James Bond video games

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arent they the best? My favorite was the first one 007 for N64. That game is a classic i cant get over how cool that game is. I like the playstation game for it it was alright but it didnt even have two players on it. Then the third game on N64 was better then the second game but still it didnt compar to the first one. I havent played ne of the new one though how r they r they fun to play

Goldeneye for N64 was one of the best first person shooters ever!
I loved playing that game!

The new James Bond games look spectacular, some of the best graphics out there!
But they are really easy and not very innovative.

I like to rent them, beat them in 3 days and never play them again.
This new one coming out shouldn't be any different.

Tex the new one meaning nightfire i think?! i might get it. But i agree the one for N64 was so damn good.

007 Goldeneye set the bar for how a FPS should be. I like TWINE, but the first is still the best. The next really good FPS was Perfect Dark, which was Goldeneye only better. I still play Perfect Dark every once in awhile.The 007 game for PS2 where you get a grappling hook was pretty fun, particularly in multi-player, for a short while, that's when HALO came out and changed video games, let alone FPS, forever. Now, after playing Halo and all the new FPS games, Goldeneye doesn't do much for me, but it definately paved the way.

I loved Goldeneye 007 for the N64 and the new game Rogue Agent looks pretty cool since ity just shows the gun like the N64 version!!!!!!!! eek! eek!

I so want it but it's only on Gamecube so far. Which I dont have sad sad

Aah, Goldeneye 007.
That was happy times. It's too bad that I can't play it as much as I once did. But I happen tp pull forth my old N64 and play some Goldeneye and Perfect Dark.

EA keeps f*cking up the Bond games. None of them match the magic of Goldeneye/Perfect Dark. Rare knew what they were doing, EA should stick to sports.

It will be interesting to see how Rare's games will be now that they are owned by Microsoft. Perfect Dark 2 is due on the X-box, will it be anything like Goldeneye/Perfect Dark?

I have no idea but can anyone tell me the story behind the new Goldeneye Rogue Agent game?

Perfect Dark 2 is been slated for the XBOX before the console even hit shelves. I guess it was a good move for Nintendo to not pay Rare all that money. Even if they produce amazing games.

All i know is that your a baddy or something

U start out as a Rogue Agent ( an Agent turned bad) and one of your first missions is to kill James Bond (which u manage, so Bond is dead throughput the game). Then u are supposed to run around being the bad guy. Probably robing some things, placing bombs etc.

You kill bond? wat the hell?

Yup u kill Bond.
That was a big surprise when I heard it, and apparently for u too.

bah he'll come back, he magically will survive or something

sorry morridini, but he only dies in an mi6 simulation, when you do it m f*cks you out on your ear, and you have to go and work for i think its goldfinger.

So we doesn't get to kill him then.

So your saying hes still alive right?!?!?!?!?!

He has to be or what kind of Bond will he be?!?!?!?!?!?!
He better be or Ill have to teach the creators a lesson or two :stick out tongueunches fist into hand::
I forgot if its true or not but they're gonna make Goldeneye for the DS
Can someone fill me on that if you can that is?
I really disapprove that theyre gonna put a new Bond. I got so attached to Brosnan(spelling????)
He was the coolest to me.

I always felt that Connery was the best Bond. Anywho, I'm glad Bond doesn't bite the big one! How can you name a game after a 007 movie and have 007 eat it right in the beginning? But this game does look wicked awesome, it will definitely be on my list of games to purchase!

I loved GoldenEye for N64, the multyplayer was the best, i remember playing with m firends i all the levels, that was great, is the new one good? Rogue Agent?

I read an article on it and it sounds pretty good.

I liked Agent Under Fire on GC.
The defining moment on split screen team multiplayer was when my other two friends were on the roof sniping at us, allied friend got killed.
I was like, "Sun-of-a-*****!" and grab a grnade launcher.
Aim at the roof with C-stick, and start boming them with mortars(as i like to think of it.)
I glance at their screen, and all you can see is grenade smoke trails.
One of them's like, "Get off the roof!"
The other: "Shuttup man, I'm trying to see though this smoke crap."

I never really like gamecube 007 games eexcept for Rogue Agent it sounds awesome. I didnt like the part where it shows you. Uhhhhhh!!!
I like it where it only shows the gun.

I just rented Rougue Agent, i think its great,

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