Tekken, or Soul Calibur ?

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Do you prefer the Tekken games? or Soul Calibur games?

Personally, Soul Calibur breathed life I never knew existed in fighting games. Namco should get some kind of award for best fighting game engine to date. Soul Cal is what I love big grin

total metalhead
Soul Calibur II is technically way better than any Tekken game, but the Tekken series is much stronger. any anyway, fancy graphics and 8 way run systems dont make the game.

i love both, but its Tekken for me (except for Tekken 4 which was totally average)

The Force
Soul Calibur is da shiz rock

NO WAY! TEKKEN RULES ALL THE WAY, althought tekken 4 sucked but the characterz of tekken rule all the way. i have soul caliber 2 but i really didnt find n e thing good in it. i mean its average

nah.....Soul Calibur!, way beta characters and graphics.... yes

soul calibur for sure



my vote goes to Tekken. Tekken will always be classic.

one word.....TALIM

I'm definately going wtih the tekken series.

HA your puny fists are nothing against talims tonfars!!

total metalhead
Talim wouldnt last a second against Nightmare!

deadly alliance beats both. However when it comes to home console Tekken destroys soul calibur. The control and response time is just much better. Soul calibur is funner than any tekken game for the arcade though.

Gravity Kills
soul calibur is just a game that can't be beat right now. Come on you play Link in the Gamecube version. Spawn on the X-box.

sorry ragesremorse, but deadly alliance got lame real fast. Out of all MK games, it is the worst. Trilogy was the best. But anyways, I'm a die hard Tekken fan. althous soul edge was a superb game, hell, still is (for anyone who dosn't know what soul edge is, it's the game before soul calibur for the original playstation. It set the lines for sould calibur, and if you havn't played it, i recommend that you do). And I'm not saying that soul calibur 2 is a bad game either.

soul calibur

Soul Calibur all the way Tekken is ok but, i like using weapons more

Nope Mortal Kombat 2 was the best. After all these years I still not bored with it, But DA is pretty cool

But Decpteion is over DA easy, and it beats Tekken, I would also say Mortal Kombat 6 is the 2nd best fighting game of Mortal Kombat, follow by 2 of couse.

Phoenix Aska

What happened to DOA 3???

That game is the best fighting game of them all....

The only good thing about DOA is the girls.
One phrase: Nightmare, with Soul Edge (growth).

Phoenix Aska
No...I thought the controls were good and the action was faster than tekkens....plus the counter attacks and reversals...


Nightmare isn't the best...if he is fully powered he is good but if he misses an attck or stops swining his sword he's a goner..

All you do is move a lot. And swing. Nightmare looks awesome, too.

nightmares quick face punch and knee thrust makes him more than a formidable opponent... he's top tier heh. although I know xianghua is the best, I prefer kilik out of all

I'll have to go for Soul Calibur/Soul Edge myself, Soule Edge/Blade was the first game I got for the original PS, and I didn't play anything other than that and FFVII for about a month
nothing against Tekken either, though, except Tekken 4, they tried to do too much new stuff too fast, in my opinion, and especially the fact that you canjust get pushed into a wall, and there next to nothing you can do, K.O., you lose
out of Tekken, Tag is the best so far

I've recently played SC in ps2, and I've really become obsessed with that gamn. I also had Tekken 4 and Tekken Tag on ps2 which I use to play frequently, but after finding SC, Tekken has gone down now.

SC > Tekken

http://dogglife315.netfirms.com/SmJDR-Nightmare.gif VS http://dogglife315.netfirms.com/__JDR/JinKazamaHoody2.gif

It would seem the stage of history, also known as Soul Calibur has taken the throne smile

Well you know, as the announcer has once said :
"The Legend Will Never Die"

Gyahahahaha laughing out loud

I voted Soul Caliber

I'm not really a fan of beat em ups at all, the only 2 i like are moral kombat, and of course soul caliber. i think its the weapons that give it appeal to me. i used to be quite good with the girl UTB_Amon posted a few posts up, i cant remember her name!

Lord Ryugen
Soul Calibur destroys Tekken, It's faster, better looking and has more intresting characters. I mean they have Astaroth foe god's sake, that dude rules.

Soul Calibur 2 is awesome you have such a variety of weapons. Tekken was the shit but its too slow now that SC came out.

Lord Ryugen
Yeah, after DOA2 and SC2 it's like the fighters are moving in slow motion.

SOUl calibur rules...

by the way using CERVANTES i could probably wipe all of ya....
"come with me to hellllll!!!!"

Im a huge fan of Soul Calibur 2. I think soul calibur in general is just way better than Tekken.

her name is Seung Mi Na, and I tend to believe I am rather good with her myself, ChickinMeat

Kilik > Seung Mina

if I was to pick one of the koreans, I would choose only Hwang Seung Gyung

The characters and story is always Awsome, some of the best in fighting games. though i think soul calibur 2 was funner than tekken 4. I beleive Tekken is a far superior franchise. You get more for your money. Tekken always has numerous play modes, including tekken force. The convienance of having the moves on the pause menu is also a plus. Tekken always release a solid game that slightly or entirely reinvents itself. example...tekken tag. We had to wait years for a soul calibur 2, the wait was worth it. The gameplay is smooth and fun. Again though, you are comparing tekken to soul calibur. tekken 4 came out about two years before soul calibur 2 and it is essentially the same fighting platform. Tekken is obviously a far greater franchise that offers the goods with every release. It does seem though that soul calibur is a giant to be reckoned with though, but tekken takes the victory when comparing the two

The convienance of having the moves on the pause menu is also a plus
Soul Calibur had that since soul edge/blade

Tekken always release a solid game that slightly or entirely reinvents itself. example...tekken tag
Tekken makes incremental improvements.. they've never made an entire reinvention.. in fear that tekken noobs will complain about gameplay changing too much.

tekken 4 came out about two years before soul calibur 2 and it is essentially the same fighting platform
Even compared to soul calibur 1.. tekken fails in every aspect of trying to pretend to contain any morsal of gameplay.. its just not a 'custom combo' kind of game.. you 'have' to do the combos that are given.. and you find ways to exploit them.. which results in people owning in tekken and waiting for tekken 6 to come out

to be fair, i wasnt really good with any of the characters! and for some reason, i could use seung mina, but i could use kilik, i must be some sort of retard, because there exactly the same.

im just the worst beat'em up player ever

Tekken for sure, i love Tekken 3 more than nearly any fighting game (mortal combat and street fighter are still up there)

Lord Ryugen
Soul Calibur 2 is the King of 3D fighting when placed against any competitor. Followed closely by DOA The only difference in Tekken games is the graphics and characters. It's always been slow, the characters are boring and feel the same and once you've completed the special modes it ends up gathering dust in the back of a cupboard.
Soul Calibur 1 for the Dreamcast was given a complete overhaul from Soul Blade for the PS1, and SC2 was overhauled as well. The speed was incredible, each character was unique with a distinct fighting style. The Story Mode was a stroke of genius because the special conditions in matches forced you to adapt your fighting style and use different characters as opposed to using the same one all the time. The weapons were very creative (as anyone who saw the hideous eye laden biomass Nightmare called Souledge complete will tell you.) And the story was much more entertaining.
Soul Calibur 2 stands above every other 3D fighting game in every way.

Hell yeah, man. Soul Calibur 2 rules!

Tekken requires skill to play and become good at. You cannot pick up a controlelr and master the combo's with one sitting. Each character has a wide erray of in depth combo's. You comment about not being able to create your own combo's. Actually, it is very much the opposite. Tekken has three different catagories of combos, each vary in difficulty and damage inflicted. This plethora of combo's allows for nearly endless experimentation and creation of combo's. the combo system is all about timing and mastering. Sometimes it can be pain staking, but is very rewarding when acomplished, and even more rewarding when mastered.

Tekken focuses more heavily on actually putting yourself in the perspective of fighting. Soul calibur is more of a hack,slash and have fun. Yeah anyone can play tekken, but if your an amatuer playing someone who knows what they are doing, it is almost impossible to win. Whereas in soul calibur, anyone can pick up the sticks and mash some buttons that will pull off a victory. The response time to tekkens gameplay is perfectly suited to it's style. It's all about timing. If your playing the game right, then the game is not to slow.

Tekken does change alot from game to game. from tekken2 to tekken3. The response time and in game fluency was improved greatly. Tekken3 to tekken tag was a spectacular change in the gameplay. you had to change the way you played and faught in the game. Tekken 4 hasnt changed much from tekken 3 aside of response time and graphics, but the improvments of those two were enough.

soul calibur is more of a game that people who cant play tekken play. Soul calibur is to easy to get good at, which makes it real old real fast.

Whereas in soul calibur, anyone can pick up the sticks and mash some buttons that will pull off a victory. rofl!.. I guess you havent played against a jaded soul calibur'ist.. you wouldnt be able to swing your sword once. Prolly the best thing that would happen to you is a ring out when faced with a master.
Tekkens not hard to play whatsoever.. in fact its been the same crap for 4 years.. I can prolly still pull off pauls 10 hit combo cuz I bet its still there. Tekken needs serious engine re-haul

Lord Ryugen
Gonna agree with Satsujin here, you might of been able to get away with button bashing in SC1 but SC2 punishes you for it. Believe me I tried on the Story Mode I got owne...reapetidly. I had to learn all of Kilick's moves to win and even then it was still a challenge. And if anyone thinks fighting a Tekken or SC master is difficult I challenge you to fight a DOA master, trust me here the only thing you'll win is a big juciy slice of humble pie.

lol.. I went to a soul cal 2 tourney and used kilik (and I was forced to use arcade stick, which is pretty bad for something fast like soul cal)
... and i have to say I got whooped pretty badly by xianghua and nighmare users.. I basically hope they start releasing patched fighting games.. or at least beta test them extensively til they're fully polished, this way theres no ''best'' characters floating around.

Personal Rant on Sc2 : Kilik is 80% the same crap from soul cal 1... so using him for going into a tourney you'll most likely get your ass handed to you on a shiny platter wink (and I regret having to say that as he's my favorite sc char -_-)

Soul Calibur 2 is great, I have it for the GC. I often use Link but I also like to use Talim, Kilik, Maxi, Yunsung, Ixy, Cervantase <----(spelt wrong I know :lolsmile, umm, I'm think who else......

ragesRemorse, SC2 needs skill too. It's not like squeezing buttons randomly, and praying. It's about knowing when to counter, your character's strengths and weaknesses, and your opponent's moves, countermoves, and strength/weaknesses. And various combination of moves. H/V.

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