Xbox is bulletproof!

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Neo_Version 7
holy shit! thats awesome.

Yeeessss!!!! That's awesome. It was said somewhere, it would make perfect sense for Master Cheif to be the official X-box mascot: They're both big, green, and, if they fall from a high place, could kill small children. Now add target-practice to they're resume!!!!

*shots fires* "X-box, never leave home without it."

eek! Wow, looks like Microsoft put more innovation into XBOX's plastic casing than the actual technical specs! stick out tongue

evil face

heh, well its not like the xbox still worked after that. It would have been amazing if it did. He shoulda shot the tv, and the sound system as well if it was bugging him that bad.

The One Himself
a real use to X-box!

i heard the army is considering giving the troops in iraq x-boxes to use as body armour. other than that they are worthless pieces of crap.

Thats hilarious! At least there is a solution for those who can't get bullet proof armor, and its cheap! Thats great!

Hmmm.... Maybe I should try it with a PS2. evil face

lol... ps2 couldnt survive an elbow, let alone a bullet stick out tongue

laughing out loud

ur right, but who would destroy a PS2? Really..... Xbox deserves it.... for being such a sucky system...... sick

XBox rules, its just damn ugly.

X-box does rule....all. And on top of that it's bullet-proof. Not only does it have the better software, but it could literally crush it's oponents.

Ah come on is only a gag smile Anyways why do some of you diss the Xbox so much? I always thought that if the Final Fantasy series would have gone to the Xbox instead of PS2 there would be a ton of fans loving the Microsoft console.

Darth Revan
Sweet!! *goes to shoot his X-box*

Here's what I think about X-box: Octopushunter, I assume you've played X-box before. Or at least I hope so because there are a few games for it that are great. KotOR, Halo, DOA3, and Simpsons Hit and Run. I don't take much satisfaction in knowing that by buying one, I've helped to support a huge corporation like Microsoft. If all the X-box games were availible on GC, I wouldn't have an X-box. If you haven't played KotOR you're missing something.

Don't forget Morrowind. That game couldn't have been on any other system.

The Force
laughing out loud blink dang that's tough...

DaRk Lotus
maybe THATS why they sent all those xboxs to iraq... laughing out loud

Lord Ryugen
Bulletproof. Hell the casings that thick they'll be the only things to survive a nuclear war. Right up there with Cher and Cockroaches

**** x-box .....its an oversised ugly piece of bullet-proof shit

Lord Ryugen
X-Box the only thing that woldn't be sucked into a black hole. Its that heavy people it really is smile


i love my xbox and if anyone shot it i would destroy them but nevertheless i think the bullet would have sort of only glanced the xbox because whilst the casing is very thick yknow i think if shot properly itd penetrate the casing

the xbox can suck it....why?cuz the great maddox said so!

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