What Kind of Computer do you have?

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(could be this already exists, did a search on computer and system didn't find anythin tho)

ATM I have a
Athlon XP 1800+
256Mb Ram 2100
GeForce 4 MX 64Mb
2 Network cards (100 megabits)
5.1 Inspire sound
40 GB HD (7200 RpM)

I'm gonna buy new stuff tomorrow
Athlon XP 2800+
512Mb Ram 3200
Radeon 9600 Pro 256Mb
and keep all my other stuff

what do you guys own?

I wish I knew all the uber technical stuffs like RPM and all that, but heres what I own :

Athlon XP 1800+ (althought it really only runs at 1500 -_-)
Radeon 8500 64mb
Asus mobo ( I dont know how fast O_o)
CreAtive 2.1 speaker system
Sound blaster Audigy
1 network card (dont know speed -_-)
20 GB HD (dont know speed)
21'' Dell monitor

I plan to get a new tower soon though, hopefully with all 'just under top-of-the-line' stuffs big grin

An old junky computer from 1999! embarrasment

I currently have a Dell computer, but the one that I ordered around Xmas should be coming any day now...and it will contain.....

AMD Athlon 64 3000+

1024 mb DDR 3200 Ram

120 Gig HD

ATI Radeon 9600 Pro (damn good card fire, good choice)

Sound Blaster Audigy.

The company I ordered the computer from is cyberpower...a small computer company that have very good prices..

nice BF, the Athlon 64 3000+ is over my small budget tho
I could prolly go for 1024 ram, I might in the future
how much did you pay for your card?

My PC would blow all of yours out of the water. Im not even gonna bother to put alll the specs here, lets just say D A M N near super PC. evil face

well draco without stating what specs you have that is quite hard to believe

A black one big grin

yes, well lets just say your money would have been better spent on etiquette lessons and common decency towards others. I dont believe this is a "trash other peoples PCs thread" What the f**k?

The Athlon 64 3000+ isn't much more expensive then the athlon XP you got. However if you are on a very tight budget I see you're delema.

I would Highly suggest 1024 ram though, as many of today's games don't run as smoothly on 512, next years games should be even worse...

My 9600pro cost about $170

Ha! mine's from 1998.

I'm paying 135 for mine, I can always increase my RAM later when I have the money, along with a new CPU

yeah, well I just got my new PC today....broken of course. Luckily the headquarters to the company is located about 30 minutes from my home, so my dad is just going to bring it in tommorow and have them fix it up.

On the plus side, the new PC looks really cool

I would kill myself! stick out tongue


nice BF

nice thing about pc-100 ram is that it's about $50 for 512 megs. So naturally i bought 2 and my comp isn't unbarable. i'll give you some specs

733 Mhz
20 gigs of harddrive
1 Gig of RAM (lol pc 100)
Vid card is actually a Nvidia 256 meg (got it from a friend)
monitor is some huge 17'' bahemoth (small screen big monitor)

I'd buy a new one, but i'd rather build it. I just don't have $3000 to go throwing around for a new comp. And i'm not willing to max out my credit card to piece together a computer. Besides my comp i develop with at work is a sick machine.

My computer...is old. It's from 1998 blink but it runs Photoshop 7 without any lag so that's good for me. Though now that Final Fantasy XI is out I REALLY want a new, better computer so I can get the game and actually play it!

It's an Emachines 533i with 256 MB RAM and an 8 GB hard drive (which is almost completely filled with my music and images and stuff). I can't remember what kind of video card we have but I know it's pretty new, we just got a new one a few months ago.

However, when I go to college I'm building myself a new computer, and it's gonna be nice...

you dont need 3000$ for a new computer, if you dont go for alle state of the art equipment and you knw how to assemble it and where to buy it you could be able to do it with about 1000-1500 $

heck my new one is gonna cost me 500#

Athlon xp 2200 +
1024 mb ram
Geforce psi 64 mb
80 gb hd 7200 rpm
17 sansumg monitor

Its "enough" for working in winword big grin

Ok $3000 includes a monitor...and it includes a sick machine...not just a box with a hamster on a wheel. I'll probably spend more than $500 on RAM alone...


You don't need 3000 dollars for a new pc, unless you want to waste your money on unnecessary "uber" parts, like the new ATI Radeon 9800XT, which costs 200+ dollars more then an ATI Radeon 9800 Pro and is only about 5-10% faster then the Pro. If you play you're cards with some smarts, you can get a machine that will last you for the new 2 years for less then 1000 dollars...or if you want a monitor, a little over 1000 dollars. Or if you're spending 3000 dollars, you're going to a place like Falcon NW or Alienware, and spending that extra 1500 dollars or so on a fancy case and a name.

Basically, be smart, shop around, a good computer doesn't need to cost you 3000 dollars. I got my new one for 1100, specs below...

AMD Athlon 64 3000+

1024 DDR 400 Ram

120G HD

ATI Radeon 9800 Non Pro

SB Audigy ZS

Yes, I know PC 1066 ram is better tehn DDR 400, but chances are you paid about double for that ram, when the performance increase is not that much higher.

i wouldn't buy a complete pc...i'd build it. and i don't want "a" monitor...i want "the monitor" 20" LCD baby!

Can't remember the when I built the PC, but I think it's been about 2 years now.

Anyway specs:

P4 1.7Ghz
768Mb RAMBUS RAM (Stupid I know)
3HDDs - total around 240Gb
Pioneer DVD writer
ATI Radeon
Soundblaster Live
21" HP monitor

Pretty happy with it. Can't really see myself upgrading for quite a while yet.

I have an ol' Mac and I'm currently planing to trash it for good. I'm planning to get me a iBook G4. 1GHz PowerPC G4. With all these specs:

256K L2 cache @ 1GHz
14-inch TFT Display
1024x768 resolution
60GB Ultra ATA drive
Combo Drive
ATI Mobility Radeon 9200
32MB DDR video memory

I'm saving for it so that I can make a good deposit and pay it off in 14 months, so I'm almost there with the money.
big grin

My bro has that iBook G4 it's a piece of crap, atleast for the price he paid for it

than again a laptop

never saw the point for a 20" LCD (and ofc everyone builds their comp)

De UnKnOwN 1
Pentium 3, 1 Ghz
256 RAM
40 HDD
SoundBlaster LIVE! 5.1
128 MB Radeon 9600 PRO
17 in monitor
10/100 Network
Cable Connection

How much did he pay for it Fire? I'll probably be paying an estimate of $1099 for my. Did your brother overpaid for his or is iBook really a horrible notebook?

about that price, but if I get that money to buy a normal comp it owns that laptop 10 times, problem is with laptops (atleast as far as my knowledge goes) you can't build em yourself, where as with a PC you buy parts and do all the work yourself that makes your price a lot lower

yeah i never saw the point of "The Sims" but that didn't stop people from buying it

The thing with labtops is that no one wants to tamper them by upgrading them. I personally (if I had one) would much rather take it somewhere else and get it done. PC parts you can do it yourself and occasionally parts are cheaper. So is worth the risk to tamper with them. I may have to read more about iBooks on cosumerreports.org to see if it is worth expending my money with that labtop.

ofc not link, but what I ment is the image quality from a 20' LCD and a normal 20' monitor isn't that big.

probably true silver, but to make it easy, PC parts are always cheaper

oh i totally agree with you there Fire. But it's like owning a porsche 911 and a ferrari modena. Sure they may have similar acceleration and top speeds....but what would most people rather have? (i'm assuming the ferrari)

and i dunno if my comp desk has room for a normal 20 inch monitor.

The flat screen monitor's visual quality is usually not nearly as impressive as a bulky flat panel monitor.

I found the LCD screen my friend has is noticably better than my other friends new bulky monitor...but the price for the LCD screen wasn't justified by the picture clarity.

For gaming a regular monitor is usually better. There is often tearing on a LCD screen.

LCD needs a few more years to develop I think

I have 2!! Countem 2!!

A Dell Desktop

and a nice little Mac IBook completely compatible with the sick IPOD I MUST have

yeah i was watchin a vid clip on the LCD so i guess i really haven't given it a full evaluation for gaming...but i just want it to have it. I went out and bought a 50" plasma television for my parents (because i still live with them) and i like the picture more than the other HDTV i have at my house

I gots a
Hewlett Packard 3.0GHZ Hyper-threading Technology
200GB Hard Drive 7200RPM
ATI Radeon 9800 128MB with TV-Out
DVD/CD Writer
Remote Control IV reciever
Wireless Network Card
Television recorder
SD Digital Media Reader
All that Xtra good Stuff yall know waht im talking about!~!~!

what kinda rams do you have?? anywau nice machine big grin

yea but without a decent amount of RAM it still sucks stick out tongue

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