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It's been 3 years since the release of driver2...and finally a sequel, which looks like it's gonna be an awesome game...i'm so buying this

King of ff
ahhh come on...This Is a KH forum Not KOF, GTA and all of those other shitty games...ok. good

So....just saw this in the new issue of Maxim.....(kinda wierd i admit..but my boyfriend reads so i was just looking through....) and I think this game looks pretty cool..any thoughts.....

It might be good. I've only played the first one, and I had a blast playing it, so this one, with even more features looks great. I also saw a preview for it on my brothers demo disc for his PS2, and it looked neat.

Driv3r will be the best game on PS2 this year! I've seen a preview trailer on the inet for it, it looks great!

total nettlehead
excellent. i loved the first Driver game, and if the 3rd one is anywhere near as good, it should kick ass.

Is anyhwere NEAR as good? It WILL be 2000 times better! If I had the site link, I'd post so people could watch, but I forgot where I saw it at. Supposedly, there will be a co-op mode....

total nettlehead
co-op will be awesome! dammit ima find that site right now...



stick out tongue

Has anyone seen all the blurbs on driv3r? its pretty odd actually....

first its in maxim (i subscribe), then in Spin, and now penthouse and playboy....am i blind to other games, or is this a whole lot of coverage?

um..actually I don't buy those magazines....(i am a girl=))

but i did watch the short film the other day....its cool....you should go check it out.

well thats fine....but its nice to see that theres actually some ladies playing video games around here. My hats off to you, my dear.

someone in the other forum i often go to had a link to gametrailers.com that has a new trailer for driv3r in it....love that music!


those films are definately a lot like the BMW films...I really like them...doesn't the final one come out soon.....and i wonder if that will be available with the game or something..that would be pretty cool!

omg this game is going to be awesome...I have played Driver 1 and 2 on Playstation..and I know this game is going to be soooo much better then the others.

hey ya'll.....there's a new driv3r update today! a solid new run the gauntlet trailer...looks awesome...plus pics of istanbul.....WOOT!

yeah they are totally going to have to include the films with the game. i would be really surprised if they didn't.

Red Superfly
Driver 3 is the next big game on my "WILL DEFINITELY BUY" list.

I cannot wait. I loved Stuntmans physics - now it's even better. Car chassis actually bend and cripple now, so it'll be the first time anybody can literally wrap their car around a lamp-post.

I predict at least 2 hours of the play time will be messing around smashing up the cars/driving juggernauts into minis etc.

yeah. i am sure you are right.

red - that sounds sweet. i never played stuntman before. but i have heard that the physics were great and that they are even better in driver...so seeing a car wrapped around a light pole would be pretty cool. you gotta posta screenshot if you do it!


whose gonna get this game???

ok so i just found out that if you pre-order driv3r, you get run the gauntlet as well as the making of and the behind the scenes footage... sounds good to me!

Nice.....Really liked that movie...

Heres me (the shadow) once I get the game in June:


and here is me driving causing meyhem!!


The Ones

"Atari signed a host of talent to voice the cast, including Michael Madsen as Tanner, Ving Rhames as Tobias, Mickey Rourke as Jericho, head of an international crime syndicate, and Michelle Rodriguez as Calita, the sexy leader of a Miami car theft ring."

That just makes it so much cooler!!!!!!!

Yes BillyBobbed...yes yes it does...that and if you pre-order you actually get the Run the Gauntlet short film by ridley scott included..now that my friend is pretty cool.

I just read that along with several other cool games, DRIV3R will be featured at E3...looking forward to getting some new stuff outta that. Maybe a demo...fingers crossed!!

is noone excited for this game anymore???

IGN has been doing a lot of stuff on all the cars of the game if you are interested:


Go to that page..its the second one and from there you can navigate to get to the earlier ones.

I want to pick this up tomorrow, but was hoping someone here as been playing already and can tell me bout it. Any takers?

Yeah i just bought the game and it is frekin sweet all the graghics are really good. i am not very far yet but the first mission is the best one!(So Far!!!)

I probably will get it big grin

If it's half as good as it looks, it'll still be kickass

Very glad to hear it, Looks like i'll be going shopping tonight. What's the first mission?

driv3r got horrible reviews and after playing i agree.. a cheap wanna be GTA is what i see this game as

I just got the game and have enjoyed the first couple missions I"ve played. Have you played the Driver and GTA series since there conception? If you haven't, try to find some emulators online. Once you play all the games you'll see you can't say Driver is a cheap wanna be GTA


Does anyone else think that this game is a big disappointment. I was waiting for this game for half a year thinking it would be better than GTA. I finished it in 4 day's and the cut scene movies where so jerky in places, they sucked. what a load of bollocks.

its crap, end of story

thank god someone agrees. i thought it was me.
I brought red dead revolver at the same time and this game totally kicks driv3r's ass. what do y'all think of this game?

Worst game ever a complete rip off .of vice city .

Big glitchy dissapointment, and REALLY overhyped. Waited 3 years for this crap.

GOD DAMN!!! what a peice of POO this game is. It's like the developers got all these idea's they wanted to put in a game, and put them in the game, but forgot to work on making them work.

Most unorignial game ever

hey i am a fan of the driver series so i am gonna have to add to my collection besides i just love steeling cars and stuff so thats pretty much why i buy it any way

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