Zelda timeline

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Darth Jello
I know that only about a million people have tried to create a working zelda timeline but here's my shot:

(The Hero of Time:first Link)
Ocerina of Time
Majora's Mask
(second Link)
The Windwaker-triforce is separated from link, zelda, and ganon, hyrule is recreated
Wand of Gamelon
Faces of Evil
Zelda's Adventure- triforce of power and wisdom are left in the new kingdom. The thunderbirds inherit courage for safe keeping, zelda is put into a deep sleep.
(The hero of Hyrule:third Link)
Legend of Zelda-ganon is ultimately killed in hyrule, permanently trapping him in the golden land.
Lair of Dragons/Game and watch
Adventure of Link-triforce of courage is reclaimed, ganon's resurrection is prevented.
Oracle of Seasons-Ganon's ressurection is thwarted
Oracle of Seasons-Ganon's ressurection is thwarted
Link's Awakening
Four Swords-the four Link's unite in a timeless dungeon to stop ganon and purify themselves of evil.
(The legendary hero-fourth Link)
A Link to the Past-Ganon is destroyed. peace prevails for eternity.)

Darth Revan

total metalhead
no not really...

What? Thats not the correct timeline, this is:

1. The legend of Zelda (NES)
2. The legend of Zelda II: The Adventure of link (NES)
3. The legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past (SNES)
4. The legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening (Game Boy)
5. The legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time (64)
6. The legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask (64)
7. The legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening (Game Boy Color)
8. The legend of Zelda: Oracle of Ages (Game Boy Color)
9. The legend of Zelda: Oracle of Seasons (Game Boy Color)
8 and 9 came out at the same time.
10. The legend of Zelda: Windwaker (Gamecube)
11. The legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past - Four Swords

That is the correct timeline, and if anyone knows different, please let me know.

That's chronological order, he means the order the games take place in. I found a really good one about 6 months ago at www.zeldago.com

Unfortuantly that site's MIA, so here's another one http://moz.asylum1.com/timeline.php

Oh. K. I went with what is the release date timeline, didnt know what he was getting though, sorry.

there is no direct corrlation amongst the zelda games. Most are not made as sequels to the other, they are just like the Final Fantasy games except they keep the same character in the begining. Just enjoy them for the games they are, don't try putting together a timeline like Harry Potter fans do...

True, linkalicious, true. You have to enjoy the Zelda series.

Darth Jello
yeah, but I try, I've made one for contra and castlevania in myhead that works, and i think this one does too

this is interesting...

darth, can you post the one for contra. i am curious about that. although i must admit i have not even touched a contra game in what seems like ages..how many did they end up having?

the problem is that each system comes up with a new and different Zelda story. the only ones you can truly be sure of are

Zelda I: the legend on zelda<----1st chronologically
Zelda II: the adventures of Link <-----2nd chronologically
Zelda: the wind waker <----Last chronologically

Somewhere inbetween there is Zelda: a link to the past and Zelda: ocarina of time, but there is no way to determine which one came before the other because both involve going backwards and forwards through time.

What about A Link to the Past for the Super Nintendo? That took place before Ocarina, but after 2, right?

who really knows? it's not like they have any dates or anything regarding when it took place. Technically in Ocarina of Time, when Link is a child that would be "the begining" of the saga. I read that Link was supposed to be 16 in the 1st NES game and 18 in the 2nd NES game, and he's obviously younger than 16 when he goes into the Deku Tree for the 1st time.

how could the story be a continuation when he's being reincarnated? isnt it more like someones pressing the rewind button after he defeats gannon and it happens all over again?

Darth Jello
link to the past takes place last. I'm starting to agree with another websites assessment that wind waker is a possible future in which link stayed in the future after ocerina and ganon destroyed hyrule. however, there still must be 4 different Links for four swords to work.

as for contra, contra force isn't a real contra game so the order should be:
Super Contra
Super C
Operation C
Contra:The Alien Wars
Hard Corps.
Legacy of War
C:The Contra Adventure
Shattered Soldier
i don't think any of these are remakes because they have significant differences to be separate games.
just so no one asks, Castlevania's is:
Lament of innosence
Castlevania Legends
Dracula's Curse
The Castlevania Adventure
Belmont's Revenge
Vampire Killer
Castlevania Chronicles
Haunted Castle
Simon's Quest
Super Castlevania 4
Harmony of Dissonance
The Rondo of Blood
Vampire's Kiss (castlevania: Dracula x)...

Darth Jello
Symphony of the night (saturn only)
Circle of the Moon
Legacy of Darkness
Castlevania 64
Dracula (novel)
Aria of Sorrow

We are talking about Zelda, not other games Darth Jello....

yeah for reals. and how could link to the past take place last when in Wind Waker takes place after all the previous events and Hyrule has been left at the bottom of the ocean? More like a Link to the past is why the timeline can't work...

That's true.

Darth Jello
first of all, link to the past takes place last cause the master sword sleeps forever at the end. since i created this thread, I should be able to go on any tangent I want.

On that note, who likes pie?

Well, create another thread about something else, cuz if you have noticed, my threads keep well within their orginal topics.

Darth Jello
yeah, but I'm a pretty lazy and scatterbrained guy, as long as tagents don't stray too far (or in the sight of an overzealous moderator), they do nothing but educate or entertain.

The master sword sleeping forever at the end doesn't prove that Link to the Past is the last game....it just proves that there's no correlation between the Zelda games.

Darth Jello
that may be true, but I like to think there is, making sense of it is half the fun.


Sorry ,but this is completly wrong! roll eyes (sarcastic) Wand of Gamelon and
Faces of Evil are CD-i philliips games.(a.k.a Don` fit in the timeline) You also forgot to include the fact that Nintendo said that there were two timewarps. (First Link was sent back in time.)In an interview conducted by Nintendo Dream with Eiji Aonuma in December 2006, it was revealed that there are two parallel universes in the Zelda chronology. The timeline is split at the end of Ocarina of Time, when Link is sent back in time by Princess Zelda to live through his childhood, while the original events of Ocarina of Time continue on a different path. Once returned to his original time, Link goes to see Zelda again, and the result of this meeting is an alternate future in which the villain Ganondorf is arrested and tried by the ancient sages, who attempt to execute him, but are instead forced to banish him to the Twilight Realm. Twilight Princess then occurs over one hundred years later, after Link's role as a child in the events of Ocarina of Time and Majora's Mask. Meanwhile, The Wind Waker occurs in the "adult Link" timeline, hundreds of years after the Hero of Time saved Hyrule in Ocarina of Time, and it is directly followed by Phantom Hourglass smart
--------------------------------Ocarina of Time------------------------------
-------Young Link---------------------------------Adult Link----------------
----Majora`s Mask--------------------------Wind Waker----------------
------Twilight Princess--------------------Phantom Hourglass----------

The rest will be reaviled as more games are released. rock

I think we should just wait for when the official timeline is just revealed honestly. no expression

Kapton JAC
It will never be released.

Persersonaly this is what I believe in:

There are three parts. I just didn't feel like explaining it. smile

and here's a helpfull illustration!

General Kaliero
...You dredged up the oldest Zelda timeline thread. Newer ones with more of the games and more intelligent theories have since been made. Try those.


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