Star Wars fan films

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know any good sites for fan films?
or any advice for anyone? come here!
has heaps!!!!!

Julie a search ovber at google or something

nope, those are the main ones

You can go to atomfilms and find more.

Bespin Bart
Have you ever watched one of those home-made Star Wars fan films? I haven't until today.

And damn their good! I wish I could figure out how to make lightsaber blades and sounds and all that crap on the computer. You'd see me and Rex duking it out on camera a ton! eek!

Some particularly good ones are the lightsaber duels, which falls under the FX Projects at Here are a few good ones I've watched.

Two of the FX artists that hang out on the Forums of duking it out with lightsabers. It's intense! One-handed saber combat, rolling on the ground, fighting dirty, and all that stuff!

An alternate Episode II duel. One of those "What If?" Star Wars films. It's pretty cool as well. It's a spectacular two-on-one fight, and they even managed to make Force lightning!

Maru is also pretty good. I only watched it once or twice (and that was awhile ago), but I know it's awesome. It is about the training of a Padawan named Maru, who must make a choice between the Light-Side or the Dark-Side when his Master is killed by a Dark Jedi.

The Art of the Saber is spectacular. Two brothers duke it out on the battlefield. Two sabers and double-edged lightsaber action, as well as some nifty and awesome looking lightsaber spins. Watch for them! A nice score by Hans Zimmer...well, his music from other movies, Black Hawk Down and Gladiator. The letter from the beginning is from a Civil War letter, which I thought was pretty cool.

I'll list more if anyone wants them! I just thought they were interesting, but you might not. They might take awhile to load.

dude, i already made a thread for this. look for it

has anyone here made a fan film or is planning on making one?
cause i am.....if you want to share ideas maybe.....

I've watched many fan films.

But we don't have a movie player on our comp right now.

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i have like over 20 fan films
the best are made by ryan weiber - he got a job at lucasarts!!!!

ok, thats cool

Captain REX
The lucky bastard...

Captain REX
That Ryan Wieber is awesome. He needs to do something with his hair though, it looks too fuzzy...

hey bespin, i know how to make all the special effects and sounds, i just dont have a camera. want to know how to do anything? send me a pm.

Myer's Himself
Im making unnoficcal films, about the times after the New Jedi Order, and How the Empire Triumphantly returns with some new and WAY more powerful allies, but i just cant do all the comp. stuff cuz i got a Win95 which sucks. I need a better computer!!! My mum wont upgrade or get us anything!!! That sucks @$$ on huge @$$

do you have a camera and everything?
dammit, finally someone who wants to make a film but cant!!!! sad

i need to get a camera. anyone know a good camera to get?

Captain REX
We got a digital camera for free. big grin

Mist that a digital camera as in floppy or memory stick or a video camera?

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