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MUSE(a band)_16

Dagons Blade
I played this on a friend's system, and it's a VERY grim fact,
I was witness to a girl who returned the game to the store behind her boyfriend's back the other day at our local Gamestop, saying it was the 'sickest piece of garbage' she had ever seen, and that if he didn't like her returning it, he could take a hike.

One of the things you get to do is smother your opponents with a plastic bag, and the longer you execute the movie, the more graphic the onscreen scene becomes. Think of Hitman or Hitman 2 with a bit of Thief and you have a general idea. This game is sick, and I for one LOVE it. I think you'll like it.

MUSE(a band)_16
thanks now i feel much better

this game is ok. its hard though

Dagons Blade
Yeah all games are hard if you play them right. I'm playing Call Of Duty right now and that's a hella hard game, but fun. Some degree of satisfaction comes from beating a hard game. And I have too many games to play...all that trade in credit at EB a few weeks ago.....

saying you dont like a game because it is hard is blasphemy in the gamer world. I hate people who play games on the easiest setting. Im not saying you were implying that SLIP. But my friend plays this game with having never playing it before using the strat guide, and codes right away. WHY EVEN PLAY video games. MAnhunt is a decent game though. There isnt really much of a story and the game play is tired. It was made for shock value and to ride the edge. For that fact this game is worth playing. I mean the first stage you had to stragle someone with a bag to get out of prison. Thats a game situation you dont see every day

Honestly, in all due respect to the developers involved... this game could only hold the attention span of a thumbtack. You do the same 4 kills through all the monotonous levels in the game. I love the useage of shadows though. Just more kills and more options during the kill instead of cinematics wouldve sufficed.... give it a rental but dont buy it.

MUSE(a band)_16
it finali arraived and give it 4 of 5 points
it was like a playible nightmare
very dark and cool...
...but its just killing
but max payne 2 is just shooting and nothing more but everyone likes it ! smokin'

yeah I just rented this game last first I was like 'wow great this is the most brutal game I've played in a long time!" but it got kinda boring after executing the same kills over and over and never really seeing to much thought into it. good rental I wouldnt buy it.

Yes, don't buy it, rent for some kicks but the repetitiveness is unbearable. The shadow thing is somewhat annoying because its totally unbelievable, you almost hope buy the laws of reality that the enemy would actually see you in some cases.

Red Superfly
I'm all for dark satirical humour, but Manhunt was incredibly dark.

In fact, it's darker and more morbid than Batman covered in hot tar, cutting his own legs off with a rusty Bat-knife.

Very depressing game. IMO Silent Hill and Resident Evil have nothing on this. However its not as good as said games in terms of enjoyment or gameplay.

I liked it but i could only play it little by little cuase killing people over and over gets boring after a while

Manhunt is great! just love it when you get red when armed with the crowbar and the camera pans round to show the enemy get his face blown away, brains stick to the when the enemies say "i got kids".then you batter the crap out of'em, its so evil, love it! devil

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