Who would win Cloud or Squall

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Lord Ryugen
I'm surprised no one made this thread so I'm going to do it. The two hardest Final Fantasy heros in a fight to the death. No holds barred who's gonna win

total metalhead
i like Cloud a lot more but Squall has a superior weapon, so i say Squall.

who would care no one or no one? my guess is the later.



It'd be much more efficient if this were a poll... whistle

The Force
make a poll

i'd have to say squall

ha... cloud would just use 1 omni slash and that would be it... squall would spend the rest of the fight trying to steal clouds magic with his crappy 'draw' system stick out tongue

-_-'in case you havent noticed were talking about both of them having full stock of items,magic,summons,etc....besides... squall needs only one spell.....and thats aura.....combine that with lionheart and you dont have a character on your hands anymore....YOU HAVE A GOD

I guess you forgot that cloud can equip 2 W-summons and a knights of the round materia, hitting squall 4 times in a row with the same summon over and over with no breaks in between... hope squall can draw 'that' rofl

Lord Ryugen
Sorry I didn't make a poll but I wasn'y sure how confused

But back to the matter at hand. Cloud would win despite Squall having a better weapon and higher level. How? Simple Cloud's weapon is larger and weighs more so it requires more strength to swing, therefore Cloud is a stronger fighter. Next up Summons Cloud has 'Knights of the Round' which does 9999 twelve or thirteen times Squal has 'Eden' which does just over 10000. Cloud is superior in Limits as well he has Omislash, Suall has Lionheart the cheap copy. Not to mention that unless he's almost dead Squall has to waste time using aura.

well....even though the buster sword requires more strength it wouldnt matter becuz squall has a lighter sword thats less heavier and if you have played kingdom hearts you would see that squall can make his sword even bigger than clouds....

as for summons....ill have to think more on that...

but as for limits....it still wouldnt matter....he could go into battle almost dead and still pull off lionheart while clouds stupid bar has to fill up before that happens...(in my opinion i think clouds omnislash has nothing on squalls lionheart....as a matter of fact... i think ff7 has nothing on ff8.....ff8 is so much better than ff7....the storyline is so realistic....the characters are much more down-to-earth...its just...better...)

""the storyline is so realistic....the characters are much more down-to-earth...its just...better...""

Ah yes.. with such classic name calling as "chicken wuss" , monsters coming from the moon, 20 balamb gardens and even more flashbacks than you can shake a gunblade at.

anywho, cloud is a mako soldier. Hardened for battle... squall is squall.. *yawn* Although I do love his character design

What if you like Auron better than both? embarrasment

Neither! I bet Sephiroth could take both on...if he hadn't lost. But think of it this way one on one, Sephiroth would win. Cloud had two others with him when he fought him.

but we are not talking about sephy....were talking about a fight between cloud and squall....

well i've never been a real fan of final fantasy games but i loved kingdom hearts and i liked squall alot more in that though cloud teaches you sonic blade so i dunno i'm goin for squall!

I know, but I love Sephiroth. My all time favorite character. But it took a great man and two (random) jerks to defeat him, so I am voting Cloud.

I look just like Tidus, but I've cosplayed as Cloud before.

*how stupid of me*

well, disney blows and they made cloud and sephiroth look lame, but you see how they woul fight in real time, cloud and squal were about equal, sephiroth was insanely badass though, im not picking one of the two justoffering a suggestion on a better way to veiw the fight. and FF7-2:advent children has cloud and sephiroth looking differnt in a cool way

are you people retarded or something?.....what the hell does sephiroth have to do with anything!?....were talking about strictly cloud and squall....

LQQK!!!!TrAnCeDuO or whatever....Squall has nothing on cloud (if you have ever played the game) you gotta be mixed up or something because Cloud would BEAT that lame old Squall with his OMNISLASH!!
Clouds last limit break (OMNISLASH) would tear squall up in an ASS-HOLE because his Omnislash hits him 13 times....Dealing squall 13x9999
which is 129,987....LMAO. Cloud will instantly !!! KILL !!! Squall with 1 hit.
Or if you like.......... Cloud could just equip the (W-SUMMON COMMAND) with (THE KNIGHTS OF THE ROUND)...let's see.........that's 9999x13x2.....
And that = 259,974 which would KILL Squall......EXACTLY 26 TIMES...but he only has 1 life...lol. Not only that but if you dont know this Cloud can even use the (MIME COMMAND) ha ha ha which means he can start the process OVER AND OVER AND OVER....BUT he wont need to....I dont know how you can compare them two because cloud is MUCH 2 EXPERIENCED for Squall...bye...bye...

i'v played both and i have to say compared to cloud, squll is a pussy, to evan think squll would win, squll has a good sword but if you find the omislash sword it's no contest. blowupbash


Cloud big grin

Lord Ryugen
I-I-I cant belive it my thread has returned YAY!

I think its rather funny how you keep babbling on about strength and numbers and power and numbers and how heavy the sword is and numbers. don't mean shit. take into consideration how much faster squall is, how much smarter he is, how much more tactical he is, how much better with magic he is and the ability to weave it into his sword strikes, the fact that he is FAR superior in swordsmanship. all this power cloud is packing doesn't do anything if he cant friggin hit squall to save his life.

also, squalls limit breaks are in no way inferior to clouds. his lionhart isn't a copy, it is his own attack which is just as good as clouds omnislash if not better. it will deal just short of 250,000 points in damage (which would actually be much, much more if not for the damage cap, since it easily does 9999 with each hit even at average strength and no help with the vit. 0 effect) not to mention that every time he hits he pulls the trigger which sends vibrations through the blade to significantly increase his swords cutting ability AND that he coats it in magical energy whenever needed to even further increase its destructive power. you don't need to be ***** talking what you know nothing about.

lol, you necroed a 10 year old dead thread?

That's also a huge stomp for Cloud as things stand now due to massively physical superiority and destructive capacity. Way to go

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