What's your 5 favorite good guys in a Video Game?

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What's your 5 favorite good guys in a game? MINE ARE LISTED:

1. Master Chief in Halo
2. All of the characters in LOTR games
3. Obi- Wan Kenobi in Obi- Wan
4. Niobe in Enter the Matrix
5. Max Payne in Max Payne

Link (Zelda series)
Crono (Chrono Trigger)
Cloud (Final Fantasy 7)
Squall (Final Fantasy 8)
Maxim (Lufia II: Rise of the Sinistrals)

lol they're all RPG characters.

Master Chief (Halo)
The Prince (The prince of Persia: Sands of Time)
Sam Fisher (TC Splitter Cell)
Sonic the Hedgehog (Sonic series)
Ryu Hayabusa (a.k.a. Ninja Gaiden)

Hmmm... Don't have one or any at all! (I never play video games. But I do know who Mario is. However, he isn't my fav. character. I don't even know who it is!!! http://images.killermovies.com/forums/moresmilies/shutup.gif

Jill Valentine - Resident Evil
Tyrael - Diablo 2
Samus Aran - Metroid
Link - TLoZ
Terra Branford - Final Fantasy 6

thats in no particular order

Roan (My char) from KOTOR (pure light sided, he's soo kool)
Ghost from ETM
Bond from nightfire
the american dude from Call of duty (he has a name but i forget it)
Havoc from C&C Renagade

Lulu from Final Fantasy X
Link from Legend of Zelda
Ghost from ETM (dunno why, but I have a hell of a lot more fun playing as Ghost than as Niobe)
Lenne from FFX-2 (okay, so she's an NPC, but I DON'T CARE, she's still awesome)
Squall from FFVIII

Hmm...can anyone tell me my favorite video game series? stick out tongue

ah the good guys tread, hmmm

1. Doomguy
2. Gandalf
3. hehe the viking in Goldenaxe
4. Serious Sam
5.Duke Nukem

big grin

Duke Nukem - Duke Nukem Series
Ryu - SF Series
Jin - Tekken Series
Hwarong - " " " "
Sub Zero - MK Series
Snake - MGS Series

Darth Jello
1.Simon Belmont from Castlevania, Haunted Castle, Vampire Killer, Simon's Quest, Super Castlevania IV, and harmony of dissonance
2.Link from zelda
3.Samus Aran from metroid
4.Megaman (the original)
5. Sonic the Hedgehog (Sonic CD is the single greatest simple platform game)

1. Ash ~ Evil Dead : Hail to the King, A Fistful of Boomsticks
2. Leon S. Kennedy ~ Resident Evil 2
3. Regina ~ Dino Crisis 1 & 2
4. Toadstall ~ Super Mario 2 & 3
5. Dash Rendar ~ Star Wars : Dark Forces

SUPER MARIO!-Super Mario Bros.
Master Chief-Halo
MegaMan and Roll(can't have one without the other)-Megaman legends
Luigi-Super Mario Bros.
Solid Snake-Metal Gear Solid

1. Max Payne
2. Sam Fisher -Splinter Cell
3. Duke Nukem
4. Tommy Vercetti -GTA: VC (I know he's a bad guy but he's so cool)
5. Tyrael -D2

ahhh....nice call on the lil viking guy!
I'd also like to add Haggar from Final Fight...brown overalls and no shirt, now that's a mayor!

1.Batman from every piece of Batman related material
2.Master Chief-Halo
3.Prince of Persia guy-You know the fellar guy.
4.Gator guy- Brute Force
5.Ball-from Tekken 3's beachball mode

dante(devil may cry)
Armor King(tekken)
Solid Snake(pffft you know)

Cloud (FF7)
Wakka (FFX)
Sora (Kingdom Hearts)
Kos-Mos (Xenosaga)
Leon (FF8)

there are more but i think you can get the just of it. I love a lot of the rpg characters. big grin

Alex (Lunar SSS)

1) Sonic The Hedgehog
2) Ivan from Golden Sun
3) Samus Aran from the Metroid series
4) Super Mario
5) Solid Snake

1. Link (obviously hes my fav and from the Zelda series)
2. Spyro (obviously, its the Spryo series stick out tongue)
3. Bowser (Mario Series)
4. Doomguy (DOOM Series)
5. Krystal (Starfox Adventures: Dinosaur Planet)

1. Link
2. Mario
3. Sonic
4. "The Prince" from Prince of Persia
5. Samus

1. Link
2. Cloud
3. Samus
4. Sonic
5. Fox McCloud

1. Rusky (my char from any rpg I play wink)
2. J.C. Denton
3. Max Payne
5.Deckard Cain (Diablo 1,2)

solid snake
rikku (*drools*)
jill valentine
tommy vercetti (he's not as good guy, he is Bad-ass)

...in no particular order

..and spyro big grin i love that dragon

total metalhead
1.Dante (Devil May Cry)
2.Carlos (Resident Evil 3)
3.Sam Fisher (Splinter Cell)
4.Solid Snake
5.Lazarus (Ghosthunter)

ok i got some new ones

1. Link
2. Dante
3. Cloud
4. Gex (fist hero lizard i've ever seen!!!)
5. Jak

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