Battlefield vs Medal of Honor

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which series do you think is better....

i personaly prefer battlefield

I voted Medal of Honor because that is the only one I have played.

But I hear Battlefied 1942 is pretty sweet.

MOH cuz its waaaaay better. IMO

for online play battlefield kicks ass, but for single player MOH is good.

BTW, I'm having a problem with MOHAA, on some levels, mainly the first driving level after you release the POW, ithe game becomes extreemly dark, but if you point the mouse at the cealing you can see faint outlines of you gun and your health and such. Its reallly wierd.

on pc? or ps2?

For on-line gamers Battlefield 1942 is a must, there are a number of killer modes to download (totally legal and has everything from Modern Warfare to Star Wars), there are a wide variety of levels to experience most notably The D-Day Landings, Battle of the Bulge and the Battle of Britain, unlike Medal of Honor you can control a series of land, sea and air vehicles.

However if you do not have a good or indeed any Internet connection, BF's one player is bug ridden and pretty poor. This makes Medal of Honor a must in this situation even for those used to on-line gaming its still a must and its popularity has shown that in the gaming world but i personally prefer BF 1942 for on-line gaming.

However i am addicted to Call of Duty at the moment although greatly restricted to movement (particularly when compared to the free movement you have on BF) it is a great game that offers great solo and multi-player game play.

So all three games are excellent it just depends on what you are looking for.

yeah the thing i like most about battlefield is that there are tons of mods for it and the you can roam freely basically anywhere, land, sea, or air...i personally think it just makes the game more realistic and fun to play

I like moh a little better, but battlefeild is ok

battlefeild is weaker version of medal of honor. The sounds, authentic weapon variety, and situations make medal of honor the king of all FPS war games. The situations are the crowning jewl on this nugget of perfection. as for multi player maybe battlefeild has it beat there, but i wouldnt know i DESPISE interplay

hocky, PC

Call of Duty is Great. I like WW2 shooters and now I've just starteed Call of Duty and its awsome. I guess MOHAA could be good too but i havent had a chance to get it working properly soo

Honestly you cant compare the two.. only by the fact that they are 'war' simulation games.. but really they're aimed at two different kinds of people... The people who like to play war in a group... and the people who like to play war with an entire army (not to mention your computer has to want to agree with you). Its all opinions, but.. In my opinion battlefield is worlds better due to the unpredictability of like 50 human opponents.



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