G4: TV for gamers!

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Jedi Shmedi
This is your friendly Jedi Shmedi I just thought that we could use a thread on the best (and only) channel dedicated completely to video games!

I first of like to know if anybody out there also has G4?

Favorite show?

Thoughts on G4-Phoria?

Post it here! big grin

I used to have G4, when I lived with my sister in Tennessee.

It is a great channel, but they tend to show a lot of re-runs.

I think there was a thread about this a while ago...laughing out loud oh well!

I have G4 yes fun channel. I watched the G-Phoria thing, but mainly because 1) The cosplayer segment and 2) the clip of Final Fantasy X-2 they showed smile I knew quite a few of the cosplayers that were on there (and I was complaining the whole time because I'm a cosplayer and I had wanted to be on there, but don't live on the west coast...grr...). I like watching Portal, because that reminds me of stuff my friends and I do heehee.

Judgement Day is a good program.

What's a cosplayer?

'Cosplay' is short for 'costume play', pretty much we make costumes of characters that we like -- right now I've done a bunch of Final Fantasy related costumes. It's a lot of fun yes

Oh ok.

I've seen Star Wars fans do that, and I almost participated in one, but I never did.

It's an amazing amount of fun...one of my pics I uploaded on here is me in one of my costumes (the one I'm most known for). I mostly do anime and Final Fantasy cosplay, though I'm planning on doing Trinity from Matrix Reloaded/Revolutions this year yes

(now...back on topic laughing out loud )

Judgment Day is cool, and I like Cheat and Filter, too.

Definately Cheat.

That one is the best.

Cinematech is pretty good too.

I love it all big grin

Cinematech is awesome, I love watching the FMVs from all the different games yes

G4 kicks ass. I watch the Pulse a lot and Judgement Day. I'm not sure which one it is, but there's a show with these 2 goober guys that think they're gamers. Well the episode i watched...they went to court and were prosecution vs defense and the loser got shot with paint balls. it was somewhat amusing...but the best part was how they exploit these moronic hot chicks. Dressed in bikini's for a damn gamin show...that's awesome.

That would be Game On.

Matt Galant is such a dork.

thx lance...

but you're wrong. Both are dorks.

True that.

But Matt Galant is the bigger of the two.

Have you seen "The Planet's Funniest Animals"?

nope....i'm guessing that's not a G4 show...

It's on Animal Planet, he is such a corny comedian, and the laugh tracks instead of a studio audience...it's so sad.

It is...

And I don't think I've ever seen Game On...

It's not worth it TM.

I'll take your word for it then.

judgement day and electric playground are good...cheat is too...
but they need new episodes...if i have to watch another "Metal Arms" rerun ima kill myself..
and w/the 10 best lists...they need a new sound effect, cuz the record scratch gets really annoying.

I like cinematech the most ^^

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