Attention all gamers with non-working blue discs!

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Jedi Shmedi
This is your friendly gamer Jedi Shmedi with some important info for all of you gamers who's PS2 and PS1 blue discs don't work. eek!

An article published by this months Gamepro mag. said that all you have to do to get your non-working blue disc to work is as follows.

-Take two pieces of Scotch tape about an inch long and place them on the label side (the "top"wink of the disc as close as you can to the center without covering any of the whole. Make sure they are parallel to each other (one on one side of the whole and the other directly across from it on the other side of the hole) so it kind of looks like an H.

That's all there is to it. I didn't believe it when I first heard it but those 2 pieces enhance the grip on the disc and presto! Your non-working blue disc should now work properly. If it doesn't, oh well, at least you
tried. big grin

Let me know if this worked or not.

Great tip....
I think Scotch tape should be included free with every purchase of a PS2.

What a piece of crap! thumb down
To pay $200 and then to have to molest your games to get them to play!

Very NES circa 1984!
laughing out loud

blink What games are on a blue disc...?

pretty much all Ps2 games. atleast mine are all blue

no! dont do it! i did this on one of my blue discs (ssx i think it was) and as soon as i pushed the reset button, my entire playstation2 exploded. i spread the remains over lake texoma, the childhood home of my playstation2.

r.i.p. ps2 june 14, 2003

gone but not forgotten

Jedi Shmedi

Yeah I heard that could be bad for the laser. Like if you rent a game and the store puts there logo on top of the CD then it could screw up the alignment of the laser or something. I've only heard this and my friend's PS2 was acting funny until he quit renting games so....... just be careful about that.

Yeah I heard the same thing.

all my PS2 games are purple they work perfect

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