Morrowind Game of the Year edition

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What do you guys think of it?
IMO, morrowind just rocks, albeit a bit buggy. This is the kind of depth in an rpg that should be respected. I was glad that I waited to get game of the year edition cuz it was all 3 games for 30 dollars, so it was a nice deal.

I have a question to those of you who bought this version, how the hell do I play tribunal and bloodmoon? do I have to beat the original? or can I just start on the expansions without having to begin with the first one?
should I disable the original morrowind.csm? for some reason even though I put the blood moon or tribunal discs in it still makes me play the 1st one lol.

(heres a pic of my char sorta (since its a few days old and he has leet ninja armor now)

I love this game, roleplaying in 3D shooter, not to many of those, anyway the reason I like it is that it has good grpihics, good story as well, and it's an advanture game, and you get to fight with Swords and axes and alot of medivel weapons, insted of just shooting with guns, like in must 3D shooter games

I wish someone would make a multiplayer mod -_-) I'd so love to play some morrowind with my friends and thier characters

i started this game and couldn't bare it. Once 2 rats killed me in a dark room i hung up the controller. I'm waiting for Fable to come to my rescue.

I play it sometimes and I did a few assignments but I haven't finished it. I like the way you can some much freedom in the game. You can do whatever you want with your character so is a cool game.

Still playing it, I got a level 37 Redguard and he rules, a mate of mine is the master of every guild, he's killed Dagoth Ur and we're looking for something else to do

I've got a level 141 Orc. I've beat Dagoth Ur and the other two (Don't want to give to much of the story away) from Bloodmoon and Tribunal. I found out a spell that can fortify any attribute forever. I fortified my strength to 100300 and was too powerfull to beat the game so I had to spend much of my time looking for somebody with a Drain Atribute spell to drain my strenth. Like a month later I picked up the game and finally found somebody, drained my strength and beat the game. I'm wearing the Mask of Clavicus Vile, Dwemer Pauldrons, Deodric(sp) right gauntlet, WraithGuard, Ebony Cuiras, Dwemer Boots of Flying, the Blades Masters shirt and pants, the Mazed Band, the Moon and Star ring, and a bunch of ther crap. Well, all of my nerdiness is getting to me I'm gonna go shower.

confused never heard of it before...

Lag do you know where I could find, Arena and Dagoth or what ever its called??

Thx big grin

Arena is one of the cantons (domes) in Vivec City and Dagoth Ur is in the middle of red mountain, when you find the entrance, the switch is on the pipe to the right of the door.

I know the spell you're talking about, its the fortify attribute for 2 secs on self with soultrap on target, oh yeah I've got 200k gold too! (from the mudcrab merchant)

i bought morrowind (not GOTY) but do i have to buy GOTY to play the expansions? or can i buy them seperatley?

i dont get soultraps. what do you use them for?
i have had morrowind on pc for about a year now. i got it on xbox a few days ago.

i dont have it, but my friend does.
u need to buy GOTY to have the expansions in there
u cant install software on xbox...they were stupid in that, unless its LIVE capable.

You use soultraps to trap souls into gems then use those gems in items/armor/weapons to enhance them with a selected attribute.

can anyone tell me the location of the moon and star ring in some detail?


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