Final Fantasy X-2 [Merged]

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wtf.. this didnt get merged? I made this same thread like a week ago lol

well here is a pic

what do you think of my sig?

Fallin Angel
i love that game , it has a some things that look like charlies angels


i want the game soooo bad...

the game looks great , but it isn't the same without tidus and some of the others

Monoxide Child
I can't wait to get the for Christmas then FFXI for ps2 and play online with all mis friends. It's gonna be awesome.

you have to pay for the online gaming sad

So? Think about it. A movie ticket (well around here) is $6 for Matinee and $9 after 6pm. For seeing two Matinees, or not even two regular movies, you pay for an entire MONTH of online gaming. That's a month. About 720 hours of gameplay... compared to the two hours of movie (if it's long), I'd say go for online gaming. yes

i'm so sad, cuz down here i can't play FF XI, the online gaming hasn't been abilitaded for southamerica.... IT SUCKS, i wanna be in the US to play the game.. sad

and ... FF X-2 rocks, it's awesome, i love the liberty you have to go everywhere you want, and the missions makes the game more enjoyable, every mission it's like a minigame...i love it

Damn mad gotta wait a couple of months til it releases here.

hey next time u wanna buy an rpg, instead of flushing ur money down the toilet, give me your 50 bucks i'll kick u in the nuts a couple times, gouge your eyes out, and it will be just like you played it.

but seriously, i love santa

dude, santa is way awsome. but really he sucks and you suck. but that idea about kicking that guy in the nuts is pretty sound. like the old proverb of a million monkeys at a million typewriters, you were bound to get something right if you just kept trying.

FFX-2 is such a good game, a great game at that, i can't get enough of it, im addicted to it like i was to FFVII (not so much now, still am a bit though)

Well i guess you know that tidus is in teh game and you can reunite him and yuna in the end send me a pm if you want to know what happens when she finds him unless you have beta teh game enough to see the special ending?

hey has anyone finished ffx-2 yet? cuz im like in chapter 5 and um i cant do some stuff that i was supposed too!?!?! this game is so awesome i cant wait to finish it!!! but i was also wonderin if doin somestuff or in this case not doin some stuff would effect the games endin? like not openin this cave in besaid or helpin sertain "tribes" i guess u could call them!?!? would that effect it in any way?

any one can chime in if they want to! but u dont have to if ya dont want to! i t dont matter who ever wants to help me with this!

ya if you didnt open the cave in besaid you might as well quit the game now. i made the same mistake you did and at the end of the game it gave me some big long speech about how i was a failure to everyone. so i played back through and opened the cave and i got a completely different (happy this time) ending. good luck

hey thanx, well ill try and start over it will be hard for me cuz ive gotten so far but wut ever i have to do to get a good ending!lol well thanx again!

yea i bought the game too! its pretty fun, but i cant get past this fiend in the thunder plains, he is the last one and if i beat him i guess the thunder goes away????? not sure but who has gotten past the game enough to no how to get past him!?!?

wow.... my brother opened this a long time ago...... why did you resurect it? confused

cuz i need to no and there isnt any other thread that has this and i didnt feel like doin my own! i just put mine down cuz ineeded to no and the guy above me put his on here recently so ya no y not!

yes When in doubt, just bump the old one, don't make a new one wink

Who else thinks Paine is a poor replacment of Lulu?

Yeah i would agree with that! but i've only just started the game, so i'll see how it goes before i pass judgment on her!!!! It's taking me a while to get used to the new battle system tho, it's kinda like FF8 but it's been ages since i played that!! i mean, hell i'm stuck already! on that bloosy machina feind, in kilika village! doin my head in!! oh well, i'll get used to it. I did prefer the turn based tho, u had more time to think, and i liked the way u cud upgrade ur characters using the sphere grid, FFX-2 is kinda like a new and improoved FF8!! but i love it all the same!!!! big grin

Na if anything they are trying out a new kinda of hero like a mix between Squall and Tidus

yea but i like it, i do think pian is a replacment for lulu, but i also like her!

i liked kingdom hearts out of all of them (didnt realy like the charactors in 10 and 10-2)

i havent played 10 or any of the below! but i thot 10-2 was really good, man i need to catch up on all these games, i guess i should rent some wich ones are the best that i can still rent?? does anybody no?

I just got to chapter 2 of FFX-2 and already Brother is freaking me out. Anyone else think he is scary? Also all those side missions are almost impossible without a faq

Shouldn't this be in the Video games forum?

Lord Ryugen
Too true. I'm on Chapter 5 and theres no way I would of got all the side missions so far without a guide. And yes brother is somehow frightining but trust me he only gets worse.

right now im aiming for the perfect ending
so hard to get there

i finnaly got it about a week ago and i thought teh ending was worth it...

Paine sucks, Lulu was way better
I got stuck in the thunder plains too
It sucks because, like someone said, you won't get all those side missions without using a guide book
I got screwed man

opening the cave has nothing to do with it you have to make peace between wakka and the youth league general to get some percentage

i made a wallpaper for ffx2 a few months ago!!

w00t w00t

Good GOD...there are people who like X-2,for the love of GOD NOOOOOOOOOO......

final fantasy x-2 blows balls.

And... why do you say that? No reason, don't post.

true if you dont like the game dont post on a thread about it. I love this game and cant wait to see all of the different endings

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