I Have A Problem.......

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total metalhead
okay so the other day i started up Soul Calibur II on PS2 and as the console was loading my data, a message box came up sayin, ''the SCII data in memory card slot 1 is corrupted! start game anyway?'' so now it refuses to load my data, so all my unlocked characters, missions and weapons have been lost. is this a problem with the game or memory card??? can anyone out there help?

I am sorry to inform you TM but there is nothing you can do other then purchase a new memory card, i've had the same problem on both my PS1 & PS2 and both times i had to buy a new memory card.


total metalhead
god damn!

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total metalhead
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corrupted data simply means that while the data was being saved, you either turned the system off, removed the memory card, or interrupted the process of saving in some way. Theres no way to undo the corruption except to format the memory card (possibly deleting everything on it?). See if your other game saves still work

Usually if it's corrupted data, it only needs to erase that memory block/the memory KB that it occupies. Power went out when I saved my Kingdom Hearts game and I just saved over the corrupt data... I always keep backups.

there is nothing wrong with ur mem card or game, the save file ON ur mem card is corrupt, which means u have delete it and start all over. Sorry dude, that sux (i had the same prob with my gran turismo 1 for ps1, the file was corrupt and i had to start all over after 2 years of work).

total metalhead
oh well at least i dont have to buy a new memery card

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