knew they'd turn on us sooner or later....well look what we have here, thieves in the hangar....so you thought you'd just steal my ship and leave me high and dry? sorry, but that aint gonna happen.
Calo: I'll take care of it Davik...I've been looking forward to this a long time.
Davik: Make it quick Calo, the sith mean business. If we don't get to our ships the sith will kill us all....

Jolee: Oh I get it, let's play with the old man's head. He's half senile he'll forget I said anything....wait uh what was this about anyway?

Jolee: You do know that it's best not to get hurt right?...NOT to say that you go leaping into the path of blaster fire....but I know how you young people are!...here take it!!!!!!!!!!!!!(hands you a med kit)

I could be repeating by now....

PC: I don't have time to search for fishlings!

PC: I am the true sith master!

Pc: The apprentice has learned his final lesson.

Darth Revan
PC: "I am the dark lord reborn! Bow before me!

Darth Revan
Jawa: "Sand stays. All else changes."

Iziz of Jawa: "Iziz of Jawa would like to thank you of your kind for what you have done."

keep 'em coming Revan wink

Darth Revan
I got one I know you already said it but I love this line

Malak: This is but a taste of the dark side...

And I also like to play as a male character and torment Bastila saying how you know she likes you ha ha

player char: Are you thinking about something?
Bastila: yes...yes I am..How did you know?
player: well I think its pretty obvious what youre thinking about.
Bastila: *gets really pissed off I've not played the game for a while so i don't remember exactly what she says*

heehee she's so funny when she's mad

Then at the end of the game if you're light side all of a sudden she's hopelessly in love with you what is up with that

Sorry about that in case you can't tell i'm more than a little obsessed with this game

Darth Revan
I have some other ones but you already said a lot of them.

Darth Revan
Oh and Julie that guy that tells you how good you are at the end of the game cant be Dodonna-- Jan Dodonna was the commander of the rebel forces and this takes place 4000 years before the Empire

Nazetu Blade
duh when the hell do u think this game was set?

There is an Admiral Dodonna in KOTOR......

I like it when Bastila's mad...it is funny...at one point she says

YOu....you are a very odd man, do you know that?

Nazetu Blade
Admiral Dodonna is commander of the Republic Fleet that attacks the Star Forge. If you play dark side she speaks to Bastila when you leave the Unknown Planet or Carth if you play on the Light side

yup yup.....

Then the republic is doomed

is one of her lines if you play the evil sith lord returned

gee I'm starting to run out of good quotes......hmmm think think

Carth: COme on sister, take your best shot.

Jordo: ...at least your boy made it off the planet....
Carth: my boy? you...you mean Dustil?
Jordo: Well yea I saw him at my last stop on Korriban
Carth: Dustil is alive?!

Canderous: working for Davik was something like shoving a spike into your skull...sure you've gotten something new in there but in the end you've lost something as well

Darth Revan
.... Julie you've used up all my good quotes!!

sorry...it's been so long...I keep forgetting so I just go with the one's I really liked

Calo: One.....
PC: Hey I don't want any trouble...
Calo: Two
PC: I see your point...I'll be on my way
Calo: Smart

I was just remined of this one

Bastila: typical male, is it possible to keep your mind on what we have to do?

BTW her accent is just lovely

yeah, i got that after what happened that I mention in the JA thread. And yes it is lovely. i actually didn't play up the whole romance with her though, apparently you can really start a relationship with her, but from day one I thought she had darkside tendencies and, well, after Anakin's little love thing, I didn't think it would be a good idea. I thought maybe I could keep her from turning later but no dice. ended up being an unavoidable (and throughly awesome) plot point. Which I figured it was but I thought I'd give it a try.

play the game again...that's one of the things that made it so great...you could be male or female....the only one w/o some type of romance scene in the end is the evil male...

The lines change if you're good or evil....the reactions are so funny...

did you try the romance with Bastila?

How did I missed this thread??? KOTOR!! I love this game!!!!! Okay this is my favorite quote:

"This is a job for a Wookie"

"Alderaan, they're on Alderaan". I hit the floor so f#$%ing hard I couldn't stop laughing.

Who's the romance interest when you're female? I was gonna try the game that way and go dark but I haven't decided.

Figures, I play 70% of the game good guy style, defending the innocent. And when it comes down to it, I get jipped in the love life scheme just because I want to rule the galaxy? That's not very fair. I have to beat this thing agian and do all the side missions. Also, I didn't buy the other droid, HK or something. I'm regretting that now since I'm seeing his quotes.

Another couple:

Carth:No, no, you'll never have me.
::Runs away::

**Guy in desert, can't remember his name(with malfunctioning droids**

Guy:Will you help me?
PC: No, I think I'll just leave you here.
Guy:You're kidding right.
PC: No, I'm serious.
Guy:Well maybe me dancing around here will kill you too!
:: Does a little dance and blows up droids::

Carth runs from the player if you go bad? He sort of got on my nerves. If I hadn't been trying to be a good jedi, i'd have picked on his B$%^ @$$ the whole game.

Carth is sissy Republic Soldier and I never like him since the begining (He kept telling me that he didn't trust me) Now Canderous is different he is much better than Carth with the Mandelorian armor and a blaster!

The "guy" is Tanis I believe...his wife has archaic ideals about how a marriage should work.
if you're female he flatters you
BTW the love interest is Carth if you are female.....go evil.....it's not that long...but the romantic end is cool

I just played again yesterday....mostly on Manaan....oh what a horriblely long level.....plodding around underwater isn't my idea of great fun...but a star map's a starmap

I never knew you could blow Tanis up...that's so funny.
oh....yes do buy HK....if you're evil you can talk the guy down and threaten him and such....oh and sell things ....lots of things...it's a great way to get the credits

HK was my favorite side character next to Bastilla. I love when you find out how he learned the term "meat bag". That was hillarious.

HK: your apprentice once asked me what I thought of him. I informed him of his meatbag status. You then changed my programing so that I would continue to use the reference.
PC: So Malak was the original meatbag, I like it.
HK: Of course you do, master, you did then as well

I got a chance to play KOTOR a bit ...so I will try to remember some better quotes

Saul Karath: Taris is defenseless against our assault, Lord Malak, they are offering no resistance.
Malak: resume the bombardment, commander. Wipe this pathetic planet from the face of the galaxy!

Darth Revan
I like the one where HK tells you why he calls people meatbag... I also like to make fun of Bastilla she gets so pissed when you say "See anything you like" but she wants you so bad!!

Darth Revan
oh and when Malak says "This is but a taste of the dark side." That's a cool line

Don't forget the famous 'lets hit on bastilla' quotes:

"You're so cute when you're embarrassed"

"My feelings.. eh.. our feelings.. no.. YOUR feelings"

"You have got to be the vainest person i have ever met!!"

"Do I make you all tingly inside too?"

"Shut up and kiss me you babbling fool" - "Oh my!"

And others:

something like:: Mission - you wouldn't kill me revan!
Revan - I won't but zaalbar will if i tell him to
Mission - Zaalbar, look, its me! Mission! Zaalbar no!! AAAAAAAAAAH!

BTW.. this music rocks (and this isn't a quote) anybody know if there is a soundtrack for it other than the 4 or so songs on swkotor.com?

Darth Revan
Yeah that's what I was just talking about a couple posts back.. And you forgot one of her responses: "Our feelings--MY feelings--my THOUGHTS about you have nothing to do with what you're talking about!" (or something)

Oh and lets not forget my ol buddy jolee. Something like this:
You - "These.. uh.. these are my slaves"
Jolee - "Yes, i hope master doesn't beat me!"

Sith master woman - "There's an ancient star map in one of the tombs"
Jolee - "OOOOOH.. master LIKES tombs don't you master"

And when bastilla's makin a move on you. "Sorry bastilla but that starship won't fly!" Heh.. thats kinda funny.. heh heh.. heh. ok i think i'm the only one laughing.

Darth Revan
That was funny how you keep making fun of her for liking you and she gets all pissed off but then in the end (if you play as a lightsider) she's like, "I love you too now shut up and kiss me!!" well not really but something like that

Bastila: ALright you've made your point. Now shut up and kiss me you fool!

Calo: There's a bounty on your little green heads.
Rodian: You'll collect over our cold dead bodies.
Calo: That's the plan. *shoots*

Carth: Don't you snap at me missy. YOu want a lecture? Fine! Here's a lecture. Only braty little children get upset over a simple comment.
Mission: I don't have to listen to this, Carth. You aint my father!
Carth: and I sure as hell don't need this!

Outcast 1: Hey you, this is our elevator.
OUtcast 2: yeah, five credits.
PC: This is a public elevator!
Carth: I don't believe this planet. Even the begger try to shake you down.
Outcast 1: Please have pity we have nothing.
PC: you'll get nothing from me
Shalena: Go on you two get out of here. I'm sorry about that.....

Mr. Sandral: my droid tells me you have something to tell me about my son.
PC: Cassus was a kath hound chew toy.
Mr. Sandral: Are all jedi so callous?

Who did she say that to?

the player character.....it's about the last conversation on the "Bastila Love Quest"
just talk to her as often as you can....if the conversation's not available you won't have the option of asking....but really there are some funny conversations so it's worth the time

BTW the PC must be male for the Bastila love quest ...if PC is female you have nice conversations with Carth

Pc: Alderaan! They're on Alderaan!

Brejik: You old fool....your traditions mean nothing to me! I am the wave of the future....if I want to withdraw the prize and sell this woman on the slave market myself...nothing can stop me!
Bastila: I might have something to say about that Brejik...*uses force to open cage and get weapon from vulkar guard*
Brejik: What? Impossible! YOu were restrained by a neural disrupter! How could you have possibly summoned the will to free yourself?
Bastila: *glares* you underestimate the strength of a jedi's mind, Brejik....a mistake you won't live to regret!

Canderous: Now, this is what I've been waiting for

Pc: They attacked me first!

I want to post something, but I am not sure how to go about posting in spoiler form. Can somebody fill me in on this?

And P.S.

This is the greatest RPG that I have ever played. So much to do, and so much EVIL to spread upon an unsuspecting galaxy...

I find it hard to do some of the evil acts.....oh and for the spoilers.... like the Manaan thing with the poison the fish..unless that's your last stop that's a dumb thing to do b/c it just makes your med packs become more expensive....and besides advanced medkits are definately good in a fight...light or dark jedi...but esp for dark.

what you want to write with a backslash before the s in the second spoiler

Mission: So, Bastila, have you ever used the Force to trip someone annoying?
*argue argue argue*
*mission falls on her ass*

This is, BTW, literally one of the best games ever. I haven't been this addicted since Final Fantasy 6. I played last night from 2:00 am to 6:30 am. I couldn't stop myself.

Funniest character? HK, by far. I've begun calling people in my life "organic meatbags" in his honor. smile

this is what I remember of the conversation:

Mission:Hey Bastila, you ever use the force for fun?
Mission: You know, just to trip up some jerk whose ticking ya off
Bastila: I would never use the force for such petty and trivial revenge
Mission: Oh don't be so stuck up!
Bastila: I am NOT stuck up. I would simply have the wisdom and the maturity to see how childish such an at would be.
Mission: Is that a crack about my age?! YOu aint much older than me miss high and mighty. * falls backward*....HEy, What the....!!!!That wasn't funny.( though personally I agree that was quite funny:-)
Bastila: I don't know what you're talking about Mission, please do try to be less clumsy in the future.

*grin* That conversation and the one where you find out that

Malak was the original Meatbag

Are both hilarious.

loosely quoted

Hkmessedtatement: What is it you require?
PC:What's with all the meatbag references?
HK:It was actually you who programed me.
PC: Your apprentice once asked me what I thought of him...I informed him of his meatbag status. He didn't find that amusing, but you did...you changed my programming so that I would continue to use the reference.
PC: So, Malak was the original meatbag, huh...I like it.
HK: Of course you do, master. YOu did then as well....Is there anything else?
PC: No, that's all.
HK: As you desire, master.

PC: Is there a point to all this?

I loved that bit with Bastilla and Mission...

Bastila: Bold talk from a broken down mercenary who was serving at Davik's heels. I'd call you his pet Kath hound but even they have enough loyalty not to turn on their masters.
Canderous: ....you spoiled little Jedi Princess!
Bastila: I was NOT spoiled...I was given the same training as everyone else....
Bastila: ...there is no emotion ...there is peace.
Canderous: That's the problem with you jedi, always chanting about peace...never up for a good fight...well except for Revan.
Bastila: Enough I won't stoop to your level....the game is over...now let's get back to the matter at hand.

I know the lines are out of order but it's the best I could remember

Bastila: Dantooine is a peaceful and pastoral planet...you will like it here.

hehehehe i just found out about this one
After you press jolee for about.. 4 or 5 planets he'll tell you about his wife and why he was on kashyyyk. Eventually he'll say :
Jolee: Hey, what can I say?? I did it all for the wookies!
You: The wookies?
Jolee: The wookies!

lmao.. I didn't know they had Limp Bizkit on Kashyyyk.

Is this about the comic book series or the computer game?

there's a knights of the old republic comic book series?????

Anybody remember what the message on Ajunta Pall's sword said again? It was like.. something harkens the nice and silences the light??

Rodian: There is no power in names, yet in the end a name alone means less than nothing.
PC: Hi, Im ___
Rodian: Well now we both know something about eachother, although we really know nothing.

Yeah, at least 7 graphic novels set 4-5 thousand years before ANH.
I think the 3rd one was called "knights of the old republic", featuring Ulic Qel Droma and Nomi Sunrider

Released about 10-15 years ago or something like that

I didn't know that....I know Nomi and Ulic were in Tales of the Jedi and Tales of the Sith.....I think....er anyways....nope I don't remember that quote....the exact wording on the sword I mean.....

PC: YOU were married?
Jolee:You know any other way to get a wife?

Ok, the cheesiest line in the game comes from the wife of that guy you have to prove innocent on the water planet.

PC: But wasn't he a soldier?
Wife: Yes, but that was a long time ago, in a war far far away!
Me: *smack*


I belive the era is the same...no wait I take that back...these were 1000 pre KOTOR...Ulic and Nomi ...are I suppose technically knights of the old republic...but the story lines are completely different

ulic and nomi were in: Knights of the old rebublic, Freedon Nadd uprising, Dark lords of the sith, the sith war and redemption.(4000 years B4 episode 4) (against freedon nadd and exar kun)

Gav and Jori Daragon were in: golden age of the sith and fall of the sith empire (against Marka Ragnos and Naga Sadow) (set 5000 years before episode 4)

Well...I suppose these are kinda moot.....since they Ulic and Nomi were not in the "game" KOTOR....same time period or not....their stories are parallel and not the same as our Knights....still I did like the stories. Comics mostly I believe.

Jolee: and that's about all I've got to say about that

Bastila: I'm impressed Carth, that interjection was very jedi-like.
Carth: Yeah well, you pick up a thing or two

Mission: Wheww...talk about your rough landings carth, what's the matter. You're flying like you've been on an all night Tarisian ale drinking binge.
Carth: That disruptor field fried all of our stabilizers, we're lucky we got down in one piece.

I still think, NO MATTER WHAT, when you force persuade on the woman on Tatooine (Sharina Nal) with her sad sack tale of how she lost her husband and the only thing she has of value is the Desert Wraid plate her husband bagged.

USE FORCE PERSUADE to her her cry, and if you bring Bastila and Juhani it is even better. I laughed so hard


oh that's mean...I usually just buy the thing from her...and sometimes I throw in the extra money to help her out
Juhani says This is how a jedi should always act, with honor

PC: Is there a point to this?

Canderous: Die!

Insane Monk
Hey, could you help me get that exchange between Carth and Canderous about Warriors versus Soldiers? Please? I would get it myself, bot KOTOR isn't installed on my computer.

The Overmaster
Jolee:A Repulsar field sitting in the middle of the woods and your arent even going to ask about it?!?!
PC: I'll worry about it later, just shut it down.

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