Rotk Pc Game

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mmmmmm_ob :)
Can anyone actually complete it?
I can't even finish the first level!

im assuming the ps2 version is the same or similar...and yes, i can beat that i just get stuck later instead messed

mmmmmm_ob :)
i think that the ps2 game is mayb eesyr....i don know any1 that can complete the pc game....can any1 on this site??

Is the PC version different from the console version?

If not I'll just merge it with the big Rotk thread we have. wink

mmmmmm_ob :)
i don know.....iv neva played it on a console...but this game seems impossible

I don't know either, but I just finished the PS2 version about half an hour ago big grin

i finished the game on pc in like 2 days. if you think the first level is hard, wait until you unlock saurons palantir. you definiatley need a trainer or cheats for this level. theres like 20 waves of enemies you have to kill. each wave has about 20 people. so 20 times 20 gives you the amount of people you have to kill. 400!

i got up to minis tirith before i used cheats. way too damn hard. plus, i didnt know what i was supposed to do.


Hello gamers.

I am playing Lord of the rings: Return of the King.
I installed the game without any problem.
But I have got a big problem while playing it.
Except the Helm's deep(the first mission in which you play as Gandalf), I always have to play as Sam. No matter which character I choose, it is always Sam in the game.
For example: When I choose to play as Aragorn in "the paths of the dead" or "king of the dead" , there are Aragorn, Legolas and Gimli in the movie, but when the game starts, Sam appears from nowhere and Gimli is to be seen nowhere. Legalas and Aragorn are there but I am compelled to play as Sam. In the road to isengard, I choose Gandalf but when the game starts, the is Sam instead of gandalf.
What am I to do?
I am really fed up of Sam.
Please help me. I want to get rid of Sam.
How can I do that?
I saw a post in the ea games forum mentioning the same problem but there was no reply.
Please help me.
If you have any problem, maybe I can solve it..........but please do help me.
I'd be so very grateful.
I love this game very much but I can play it as it should be. I can't also spoil it by playing as Sam everywhere.
It's so stupid when Sam goes to battlefield and paths of the dead whilst he should be with Frodo.

Please Please Please.
I am desperate.

An addicted gamer.
[email protected]

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