who would win out of Sam Fisher or Solid Snake

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my dad says SAM but SNAKE would kill him in a heartbeat


thats what i said

SS would win no problem

Neo_Version 7
SS w0uld kick that 0ld-mAn Fisherz aSS.


I guess I'm the only one who thinks Sam would wipe the floor with Snake. That is if Snake even sees Sam. I think many of you are basing this off of who is cooler. If this is the case then Snake would win, because he was manufactured to be cool while Sam just is cool. Sam doesn't do anything or look anything out of the ordinary to look cool he just does his job and does his job well. Now if this was who is better at stealth then Sam would win hands down. He has more in his arsenal that would help him defeat Snake....this includes a jump. Not to mention a double-jump off of walls into a split-jump. He doesn't have the best aim in the world, but who needs aim with the best in the world stealth. Snake is an awesome character, but I'm going to go with Sam.

Darth Bandon

you guys... hehe Snake is stealthy too and Sam only has a silenced gun and snake is sneaky and good at hand to hand combat but Sam isnt good at hand to hand combat so therefore....SNAKE WINS Happy Dance

snake has kick ass guns, unlimited ammo and he can turn invisible stick out tongue course he would win

I think Solid Snake is gonna win this argument but in Sam Fishers defense Solid Snake has a bigger fan base through various merchandising ploys i.e. action figures, various video games on various formats and even comics (i think there were some) and even talk of a movie.

Definatly solid snake.

Sam's boss guy tells him find the philanthropists Solid Snake and Otacon Sma finds Otacon has a gun up to his head and says i can kill you now. Snake comes up puts an AK-47 too his head then says back up slowly then "say your prayers *****" then blows his damn head off

Sam Fisher, he has more moves, more experience, better gadets, gruffer voice. He owns Snake.

Lord Shadow Z
Solid Snake- no doubt.

its really not even that, even though both sam and snake are tactical espionage, they still go about it in different ways. Sam takes a more realistic approach while snake takes on bosses from time to time, such as metal gear. Thats why I wouldnt personally compare them. Snake is my fave of the two, but Im sure Sam has his coolness points stick out tongue

Sam would do that sweet upper cut and relocate Solid Snake's jaw for him.

D A M N! I say solid snake, too bad linkalicous, I thought we'd have agreed here....

i'm really impartial on this one, i just chose Sam because i liked how good Splinter Cell looked on xbox. Substance has super cinematics, but i thought that the game itself was less than great. I like Raiden more than either of them.

i say solid snake...i mean the trailer for metal gear solid 3: snake eater
just says it all

god this thread will drive me nut's, sam is a fake ass snake! and the only thing he has on snake is Arthrietis!!!

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