Who Would Win:Dante or Cloud?

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total metalhead
as in Dante from Devil May Cry and Cloud Strife from FFVII?

they both have bigass swords, and Dante's got his guns and Cloud's got his magic attacks. i'd say Dante would scrape it cos Cloud would keep stopping to do his hair. yes



total metalhead
there pretty much random big grin

Lord Ryugen
It depends really. If Cloud has Ultima Weapon and Omislash then he would probably kill Dante. But then again being hit or impaled by swords doesn't seem to bother Dante that much and if he transformed Cloud would be pretty much screwed. So Dante to win despite taking one hell of a beating


Cloud all the way... think about it magic ultima weapon omnislash... he's unbeatable... altho Dante is a pretty badass.... i'm not sure who would win...

I dunno... after seeing cloud flying up to fight bahamut head-on in that Advent Children trailer.... Im leaning towards cloud.. but I 'have' seen what dante can do.. so its a hard choice..

Lord Ryugen
I know what you mean, these are two of my favorite characters but I'm going to still go with Dante after a lengthy consideration. I think Cloud's stronger than Dante due to the fact he can swing swords much heavier than Dante's and has Mako enhancment (Then again Dante is a half demon.) But I think Dante has the edge in agility, which means he can dodge Cloud's attacks and tag him with quick shots from Alastor, or shots from Ebony and Ivory. Course If Cloud gets in a few good hits Dante's probably screwed. But seeing as that's going to be difficult for Cloud Dante pips it.

Draconatus Zero
Personaly, if it was just sword to sword, Cloud being the Uber bada** that he is would win, but if Dante put a little distance between them, or got in to deep, Cloud would be screwed.

Dante. He's a better fighter. Not to mention a sword through the midsection would even bother him (Dante 1, the Alastor scene)

Cloud is better than Dante... i mean i'd like to see dante go head on against Bahumant.....half demon or not he's still part human so he can still die....

Lord Ryugen
Well yeah he can die but it takes a hell of a lot to do it. He's been impaled twice (By Trish in intro and Alastor in the second level.) Not to mention he has devil trigger, to give him a real edge in speed and strength.

cloud could always use haste for a good speed increase and you did make a good point and i agree... and cloud does magic and ...but as far as strength goes...I give that to dante....

how many people actually debate something like this?

I might as well ask whether samus or master chief would win. its pointless.

Cloud, ultima weapon/omnislash/Knights of the Road materia, Dante doesn't stand a chance.

Lord Ryugen
Yeah KOTR would do it but then again if Dante can pull out the Sparda Devil Trigger then Cloud probably won't have time to summon.

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