What PC games should i buy?

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Ive allready got AOM/ titans, ETM, JA, and more older ones.

i got C&C generals/Zero hour and KOTOR on my wish list

what else do you recommend?

well for starters,

what types of games do you like? Also,

what games did you have in mind? I find it easier to give opinions rather than recommend games out of thin air heheh.

example : Recommending an RPG to a gearhead car freak? it doesnt work...

so yes.. more info on what you like, then we can recommend some stuff wink

*knock knock* .... *opens door* eek! *makes a dash for the buriza in the living room*

Fifa 2004 (just for the tradition wink)

ok the only games i dont really like are sports and puzzle, like myst
(Sorry yerss)

The One Himself
Max Payne 2
NFS Underground
Half-Life 2 (coming soon...)

friend has NFS underground so i go to play it htere
max payne= koo thx

well, with that in mind. I'll tell you some of the games that I have that I've enjoyed (for pc).

Starcraft battle chest (20 dollars, includes original and expansion)

Diablo battle chest (about 40 dollars, includes 3 games)

Command and Conquer : generals (I wanna get zero hour but not that badly)

WarCraft 3 : The Reign of Chaos / WarCraft 3 : The Frozen Throne, completely awesome IMO

Jedi Knight : Jedi Academy is very fun ( I still play with my friends alot)

Serious Sam was very fun, its a crazy first person shooter with really nice graphics for its time (I think its like 2 years old? I forgot)

BattleField 1942 is a cool series (especially when you get the Desert Combat mod for it keke)

Half Life : Counter-strike is an oldie but goodie

for starcraft , warcraft, and diablo, go to www.blizzard.com for info
for counterstrike, go to www.counter-strike.net
for command n conquer// battlefield , I guess go to www.ea.com
for jedi knight : jedi academy, www.lucasarts.com/products/jediacademy
for Serious Sam : www.croteam.com

as for newer pc games, I heard max payne 2 is cool. But I know its not multiplayer (all the games I listed above have both multi and single player capability). Deus Ex : Invisible war is supposed to be really cool (but I'd get more info first).

what pc games do you have already, so we dont recommend one of them hehestick out tongue

oh i shoudlprobably add i have a 56k modem
ok you can make fun of me now,
but i have almost all of the games you sayd,
starcraft, really hard, im not too good at the quick RTS
played Diablo at the lan place i go to, didn't like it enuf to buy tho
C&C generals, on the wish list
got jedi acadamy, great game, fun as hell, love the mods
warcraft, see starcraft
battlefield, love it play it at my lan places, harder than hell to fly the copters in desert combat
counter strike O HELL YEA, love it, lan place again but love it, moderatly good
serioous sam dont really appeal to me but maybe

Heres the link to the
Deus Ex : Invisible War demo

I might give it a whorl, but not right now hehe stick out tongue

Call of Duty - One of the best WW2 FPS's i've played.
Jurassic Park : Operation Genesis
Theme Hospital
Neverwinter Nights
Baldurs Gate : Shadow of Amin
Commandoes 1 & 2
Delta Force : Land Warrior
Max Payne 1 & 2
Red Faction
Delta Force : Black Hawk Down
Tribes 2
No One Lives Forever
AvP 1 & 2

Call of Duty, Max Payne 2, Warcraft 3, Diablo 2, Battlefield 1942, Neverwinter Nights, Rise of Nations

call of duty is good??
it seemed like a MOHAA ripoff and i was just gonna get MOH rising sun

*vomits blood* it was....deus ex demo....ack...so horrific. I dont know whether it was the disgusting framerate, the lame dialogue or the kindergarten gameplay... but whoa.... thats a whopper of a turd...I'm so glad it was just a demo, cuz I couldnt stand anymore of it. Just steer cleer of that one...

I feel like there arent that many good video games coming out in time for the holiday season. Most of the really kickass ones come around september to screw you from concentrating on school.

what one?
Call of duty or the MOHAA pacfic one?

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