Mortal Kombat Versus Streetfighter.

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Lets Hear it. My vote goes with MK due to the fact that Streetfighter realeased wayyy too many games.

Yeah, I'm going for MK also. Street Fighter II for Snes I liked the best out of all the SF's, but I like all of the MK's.

my vote goes to Street Fighter. its harder than MK. Mk was a joke IMO.

Mortal Kombat is a better overall storyline, IMO. (Except for the exceptionally crap MK3)

pffff, difficult to say if there is any of the two better or that it's a tie

I just like Streetfighter more, cause I got it before MK

I voted for mortal kombat, moreso the beginning of the series (1 and 2). They brought so many interesting (and sometimes funny) things to the fighting game genre. Not to mention the top notch fatalities. (mind you im not talking about the stupid ones from mk3 and 4). 2 was the pinnacle of the series in my opinion.

I didnt vote for street fighter because out of its 20 some odd reincarnations they only managed to reinvent it once (street fighter 3).
If they stop with the super hyper turbo 2nd edition 3rd strike alpha zero crap it would be for the best.

total metalhead
both good games but what would you rather play, Street Fighter Ex 3 (fake 3D engine, button bashing moves, dumb characters, no storyline) or Mortal Kombat Deadly Alliance (redesigned characters, lots of game modes, fully 3D, multiple fighting styles, weapons, fatalities, humour, minigames, a half man half lizard with a big sword who throws up acid!!!)? MK for me.

Lord Shadow Z
I love the Streetfighter games better than Mortal Kombat in terms of the super fast fighting, but I like Mortal kombat for the variety of characters, blood, and the fatalities, brutalities, animalities,friendships etc.

Mortal Kombat here, no fighting game can ever beat Mortal Kombat Trilogy

The idea of Fatalities was really cool, but Lui Kang and Johnny Cage are a joke compared to Ryu and Ken. Street Fighter all the way!!!

I LOVE MK3 for Super Nintendo, that game was great! I still remember the cheat code for blood......

total metalhead
Street Fighter Alpha is better than every MK game apart from Deadly Alliance. i love both series, and have been playing them for years, but i go with Street Fighter

street fighter is what little kids play when there not old eneoph to play mortal kombat ...its mortal kombat all the way

ROFL jackmode^
thats not true at all. do u think kids taht are MATURE only play MK. man my 5 year old cousin plays MK. and i dont think he is mature enough lol

street fighter made the better movie(the anime not the van-Dushe one) and it has way more fighters that have uniqe story's Dan is the sh!t.

bison wrecked shop in the anime...

The One Himself
I voted MK...I really like the moves, fatalities and the tons of cheats and hidden things. SF is a little boring I think...

Lord Ryugen
I'm going to with Streetfighter since i'm pretty sure there's more of them their moves in the Alpha games were insane and let's face they were generally way more muscled than MKs charactors

Although i have always loved the original MK's for the blood and the fatalities, i prefer the faster fighting system of street fighter alpha and marvel vs capcom 2. Plus i dont think any MK character could survive Bisons psycho crusher from alpha, the only move ive ever seen that engulfs the entire screen!

Mortal Kombat all the way that was the best game series ever i just love inviting enemies over and being scorpoin, and rippin there head off with the fatality of the Mortal Kombat deadly alliance game

Lord Shadow Z
I'm sorry but Deadly Alliance is one really bad game, the movement of the characters is just slow, the combos are over the top( to say the least), the fighting styles are a stupid addition and they went over the top on the kind of facial damage that can be done.

Lord Ryugen
Street Fighter Rocks Ass!!!! rock

nah i'm for mortal combat all the way especially after deadly alliance i loved the fighting system in that.

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