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I know I'm not the mod of this forum, but I figured a thread like this would be pretty fun for everyone, so Tex, if you don't like it, feel free to unsticky it.

Anyways, this is a thread where you can post actual reviews you yourself make for a game. The criterea for these reviews are the same as those in the Movie Review area.
- Give a short synopsis of the game, it's story (without spoilers, preferably).
- Tell us why you like or dislike the game, and please don't just say "because it's fun", give concrete reasons ast to why.
-A rating of 1-10, or another equally globally understandable rating system

anyways, I'll start

Max Payne 2: The Fall of Max Payne (PC)

Cheesy dialogue, monotone voice overs, lousy storyline that seems reminissant of a mad for tv movie. All these things are what make the Max Payne games so much fun, it's almost a constant parody of itself, making fun of the genre too which it belongs.

The game revolves around a cop who has the uncanny ability to slow down time, thus making his enemies move very slowly...all while still being able to aim in real time, giving him a huge advantage. This effect is known as bullettime, and many of you may know it from the matrix films, and game. The rest of the game is a 'film noir love story', or so we're led to believe, but the love story in the game is pretty silly, the basic reason for playing is too just get to another awesome gun fight, where you can dive, jump, slow down and just kick some major ass, old school style.

The games flaws are few and far between, the game is fairly show, but replay value is high, there is no multiplayer mode, but then again that would be nearly impossible too do with bullettime. Also you need a hefty system to run the game with all the bells and wistles on, but even with them turned off, it still looks great. Aside from these few aspects, the game is wonderful, its graphics are top notch, as are the sound and voice acting.

I recommend this game to everyone, especially if you liked the first one at all, or if you liked that abomination of a game, 'Enter the Matrix', which ironically enough felt like it copied the bullettime from max payne, since max payne did it so much better.

Well its set during and after (briefly) the events of the blockbuster hit movies The Matrix: Reloaded and The Matrix: Revolutions, but instead of throwing you into the shoes of high lord asskicker Neo, you are put under the control of either one of the two characters from Reloaded, Captain Niobe or her shipmate and oriental gunslinger Ghost.

Story (8/10)

The story is quite good actually, its straight from the pens of Larry and Andy Wachowski and it basically revolves around Niobe and Ghost helping out the Neb Crew and has even had the original actors doing special scenes for the game on the actual Matrix set, this has to be, quite possibly the only really plausible reason for playing the game (just to unlock those scenes).

Graphics (6/10)

I gave it a 6 because its something in between really good, and REALLY pants, the good thing about the graphics is that the main character facial models (and Ghosts hair) have been done really well, only to be let down by the HIDEOUS character models.

The main characters seem to move too fast sometimes (especially in multiplayer) and the most noticable one is when the Agents point their guns at you (just look at where their arms are...OMG), and when you get more than a couple of feet from the models they get toned down to really blocky things.

Gameplay (6/10)

Okay, if you're a Matrix fan, you probably haven't read this far and completely discarded any negative things I've said about this review but after completing it you won't be likely to play it again.

Because once you realise that the only reason is good is because its got "Enter the Matrix" written on the case then you'll see all these flaws, the fighting is the best I've seen (better than most beat-em-ups) but the shooting sucks and the controls for shooting are just awkward (the BLACK BUTTON!) its like the designers didn't make this game with shooting in mind, its basically just a glorified beat-em-up.

And when you play there isn't any element of freedom, and you seem to be going an a very linear path.

The other REALLY weak point about this game are the abysmal driving sections, the collision with other cars isn't up to scratch and the AI of Niobe when you are "on-rails" with Ghost is just ANNOYING (especially in hard on the level where The Twins chase you).

Lastability (4/10)

Can be completed in a night and gets really tedious in places and like I said, once you've unlocked the movies, unless you're a hard-core BulletTime/Matrix fan, you'll see no reason to go back.

Overall (6/10)

Overall its a playable and entertaining romp for the casual gamer, but those who want challenge and depth, you really wont find it here, get Max Payne 2, it ROCKS!

That was Enter the Matrix for the X-Box, the top of my thread got chopped off, didn't notice, sorry, lol stick out tongue


stick out tongue

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i'll be sure to post a couple reviews later on in this thread...but i just wanted to say that Backfire and Daedalus Good Job. The reviews were well done, fairly unbiased, and most of all very informative.

I know that no one is asking for anything specific so I'll give in my two cents of the most recent game that ive got...

Legacy of Kain: Defiance

Anyone familiar with the LoK series knows that (not counting BO2) that Eidos has worked very hard to come up with an amazing storyline. This installment starts after SR2 ended. As a new addition, you can play as both Raziel and Kain in this one.

Gameplay: 9/10
This game is addictive. The combat system in the game is roughly based on the BO2 and SR style with an "auto-face" command. Unfortunately, for both characters, you only have one weapon (The Soul Reaver, in different forms), and they've removed the lunge attacks, but the new air-attack and special attack commands more than make up for these shortcomings. There have been a few slight changes regarding Raziel's ability to warp between the material and spectral plane, and also his Reaver upgrades. The puzzles in this game vary from easy to difficult, depending on how familiar you are with the ways Eidos makes their games. Fortunately for all, there is only one box-pushing puzzle.

Graphics: 9/10
Despite the occasional slow in the frame rate, the graphics / collision detection in this game is amazing. This is most noticeable when Raziel comes into the Spectral Plane--the intentional distortion is perfect, and the glowing eyes of Raziel and his enemies in the darkness is perfect. Characters look realistic and 3-D, backgrounds are impressive.

Storyline: 9/10
This would be given a perfect 10 out of 10, except for one flaw--as Raziel, you still have to regain the fire, dark, light, and air reaver. This aside, the story progresses at a fairly nice rate, and as always, Eidos leaves clues for you along the way so you can make your own conclusions about what the characters discover as they journey. The story most revolves around one thing: who is truly Nosgoth's savior: Kain or Raziel? (a HUGE plot twist at the end) However, SR fans will once again be tortured by another cliff-hanger ending.

Overall: 9/10. LoK fans should definitely look into it. If not accustomed to the story but still want to play it, it is suggested that you play at least one other LoK game to become familiar with the story.

I don't agree Daedalus. I have played the matrix again, for the fun f working out the moves in focus and the multiplayer. I do agree with you though Spearhead(sorry bout the 's')

Okay, it should come as no surprise to most of you that I'm reviewing this particular game (considering my love for Final Fantasy) here we go!

Final Fantasy X-2

Well, the gameplay is certainly different than any other Final Fantasy. Instead of being locked into a linear story, having to go from point A to point B, you instead complete various missions. The only missions that you're required to do are hotspots, all others are completely optional. But it does make the game much easier (and you get a lot more out of it) if you visit all the areas, not just the hotspots. The battle system has gone back to the ATB, but the ATB is really quick, unlike in FFVIII and FFIX when it could just drag on forever at times. You really have to think about what you're doing, though you can get through most battles by just mashing the X button. My favorite new thing was the Garment Grid and the Dressphere system -- there's a huge number of different possible party combinations because of all the dresspheres. And even though a few of the dresspheres (like Songstress and Lady Luck) seem really weak at first, keep at them and build them up -- Songstress becomes VERY useful because you can use it to cast status effects (like darkness, silence, haste, etc.) and you will need it later on in the game, and Lady Luck is just a lot of fun if you like a game of chance. The only think I didn't like about the gameplay is that some of the missions are really silly and don't seem to add much to the story, otherwise I really liked it.
Score: 9/10

Hmm...the story in this one is really good. Due to the fact that I don't want to spoil the game for anyone, I'm not going to directly say anything about the story. The only thing I don't like is that the story really doesn't start to come in until the end of the second chapter, nearly halfway through the game, and one particular event, which goes a long way in explaining the story, is optional. Otherwise, the storyline is rather deep and serious, balancing out the silliness of the game.
Score: 8/10

Well, it's a Final Fantasy game, what do you expect? FF has always had awesome graphics, and FFX-2 is no exception. The FMVs are just as good as in FFX, if not better, and the little mini-scenes when you switch dresspheres in battle are just as cool as the summons in FFX. In-game graphics are as good as ever. My only misgiving is that there's not nearly as many FMVs as in FFX (though the 1000 Words FMV is AWESOME).
Score: 9/10

The minigames in this game are fun, the main one being Sphere Break, which (even though it requires math and some thinking) is a lot of fun. Blitzball doesn't come up until the end, but I must warn you, if you liked Blitzball in FFX, you may be disappointed with it in FFX-2...a lot of the minigames in here are connected to missions and though they may seem pointless when you do them (like digging in the desert, catching chocobos, and calibrating lightning towers), they pay off later in the game. Character development is something that's really important in FF, and I was a little disappointed in this really don't learn a lot about most of the new characters (like Paine, Lenne, Shuyin, Nooj, Gippal, Baralai...etc.) unless you do a lot of the various side missions.
Score: 8/10

Fans of Final Fantasy should like this one, and if you played FFX and were saddened by the ending and wanted more, then DEFINITELY play this one. Yes, it is a change from the typical Final Fantasy, but I think that most of the changes were for the better. I'd certainly recommend playing it, but ONLY after playing FFX -- because otherwise you'll have no idea what's going on ^_^
Total Score: 8.5/10

Thats fair enough Trickster, everyone has different oppinions, thats why i never get a game based on a review.

Everyone seems to be choosing really good games to do so I'll go off and do Spawn for X-Box ( which I think is exclusive)

The Base

Think Devil May Cry.....that's it just think DMC.

Story 7/10

The story for the game is ripped right out of the pages from the first 90 or so comics by Tod McFarlane so it should be getting a 10/10, but the way the story is told and acted out is far from amazing. Spawn gets his powers and trys figure out why in the meantime Heaven blasts the earth with something and it's your job to figure out that as well.When you start a level you get a small paragraph telling what Spawn has to do in this level and why, it also moves the story along somewhat. I am so greatfull for that small paragraph otherwise I would have no idea what to do, because every level consist of walking through and defeating what ever pops out with small puzzles here and there. However, I'm also a little pissed about the small paragraphs because instead of playing or seeing Spawn doing something really awesome you read about it.

Gameplay 7/10

Spawn has few things he can do alone. He doesn't have his cape except for when you double-jump and hold for a glide. He has Agony from Soul Calibur II which I thought was cool, but I would rather see his cape. he has his chains with which you can rip demons apart with and when you see a chain symbol you can grapple. Then he has a pretty large pool of guns to choose from that just keep growing in size as you progress through the game. Then he has his Hell Powers that can slow-time, shield himself, blow enemies away in 3 different ways. With all these things at your disposal you would think he would be able to link moves or at least have a huge combo list....none of the above. You run around doing the same thing to the same demons for ever, while looking for souls to buy items like health and ammo or looking for comic book covers. Very Devil May Cryish, but less combos and more collecting.

Graphics 8/10

The graphics are pretty good for a third person game. Not to dirty and not to clean. I like it.

Things it needs

Spawn has mind controlled chains!!!!!!! Can't these guys think of using them for more than just killing like a Spider-Man style Chain-Sling were you can grapple everywhere instead of selected spots.

The Cape needs to be done like the Shinobi scarf. They need to make a physics engine for the cape so that it can be out at all times.

They also need to humanize him a bit. Take him out of hell and fighting for a while.


Believe it or not I did enjoy this game. It had good graphics, a good story if you read the comics first, not the best gameplay, but not the worst either, and it was a pretty long and hard game even on easy. (huh-huh long....hard uh-huh-huh)

No posts in 5 days, sorry BF, unstuck....

The diva strikes again!

You can stick me anytime! wink

You play a boy named Vyse, a young Blue Rogue (Good air pirate) who someday wishes to capitan his own ship. Along with him through thick and thin, and most of the game is Aika. A childhood friend of his. You fly around the world of Arcadia (in an airship) taking from the rich and giving to the poor, Robin Hood style. Yet this is only the very start of the story. You go on to having to escape prison (twice), Running along a train to save a friend, being attacked by the army, and surviving a desert planet/island. And this is still only the tip of the iceberg. As along with the main story are discoveries to be found (120 in all I think), Bounties to collect, Weapons to power up, Crew members to find and much much more.

The game is similar to any other RPG, although you can't help but compair it to Final Fantasy. Your character levels up from fighting bosses and random battles, making you stronger. You find more powerful weapons to deal with enimies. It feels like one when you play it. BUT what this game has that FF doesn't is airship to airship combat. You can the cannons and fend off other ships that attack you. Although it doesn't sound like much it's really good fun to do. If you like FF you'll love this. And it's the closest you'll get to a proper FF game on NGC (I'm not counting FF:CC as a proper FF game)

Now this is probably the worst part of the game, but yet it's still good. As it's a remake of the Dreamcast game Skies of Arcadia it's kept the same graphics. These aren't top of the range for our time, but they're still good. The characters are drawn in an anime style way and it even treats you to some anime style pics at certain sections of the game.

Ages. Even once you've finished the main story you'll go back to get all the extra things.

Overall - 93%

Skies of Arcadia sounds like a good game, I want to play it but I don't have a GameCube...

It's one of the reasons I got a gamecube. They're so cheap is the other one.

I was going to ask for one for Christmas but I decided I wanted FFX-2 more yes

ok, I guess I can give it a try


Story 9.5/10

This game has, quite possibly, the best storyline than any other game I have seen. There unforseen twists and turns. and Being a Role-playing game you accually shape the story-line. With-out giving anything away, you start out a Republic Soldier. You get "discovered" by a Jedi. Then you go to the Jedi Counsel on Dantonie. After doing errands and stuff there, your off, and the universe is yours. you can go to different planets and meet people and do missions.

Gameplay 7/10
It is initally very easy to control, like a regular FPS, WSAD and mouse controles. But for someone relativly new to RPG's I found the Party management and 3 person combat was a little hard tograsp adn do sucessfuly.

Graphics 7.5/10
If you look at this game from a singular person to person basis. It wasent very good, but overall it was exellent, The skybox's were good and the environments were massave and well thought out and detailed.

Length 5/10
This is my only real problem with this game. It was really short. it said it took 50 hours but I left it on pause over night a coupla times so it was probably mor like 20-25. I've sepet more time on FPS (JK2). There wasn't even any open-ended post-completeion like I've seen in other RPG's, so I was a little dissapointed.

overall 9.5/10
Very good, almost perfect. It would be perfect if it was just a little longer. I really liked this game and am playing it again to see the Dark-sided story line and to see if I could be a sith.
Buy this game if you want a good Star Wars game, or just an intriguing Role -Play.

KOTOR took me 16 hrs the second time around and 22 the first it is a very short game, but very very good.

Okay, on contrary to what Ash said about Dues Ex: Invisible War, here's the definitive review!

(X-Box ver.)

Story (10/10)

You play as Alex D, a bio-modded human simillar to that of JC Denton from the first Dues Ex. And you're a student at the Tarsus academy and at the start you're under attack by another organisation calling themselves "The Order" who apparently want to help you out (but you'll find that everyone seems to be looking out for your best interests. And its up to you as Alex D, to discover the truth behind the Tarsus conspiracy (or so you're led to believe, but I don't wanna give away any plot, but its a really involving one).

Gameplay (9/10)

The gameplay is brilliant, alot more open ended than the first game, the reason this doesn't get a 10 is due to the fact that some of the feel of the first one seems to have been lost, but I guess it makes it simpler for the console, considering you don't have a keyboard (ie. Keycodes or Logins are done automatically only if you've seen them prior to finding the correct keypad or computer terminal) and the damage system is done via a health bar (a shame because the first ones health system was fine). And it all feels alot more arcadey, but its still awesome fun.

Graphics (10/10), f**king awesome, the best I've seen on the console so far, clothes wrinkle, the lighting beats Splinter Cell's easily and the physics are awesome! (Except when you throw a corpse into a box, either the box will go flying or the corpse will) the bodies flop realistically around things (yes, ragdoll is in this time around) and for those of you who like to horde their kills you can actually make corpse piles (the downside of this is that it lags the game , too much ragdoll to handle).

Lastability (9/10)

Even though I've finished it once, I'm playing it through again and doing different things (this game has AWESOME replay value, unless of course you do what a friend of mine did, and save it at the end and make different choices to get the endings) I've got two of the endings, I killed a certain person second time around because I wasn't satisfied with the ending I got from him (I'm not saying who "he" is, again I don't wanna ruin plot), you'll want to do everything before putting it down, and the fact the are so many different ways to tackle things (ie. Stealthing into a facility without getting spotted and incapacitating as opposed to killing guards, or run and gun etc...) adds even more replay value, but the game is short (I done it in 8 hours, 1 hour spent throwing corpses).

Overall (10/10)

An awesome game and a must-have for FPS fans and RPG fans alike, I suggest you buy this game, even though it is a bit simplified, but it doesn't change the overall feel much at all.

kingdom hearts

i liked the games cuz it was different from what i used to play and the animation was aswome! i give this video game a 10 all the way! and i suggest if u dont like disney then dont buy the game! but if ya do then feel free to buy it! but it isnt alldisney most of it is square enix and such!

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