List your favorite 5 Villains in a Video Game.

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List your favorite villains from a video game here are mine(in no particular order):

Darth Malak (Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic)
The Vicer (Prince of Persia Sands of time)
King Koopa (Mario Brothers)
Dr. Robotnik (Sonic series)
The Covenant (Halo)

Desann - Jedi Knight : Jedi Outcast
Tavion - Jedi Knight : Jedi Outcast
Undead - Warcraft 3 roc/tft
Baal - Diablo 2 : Lord of destruction
Metroid - Metroid
kefka - final fantasy 6
Sniper Wolf - metal gear solid (fortune was pretty cool too in SOL)
Kain - Soul Reaver
Dark Falz - Phantasy Star Online (so many memories)
Ganondorf - TLoZ : Ocarina of Time
Tyrant - Resident Evil (first one)
Cyber Demon - Doom custom playstation edition

woops.. went over 5 O_o

I guess cross out the ones you think sucked lol stick out tongue

Kain (Soul Reaver)
Sniper Wolf (MGS)
Vamp (MGSmessedOL)
Nemesis (MGSmessedOL)
Drake (007 Nightfire)

Captain Albert Wesker - Resident Evil : Code Veronica
Nemesis - Resident Evil : Nemesis
Vamp - Metal Gear Solid : Sons of Liberty
Wario - Super Mario & Wario series
The Deadites - Evil Dead : A Fistful of Boomsticks / Hail To The King

I've only got one fav villian, and that is BOWSER! rock

Ganon (Zelda Series
Dr. Wily (Early Mega Man Series)
Bowser (Mario series)
Sephiroth (FF7)
Seifer (FF8)

SaTsuJiN> go ahead post more villains if you like.

Still early but I'm suprise Rhomer (Syphon Filter) and Heihachi Mishima (Tekken series) haven't been mention

OOOOOOO....i forgot Magus from Crono Trigger. He was a bad mo-fo with that scythe.

almost any character from Legacy of Kain (there arent any good guys in it)
the zerg-starcraft
warhawk-twisted metal black

Seymour from FFX (creepy-ass bad guy!!!)
Seifer from FFVIII
Sephiroth from FFVII
Ganondorf from Legend of Zelda
Uhh...oh damn, can't remember his name...something Ocelot from Metal Gear Solid

and a lot more that I can't think of at the moment...

piggsy starkweather from manhunt, Ganon, Vamp, Ocelot, Liquid Snake, Salvatore Leone from GTA3 because he tries to kill you so i think that makes him a villian

Darth Jello
Gannondorf Dragmire/Mandrag Gannon-Zelda
Geese Howard-Art of Fighting/Fatal Fury/King of Fighters
Mother Brain-Metroid
Smithy-Super Mario

2.The Vizier-Prince of PersiamessedoT
3.Devil Guy(can't remember his name)-Devil May Cry(was he in the sequel?)
4.Sin-FFX(you gotta love a giant whale capable of destroying the world)

Oh yeah, how the hell could I forget Sin? And on that note, Shuyin from FFX-2...he is one creepy guy...

Darth Jello
I can't believe none of you fighting fans are listing Geese!

1. The Doom guy
2. Arthas(Warcraft III)
3.NoobSaibot and Sub-Zero (Mortal Kombat)
4.Serious Sam
5.Duke Nukem

big grin

Isn't Sub-Zero consider a good guy?

not necessarily important characters, but still cool enemies nonetheless are the lightning demons from LoK.

Crono trigger-Magnus and LAVOS (main bad guy was lavos)

GTA- Salvatore Leone, Sonny Ferelli

Max Payne 2- Vladamir

thats my five

smile this guy

shang tsung from Mortal Kombat that guy is bad!
i dont know much else im just now getting in to video games tell me some good games to play


Sub zero 'could' be considered bad, as he turned his back on and murdered scorpion. Thus scorpion was sent back from hell to avenge the death of him and his family ( I think ) at the hands of sub zero.

Orochi - King of Fighters 97

Chozo Ghost - Metroid Prime

The Hand - Super Smash bros. / Smash melee

Infu - Soukaigi

Cervantes - Soul Edge/Calibur

M. Bison - Street fighter 2 (The end boss, not the boxer ya JP ver. fans)

Sigma - Megaman X

Olga Flow - Phantasy Star Online Episode 2

Dural - Virtua fighter

Vermillion - Battle arena Toshinden 2 and 3

Oh, and Vegnagun from FFX-2...what's not to love about a machina with feelings? big grin And of course Leblanc (also from FFX-2)...though she's only a villian for about the first half the game.

oh sorry I was so tired, I didint read 5 villans, I entered the tread and saw all kind of videogame characters, so I tought it was just favorite5 vidogame characters sorry embarrasment and no sub zero isint good, and he isint directly evil either

Bison - Street Fighter Series
Akuma - SFS
Krizalid - KOF
Cyborg Ninja - Metal Gear Solid
Sephiroth - FF7
Goro - Mortal Kombat

liquid snake
shin akuma


alot of final fantasy guys huh?

a few, what about rufus? you can have 5. the shotgun c'mon that was badass

thats why i said "turks" he was part of the turks

yeah but didnt really look like one, what about ultimate weapon that thing looked awsome

Darth Jello
there is no fighter harder or cheaper than geese howard from art of fighting 2. let's list the details- ground wave, double ground wave, buzzsaw cutter jump that drains 1/8th energy, the ability to recover from most throws, longest spirit and life bar, ability to throw opponent during any time at any move with most priority, the ability to do his panic combo (75% damage) at any time, and a weird energy uppercut that kills in one attack. add to that an annoying taunt that drains most of your spirit and geese is still the ultimate badass. oh, and try fighting him in fatal fury 1, three special moves and a simple pattern, but he will make yuo cry.

King of ff

Hes is THE bad favourite ff character of all times.
but i guess that replying this would be stupid so here is my list.

1.Sephiroth-ff VII( ALLTIME greatest )
2.Seifer-ff VIII
3.Seymour-ff X
4.Kefka-ff III/VI
5.Ansem- KH

I would LOVE to see Akuman vs. Goro in a deadly match!!!!! Cool choices!

total metalhead
Sephiroth (FFVII)
Nemesis (RE3:Nemesis)
Kazuya/Devil (Tekken 2)
Nightmare (SCII)
Liquid Snake (Metal Gear Solid)

1) Red Queen from Alice
2) Jabberwocky from Alice
3) Saturos from Golden Sun
4) Bowser from Super Mario
5) Dr. Eggman from Sonic The Hedgehog

^Who is that in the pic X-Menfan2003?

1. Sephiroth
2. Griever (Ultimate GF in FF8)
3. Carnage
4. Edea
5. Vamp (From MGS: 2 Sons of Liberty)

Well WindDancer, the attached picture is the Red Queen, and the other is Onslaught from X-Men

The Elites from Halo!
The Grunts " "
Marines when you shoot them.. in Halo!
All the enemies from Baldurs Gate II on the PC

Just going to add Doku (Ninja Gaiden) That dude owns a cool Katana. thumb up

Primitive Screwhead #1
1. Kerrigan (Starcraft Brood War)
2. Ganondorf (Legend of Zelda Series)
3. The Flood (Halo)
4. Diablo (Blizzard's Diablo I & II)
5. Alma (Ninja Gaiden)

SIN Final Fantasy10
Liquid Snake Metal gear solid
Omega Weapon FF10
RUBY Weapon ff7
Emerald Weapon ff7

1. kefka (final fantasy 6)(hes just so evil)
2. the elites from halo(I HATE YOU SO MUCH, WHY WONT YOU DIE)
3.the final bosses from viewtiful Joe(you fight them all in an endurance match, 1 afta the other)
4. the 9ine breaker(from armored core 2)(so cheap)
5.infested kerrigan(queen B*tch of the universe for a reason)

1.)sephroth-final fantasy 7
3.)ansem-kingdom hearts
5.)cloud-kingdom hearts
most of them were easy to beat.

in no particular order...

- Dr Robotnik (sonic)
- Revolver Ocelot (MGS)
- Liquid Snake (seems a favourite, MGS)
- Myjestic-12 (deus ex)
- everyother badguy i like but cant think of right now

Without a doubt number one on my list would have to be Id from Xenogears. Hes Awesome.
2. Grahf (Xenogears)
3. Sephiroth (FF7)
4. Revolver Ocelot (MGS)
5. Kain (Legacy Of Kain)

Ansem - Kingdom Hearts
Sephiroth - Final Fantasy 7/ Kingdom Hearts
Green Goblin - Spider-Man: The Game
Carnage - Spider-Man
Sin - Final Fantasy 10
Doc Ock - Spider-Man 2: The Game/ Spider-Man
Monster-Ock - Spider-Man
Hyper Electro - Spider-Man 2: Enter Electro

Kain from leagacy of kain
Liquid from MGS
Shuyin from FFX2
Gogandantess from onimusha 2
levant from jade cocoon 2

no order:

Darth Malak
killable team mates!

grey fox
liquid snake- mgs

revolver ocelot-mgs

nightmare-soul calibur

captain blue -veutiful joe

green goblin- spiderman the movie

(when i say mgs i mean twin snakes)

Ironman 66
ganondorf (zelda)
Ansem ( kingdom hearts )
Bowser ( mario )
sephiroth ( ff )
and wario ( mario )

-Sephiroth (FF VII)
-Malak (KOTOR)
-Arthas (WC3)
-Liquid Snake (MGS)
-Albedo (Xenosaga)

Sephiroth FF7
Nexus Warzone 2100
Dart's father Legend of the dragoon
Nemesis RE3

Sin from FFX? Sin was an ant compared to Nemesis! Now Nemesis was a total b*tch, plus Sin wasn't that bad for being Tidus's father.

1)Ghaleon-Lunar 1/2
2)Rachet-Thousand Arms
3)Mikado-The Bouncer
4)Doll Master-Threads Of Fate
5)The Jewl Hunter-Legend Of Mana

oh great jedi. bestow your awsome wisdom to this humble bird. how do you make those cool spoiler highlights.

Anything for a chocobo, make a spoiler tag saying text (w/o spaces of course) and viola!


Red Superfly
Bowser - Mario
Dr. Robotnik - Sonic
Darth Malak - KOTOR
Albert Wesker - Resident Evil
Ganondorf - Zelda

hmmm seems to me none of you even heard of warzone 2100 its by far the coolest strategy by design game i have ever played`

Its an OK game but not the coolest.

1: Sephiroth (Final Fantasy 7)
2: Meirlink (Vampire Hunter D)
3: Belladonna (Thrill Kill)
4: Edea (Final Fantasy 8)
5: Benoit Manderubrot (Silent Bomber0

Gory Game Lover
1:The great demons in Red 3.
2:Evil Red in Red Tournament.
3:Riochet in Red:Raptor Rage.
4:Bonz in Red 2.
5:Virus in Red.

Blue Dragon
In order:
1. Ganon(dorf) (Legend of Zelda)
2. Robotnik/Eggman (Sonic the Hedgehog)
3. Neo Cortex (Crash Bandicoot)
4. Bowser (Mario)
5. Praxis (Jak 2 Renegade)

Dunno if better baddies out there...

black robb
5.Minion(Twisted Metal)
4.Pinstripe(Crash Bandicoot)
3.Dr. Nefarious(Ratchet and Clank Going Commando)
2.Ryder(Grand Theft Auto San Andreas)
1.John Madden(Madden series)

any villain who, just as they are on the lowest amount of health which has taken you over half an hour to reduce, runs away and heals themselves is a biatch.

so for favourite would be any villain who doesnt do that cool

Kefka: FFvi
Space Pirates: Metroid
Ridley: Metroid
Magus: Chrono Trigger
Dracula: Castlevania

Ganondorf: LoZ: OoT
space pirates: metroid
SA-X: metroid fusion
Majora Mask:LoZMaj. m
Dark Samus: metroid prime 2

1. Kefka - FF6

2. Arthas - Warcraft 3

3. Ganondorf - Zelda

4. Sepheroth - FF7

5. Onyxia - World of Warcraft

Black Waltz #3
1. Sephiroth ff7
2. Seymor ff10
3. Kefka ff6
4. Edea ff8
5. Zorn and Thorn ff9

Tartarus (halo 2)
Bowser (mario...duh)
Jaws (everything or nothing)
The bad guy from Pandora Tommorow
The final rich guy with no arms in Oddworld Munch's Oddyssey

The Biker Scout
Originally posted by phinney6
Crono trigger-Magnus and LAVOS (main bad guy was lavos)

GTA- Salvatore Leone, Sonny Ferelli

Max Payne 2- Vladamir

thats my five

Chrono trigger... a true classic

ScarFace Clone
Boss, the sarrow, the fear, the end, the vamp. MGS:3, MGS:2

Blue Dragon
A really evil villian, funny, sick, scary's the way I like my villians, like Ganondorf!

Bunji Kugashira (Gungrave)
A.Ku.Mu (JSRF)
Dr ROBOTNIK (or Eggman, but thats not as good, oh thats Sonic)
Shadow (SA2, I guess he was an Anti-Hero thoughmessed)
I would follow the trend and put Sephiroth and Gannon on but I think I'll go with....
The huge minotaur at the end of the 2nd chapter of Doom (original), he's ****ing solid to kill, then on Ultimate Doom you have to kill 4 of them no expression which is impossible

Blue Dragon
I changed my mind!!! Change Praxis for Shadow out of Sonic! Of course, Shadow! I was only thinking main bad guys...

5: Ansem; Kingdom Hearts
4: Col. Volgin; MGS3
3: Nazis; Numerous WWII games, lol
2: Revolver Ocelot: MGS franchise
1: Sin/Jecht; FFX

Andrew McLeod
Sephiroth-FFVII and Kingdom Hearts (even moreso in KH)
Darth Malak-Star Wars KOTOR
Doku-Ninja Gaiden
Walter Sullivan-Silent Hill 4

bowser- super mario (lol) ah the classics smile

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