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I started on "The Truce at Bakura" today.
It is good so far, interesting writing I hope it keeps up.
And pleas if some do respond to this no spoilers,
Next book in line is "The courtship of Princess Leia".
I`ve become a member in an netbased bookstore(Norwegian) that supposedly have all the SW books wink
Back to the reading.....

The only 'problem' with Truce at Bakura is that by including referneces to Obi-Wan's ghost form they left themselves open to being contradicted by the PT, but that's not much really.

'Courtship of Princess Leia', by the way, is the basis of Edna's existence...

I dont know if you did this for the reason not to spoil things for me, anyway I`ve just passed the part where Anakin have shown himself for Leia, and yes Anakin have DARK hair?????? Book is still good though, aint to impressed by the enemy here, kind of Bab 5 ish. But whats happening on Bakura is good reading. I have already decided to order the next chapters... Thrawn Trilogy if I`m not mistaken.
Unless the x-wing series have some books that must be read to get the hole plot I leave them out. Bantham Bokks had a timeline chart for the books. And if I understood it right the x-wing series is not so much about Luke`n`them but more debt into wedge and other pilots. Please correct me if I`m wrong.
But after "Leias courtship" I guess I go for "Heir to the empire"

Thrawn trilogy is on it s way, igot reading stuff until xmas now

I skipped all the X-wing series cus I didn't fancy reading them but since starting the first I'm impressed, Stackpole is a class story teller. I think reading the Thrawn Trilogy next is your best bet - I really liked those three, lots of good new characters to get interested in.

I will try to read them in a chronological order which I found on the offical SW web site.

Hey! what is the order of the books, bros?

I need to know which ones I need to read, and which one's I should skip. confused

Thrawn trilogy is good Started reading Heir to the empire yesterday and finished it ..yesterday well Iread to 3:30 amzzzzz
So now I have three books under my belt
Truce at Bakura started out good and then droped a bit
Courtship of Prrincess Leia, started out boring got better
Heir to the empire ,really got me hooked, great work. By far the best, by a lightyear wink

you have only read 1/3 of it...

I haven't read any of's on my "to read" list.

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