Gamecube Games! Which Games Should i Get?!

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Yeh well i just got my console today ! and mario kart but IMO that game sucks big time! mario kart 64 was a classic compared to this crap!
so what games do u recommend to get?! how about luigi's mansion?! sonic games?! zelda?! smile

is it the new Mario Cart one??
You should definately get Zelda and Final Fantasy Chronicles

Super Mario Sunshine a must in my opinion.
Super Monkey Ball

Super Smash Bros. Melee! That is the best game for the gamecube yet!
Also Phantasy Star Online. Get that too. Its second best! PSO is 49.99 though. Expensive, but worth it. SSBM is 29.99, so its not that expensive.

LOZ wind waker definitely

Is Mario Kart really that bad?

Metroid Prime! Immediately!
Resident Evil
Resident Evil Zero
Eternal Darkness
Mario Sunshine
Rogue Leader

Timesplitters 2 is pretty good aswell! excellent multiplayer

I never liked Time Splitters 2, it was very overrated I felt.

Yeah the single player game is soso

I was unimpressed with the single player game I never bothered checking out the multiplayer mode.

Oh, I just love your fabulous towlie avatar!!thumb up

SONIC HEROES!!! big grin

Double Dash isnt bad at all. You just need a good person to co-op with to really make it feel like each person is thier own character (for switching and item using, dashing , etc.).

Heh, doing a turbo dash is pretty tough in coop, the driver has to be drifting, and during that, the player in the back has to do the <- , -> , <- , -> motion til the sparks turn blue. It can get pesty cuz for those really tight turns you have to be in perfect sync.

Yes, Pso is definately fun if you have 3 other friends to enjoy it on a daily basis. Wind waker is a must, metroid prime is just too cool. Smash melee is a must for any cube owner.

Unfortunately, mario sunshine doesnt really live up to mario 64 in terms of creativity and funfactor, but its still very cool. Give it a rent before you buy though. If you're like me you wont think too highly of it.

and crystal chronicles, oh boy, after reading all the cool stuff they have planned for multiplayer support. like Fire + Fire (at the same target) = Fira and so on... I was like wow.. Im definately getting crys chronicles (its 4 player btw)

I also got waverace : blue storm, just cuz I loved the n64 one so much. Definately a good game IMO and its probably cheap by now

and how could I forget Soul Calibur 2... its a 'must' buy for gc owners (kekekeke)

Thanks guys! Yeh well the new mario kart is very dissapointing IMO
very boring game play even if its muiltiplayer! the sound is crap too, even the tracks! It doesnt last for long.
Super Mario Sunshine is that adventure?! i heard theres Mario and Luigi : Super Saga?! is that out yet!?
I'll get Zelda as well because the 64 was a classic, one of the best games around. super Smash bros is just $50 so yeh ill take that too!
There's also like 3 different Sonic games?!!! and is Metroid Prime adventure type game?!

nhl hitz. that game kicks ass on the lamecube. other than that you're s.o.l.

Mario and Luigi : Super Saga is out but its a GBA game

Yeah, Mario is classic adventure, Metroid Prime is revolutionary Sic-Fi Fantasy adventure brilliance!

It was Game of The Year!

Metroid Prime
F-Zero GX
Starfox Adventures
Mario Party 4,5
Rogue Squad/Leader (not sure what's it called) III

Can't think of any more. If it's just for GC, then it should be good.

Zelda : Legend of the windwaker

Voorhees>Why did you post here? If you don't like GC and don't have any advice that Steven is after, then don't post. It seems he likes GC and won't be detered by people like you. Shame on you.

Beyond good and evil. Plays much like zelda i have heard.

Tony Hawk Underground. That game does rock the casbar

Jedi Shmedi
Here are some Gamecube games that you should defidentally try out!

Mario Kart: Double Dash
Metroid Prime
The Legend of Zelda: The Windwaker
Star Wars Jedi Knight 2: Jedi Outcast
Rogue Squadron III: Rebel Strike
***Viewtiful Joe****** (highly recommended)

first of all, double dash kicks ass, second of all, luigi's mansion would just be a waste of time. the good games are most of the mario ones

Cool thanks! btw Viewtiful Joe, Animal House and Pikman what type of game's are these?!

Jedi Shmedi
There's a lot to say about Viewtiful Joe, here goes.....

Okay, from what I know, VJ (Viewtiful Joe) is a 3-d, side-scrolling, cell-shaded, action platformer.....WHEW! Say that ten times fast!

Now all of this info is based off of a demo disc. I haven't played the completed game.

Anyway, the story....

A kid who is supposed to be an average Joe named... um...Joe, is at an old Captain Blue movie with his girlfriend and (I'm not quite sure why) she gets yanked onto the movie and then Joe jumps in after her.

Early in the first level, (if) you defeat Captain Blue, Joe's "Heroness" will awaken and then Cpt. Blue gives you this bracelet thingy that can turn you into Viewtiful Joe!! His costume looks like it was rejected from Power Rangers but it still looks kick a$$!! And after achieving this, you will get "Movie" super powers such as Slow Motion, Mach Speed or REALLY REALLY Fast, and jump really high. You can upgrade Joe with new abilities and powers as you complete the game.

Enjoy it and have fun with it! Defidentally the #1 must-have Gamecube game of the year! eek!

The games you must get:

Beyond Good and Evil
Prince of Persia: Sands of Time
Sphinx and the Cursed Mummy
Viewtiful Joe

These are the sleeper hits of the Gamecube. these are the best third-party games made for the Gamecube.

Super smash bros: melee
F-Zero GX
Luigi's Mansion
Metroid Prime
Medal of Honor: Rising Sun
007 Nightfire

Ahh thanks mate!! I've seen some screen shots and it looks like some comic game! *lol* still cool .... cool

i bought a gamecube this weekend just because i wanted the Zelda Collection disk. So i say get the LoZ Wind Waker. Link's the greatest hero of all time.


Sands of time
Rogue squadren
dead to rights

P.N 0.3 sorry what game is that?!

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