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Pablo G
Cel Shaded FPS looks awesome, anybody wanna talk about it ? I should have it by the 25th.

Ive been wanting to play XIII, is it anything like the 007 series on the 64?

I started a thread on this a while ago, just like I did with Max Payne 2. Looks like someone's too lazy to merge them...

I've heard this was an outrageously hard game, but that's just one guys opinion that I read in one of those magazines. He said it was impossible to aim and the enemy is deadly accurate. Sounds to me like he just sucks at FPS's. Is it out yet? I've seen comercials for it, but never really paid attention to. I look forward to getting it and adding it to my favorite list.

the whole "using a hostage so the people wont shoot you "
doesnt apply to this game... plus there NEVER !!! is no ammo... plus you cant kill in self defense ... even your getting shot at by like 4 guards.. you cant kill them, you need to PUNCH them...
although the multipayer is very very well done .....
i give it a 6 outta 10

its not that hard, its difficult but not hard.
and no it looks nothing like the 007 series on N64

its not that hard at all, although some stealth bits are annoying

if you cant kill an enemy, just beat them with a chair or something

great game IMO, great storyline in particular


I remember playing the demo for this game a long time ago... and then I saw it on the shelf at a local game store. It was only $4.99! So I picked it up and installed it. But I haven't played it yet. Anyone like it?

I just had to get it for 5 bucks. It was a steal.

I really really liked the art style and storyline. The whole idea of a secret society with people named by numbers is pretty neat.

British Lad
good game but it was hard espically the last boss and the ending was shit

Well being a fan of the comics which XIII is based on kinda made me dislike the storyline, I have never managed to give an objective view of the game itself.

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