I need some new ones...

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scott hiwersh
I want to get some good games for x-mas, and I have been so darn busy that I am feeling out of the loop. What are some good games to get for christmas? My mom is houndng me for ideas, and I usually agree w/ people in here, hlep? Thanks

For a start what consoles/PC do you have and what type of games you into, then we can narrow down the list of suggestions to ones that may suit you.


scott hiwersh
sorry, pc, not mac, ps2 64, game cube, gba, just about everything to be honest, is there any new systems I can get?

Medal of Honor: Rising Sun


Halo just came out for PC if you don't have an X-box. ROTK is a good movie based game if you like Lord of the Rings. Soul Calibur II is a good fighting game, it's slightly un-new, but it's a goody. Prince of Persia is an awesome adventure game.

hers a few that I'm playing in the moument that I like a lotsmile

Lord of The Rings - War Of The Rings, it reminds a bit of Warcraft3smile
Age of Mythology, if u have it, then the new expantion maybe, called Age of Mythology Titans
this one is a bit old but very good its RPG called, Vampire The Masquerade Redemptionsmile

Definetly Medal of Honor : Rising Sun, Star Wars : Knights of the Old Republic, Jurassic Park : Operation Genesis & Warcraft 3

medal of honor: rising sun
jak II
FF X-2 (if you like ff)

dragonballz budokai 2 if you like dbz or true crime

Is budokai 2 any good I want to get just because I'm a fan, but the first one was only good for the campaign and a little multi-player. How does the fusion work in that game.

Prince of Persia. I've only played my copy about 20 times in the last 3 weeks.

I'd also recommend Legacy of Kain: Defiance - but, probably only if you're familiar with the previous games in the series. I'm an addict, myself.

Those are the two best games I've bought in quite a long time. I would like to be able to recommend Castlevania: Lament of Innocence, but I honestly have yet to finish it. I've played through the majority of it, though, and it is pretty good.

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