Welcome to the Unhosted RP Area! New arrivals, read this first!

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Welcome to the 'unhosted' RP area. Here is where you play role-playing games that have no overall poster in charge- instead, the plot is determined by common agreement between players and adding on, post by post, to build up a story. If you are interested in playing a more traditional, hosted game with a set plot that players explore, discover and alter as they play, please look in the General RP area!

As you can see, there are a large number of games in progress, each of which I believe is always ready to accepot new players, and each game should have, somewhere, a 'registration' thread where you create one or more characters and join. Please use these threads before simply posting into a game- it is more polite that way.

New players and games are always welcome. However, these forums can quickly become chaotic and very hard to follow if endless ideas are simply allowed to be posted regardless of who is interested or not, and if pointless games are allowed to carry on forever. Therefore, there are two important rules to organising RPs in this area.

1. If you want to start a new RP, use the provided "I want to start a new RP." area FIRST. I will visit that area about once a week- please be patient. If a game idea seems to be getting interest, I will give the game the go ahead to open up a registration thread, create characters, and open up a play thread.

If you simply try to open a game without going through this process, it will be closed! Order has to be maintained in the RP area to make sure everyone can enjoy it equally.

Also, please do not PM me with game ideas or requests for authorisation; I get overloaded with those so I have a policy of only dealing with such things here.

2. Games really do need a certain drive and point to them. I am determiend to make sure that the RP area at the boards remains a high quality one. Games that are really just there and not achieving anything- especially games which just appear to be exact duplicates of games already running- must make efforts to actually be worth their existence. In extreme cases such games may be closed. It might be better to bear in mind that some games and ideas have a lifespan. Things change and move on, and some games can be pointlessly prolonged beyond that lifespan. I would like to avoid that. However, a game will not be closed if there are no viable alternatives to it- alternatives will becreated if necessary.

Other than that, there are only two other rules. Firstly, no over use of adult material- too much profanity, sexual content or overly described violence.

Secondly, have respect for your fellow posters and players trying to play their games. Don't mess up games by doing silly things. If in doubt, talk to the peoiple playing them- they are always willing to help.

So, have fun, have a look around, and if you are having any troubles at all- from understanding things to a troublesome player- just PM me and I will get back to you ASAP. However, please do not PM me with game ideas- use the appropriate thread for that. I do not validate game ideas by PM, nor will I visit the validation thread at a time other than one of my choosing, so PMing me for that is not useful either. Thankyou in advance for your coperation with these simple rules.

Text-only Version: Click HERE to see this thread with all of the graphics, features, and links.