Super Mario in 11 minutes

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People might of already heard or seen it but this dude beat Super Mario Bros 3 in 11:02 seconds...crazy i tell ya crazy...


i've seen the vid. OMFG its awesome.

He did not cheat, I have seen the video.

It's awesome.

it's more than's astonishing.

There is a link to watch in through one of the threads here. I believe i as something about "best" and "mario". Go figure.

I saw this awhile ago...It's sick, on the levels where the screen moves automatically(he can't go faster than the screen) he just gets one ups by staying in the air and hitting multiple enemies. I think he finishes with over 100 lives...It really is sick.

He would jump on all the flying cannon balls and get like 1000 extra men! eek!

It's fake...sorry. If you watch his score, it rises and falls during the video.

Plus the guy admitted he faked it.

He came out on his website and admitted it wasn't real. He spent over a year making it using editing software, basically he moved frame by frame. Funny thing is he never intended for anyone to think it was real, he was just showing off his editing skills.

What? Goddamnit! I looked at the score (not the whole time obviously) and I thought it looked like it was changing correctly. I'm angry now. I showed all of my friends too. Oh well, I'll just let them think it was all real.

laughing out loud . i always thought it was real ..

I finally watched the video...even if it is fake, the guy who played it was GOOD at that game.

WTF why you gotta make everyone upset now that we know its fake...
it was freakin awesome to think that technically sumone COULD do it if they wanted.

Technically someone still can...and that video shows them how.

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