FFX Blitzball

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I hated it. It thought it was stupid. Someone please tell me that they agree with me.

Yes, blitz was the stupidest side game square has ever come up with. the 2nd would have to be sphere break in ffx-2

i liked it embarrasment

sphere break it's easy

I hated blitzball until I figured out how to play it...then I loved it.

I liked Sphere Break too, it was very easy stick out tongue

ok blitz ball is dumb if you suck .... but its fun as hell if your good !

I suck at blitzball and I hate it...what I hate more is that my suckiness at it is hindering my getting Wakka's weapon...grrrrrrr.

the game is stupid... square isnt so good at programming anything other than an rpg. look at final fantasy 7's cheesy mini games.... *shudder* or even tobal 1, or Ehrgeiz : god bless the ring.... another silly attempt, but that time it was with namco ( http://media.psx.ign.com/media/010/010902/imgs_1.html )

square is good at rpgs, but when given another genre its best that they dont bother

Lord Ryugen
Okay I'm going to help out here, I'm not trying to look smart or rub peoples faces in it but the fact is the blitzball game can be pretty confusing and since I know a lot about it I'm going to give a few suggestions on how to improve your game and get Wakka's overdrives and Jupiter Sigil.

1. Never play until you have the airship since it will be a lot easier to create a decent team.

2. Never and I repeat NEVER play with the original Aurochs, they're shit. An ideal team is: Tidus, LF Wakka, RF Brother, MF Savanda, RD Nadia, LD Jumal, GK. Wakka and Brother can be found in Cid's airship, Brother is the guy flying the airship and if you can't find Wakka turn the game off because you're obvously shit. Savanda and Nadia can both be found in the Calm Plains. Nadia is the Al Bhed shopkeeper in the centre of the Calm Plains and Savanda can be found in the North Eastern part of the Plains. You'll know when you've found her because a small in-game cutscene will start. Lastly Jumal can be found in Luca, he's sitting on a bench near the cafe watching a girl with a red balloon. Please note using these players won't guarantee victory, but they will make it a lot easier.

3. Learn the Jecht shot when you take the boat to Luca, you can win without it but it almost guarantees one goal for your side when used.

4. Play a few exhibition matches to learn the basics and gain some formations.

5. Turn off Auto always use Manual A. Auto will lead to a quick defeat.

6. Learn and abuse abilites to get the ball and shoot. Remember the longer you're in possession the better your chances of winning are.

7. Keep at it, Blitzball is a game that can be explained a hundred times and yet you'll never understand it but keep playing and it'll click sooner or later and when it does you'll start winning 8-nil constantly

Lord Ryugen
Whoops almost forgot it will help if you know at least basic maths since the bulk of Blitzball is additon and subtraction

I like blitxball, even tho I suck at it....

I SUCK at math!!! big grin

Lord Ryugen
Don't worry about it. Like I said keep playing and sooner or later the game will click and I guarrante you won't lose a match. besides I got a low E for my maths and i'm scoring 10-nil every time I play

Once you get the hang of Blitzball it Rocks.

Lord Ryugen
A really easy way for you to win at blitzball is to get all the formations really early on. You can achive this trick by play the exhibiton modes. To help I'll give you all a rating of the teams.
(please note this will only work for the starting teams after about forty games all the teams rosters will of most likely changed)

Besaid Aurochs: the worst team in the game starting but after a little bit of scouting they'll soon be unstopable. Rating 1 (later 10)

Guado Glories: Fast but with poor AT, EN, and SH break through the defence and scoring is inevitable. Rating 3

Ronso Fangs: The slowest team in the game, but their EN is so high they can take up to four tackles without slowing, get the ball however and they'll never catch you. Rating 5

Luca Goers: Surprisingly bad since they can be beaten with the original Aurochs. Their Sh's alright and the midfeilder's great but the defence and keeper are pathetic a big lead up to a small team. Rating 5

Al Bhed Psyches: One word EEK! the Psyches are the best opposition, with annoyingly brilliant stats. If a forward gets the ball he probably will score and the defence is nothing short of insane. But the biggest challenge is the Goalkeeper Nimrook, or as his friends know him 'The Wall' starts off with Super Goalie and will deflect shots with contempus ease. Get in close and abuse special shots to win but expect your goal ratio to drop in half. Rating 9

wow .. you sure know a lot about Blitzball big grin

Lord Ryugen
What can I say, I played it almost constantly for a year. Plus I read a lot of guides on it.
One more tip then there's nothing left for me to say. If you're going to play seriously and not just for Wakkas sigil and Overdrives then make it your life mission to learn Wakka's and Tidus' key skills and Golden Arm.
Because once learned you can aquire the 'Jechet Shot 2' and 'Aurochs Spirt'. Jecht Shot 2 will take three people out instead of two and Aurochs Spirt will give the SH of the entire team to Wakka, add this to Golden Arm which halfs the drain on shots and passes and you can score from the other side of the Sphere Pool. It also helps if you have a high level.
Well thats it, thats all the advice I can give. The rest you'll pick up as you go along. Hope I helped.

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