Super Mario World

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Anyone remember this old classic on the Super Nintendo? I was looking around yesterday and discovered that I had a copy of it so I sat down and started playin' it...does anyone else miss those old school games?

well I played that game til I turned blue... I miss old school games.. but sometimes things are better left as fond memories

I think I know what your talking about and If Im right then I play it on GBA SP.

I think the one you are playing is the Mario on the NES, not SNES Vallejo.

I remember Super Mario on the Super.

OMG, I loved it. I'd still play it today if my sister hadn't sold our SNES.

no Lance, they have super nes mario on the gba as well, so vallejo might be correct.

Oh, I didn't know.

I've never played GBA.

Yep, they just put it on GBA.

I love those old games, like Super Mario World and all that...I played those when I was about 6 years old laughing out loud we still have our NES and SNES and they still work, too.

It's awesome, old school rocks, but... uh... "new school" is awesome. big grinstick out tongue

nothing like good old mario 64. the bestest platformer evar!

Mario 64 is the best mario game of them all! They should remake the graphics and re-release it onto the gamecube!

I miss so much Snes games , Lots of Snes games are better than Gamecube's.

Well , I still have my roms wink

Rom's aren't as good as the real thing, but still good! I still have my SNES! I just wish I could find my Super Metroid though.....

Lord Shadow Z
I still have a SNES with most of the best games and one control pad.

Super Mario World is my favorite video game of all time. I wish they would come out with something like it again.

I downloaded It for snes and I've beat every level at least 15 Times Happy Dance Happy Dance

Good game, good game. I'm sure many people have beat it more than you though.

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