I got a Gamecube!

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For my birthday, I got a Nintendo Gamecube! Any recommendations on games? I've already got Super Smash Bros. Melee and Star Wars Rogue Leader, and am currently borrowing Soul Calibur II and Sonic Adventure 2 Battle from a friend, both of which I want to purchase. I also want Sonic Heroes, Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles and Metroid Prime. Any other good recommendations, anyone? smile

good ole' wind waker kozzyness. Otherwise i'd go with Resident Evil. You might wanna ask draco...he's in love with his gamecube. I only have 2 games.

Rocky big grin or Mortal KOmbat Deadly Alliance (Best games for GC in my opibion) big grin

Star Fox Adventures is fun if you like Zelda-style games. Also, get Super Mario Sunshine and Mario Kart Double Dash.

If you're getting Star Wars: Rogue Leader, get Star Wars: Rebel Strike too.

Legends of Wrestling 2 is fun also.

NOOOOOOO! Why'd you do that JK? You'll regret getting a GC later. I got one when they first came out to be loyal to Nintendo. It was a big waste of money since I upgraded to an Xbox. Anyway, if you have friends that will play GC with you, I'd say get Doubledash. I got it but got bored since all my friends just want to play Halo or Live 04 rather than MKDD.

007 Nightfire

Nintendo's games are awesome and all my friends have one, except for me. With the price at $99, now, it was worth it. XBox has many of the same games as a PS2, which I also own. XBox Live is the only thing that the Microsoft consule has going for it, I'd rather a GCN over an XBox.

Windwaker is going to be taken from my friendbig grin
I signed up for Nintendo Power and I'm getting some deal that I get Zelda, Zelda II, Ocarina of Time, and Majora's Mask all on one GCN disc big grin

i bought a gamecube because of that collector's editon disc. It's soooo bad ass playing the original 2 zeldas and having OoT at your disposal is really cool too.

i want a GameCube sad

Save $99 and go get one! I never thought I'd have made such a wise purchase in my life! yes

With all due respect...you're an idiot. X-box has two good games, and now you can get them both on PC. So buying the system is a complete waste of money.

Just don't touch Majora's Mask if you can avoid it. *shudder* I needs to get me that disk.

super smash brothers
star fox
zelda windwaker
mortal combat deadly alliance

Captain REX
Hmm...my suggestions...

Zelda: Wind Waker
Metroid Prime
007 Nightfire
007 Agent Under Fire
Mortal Kombat: Deadly Alliance
Turok Evolution
Star Wars: Rogue Leader
Star Wars: Rebel Strike
Super Smash Brothers Melee (classic smash em up!)
Medal of Honor: Frontline
Medal of Honor: Rising Sun
Star Fox Adventures: Dinosaur Planet (made by Rareware, excellent graphics! Sadly, Microsoft is a greedy bastard and bought them...)
Lord of the Rings: Two Towers
Lord of the Rings: Return of the King
Enter the Matrix

All excellent games that I own or have played. yes

Captain REX
Oh, and Soul Calibur II!

stick out tongue to you, Rex...

I want a Gamecube...I was going to ask for one for Christmas but it came down to either that or Final Fantasy X-2...and FFX-2 won laughing out loud But I have played a bunch of GC games and I say go with Wind Waker and SSBM. Fun games yes (my friends and I have SSBM tournaments...)

xbox games that are good Vengeance> halo, Soul Calibur II, Gunmetal, house of the dead II&III (exclusive)
Soon to be better games: Halo 2, Half life 2, Doom 3, star wars: Clone commandor...
come on...theres a lot more than that...dont say xbox is no good.

But it IS no good. smile

IMO it's not good because sure, it may have a few games that are exclusive and cool, and it has Xbox live, but I can live without those when I have a PS2, a GCN, and a souped up PC. With that combo, there's minimal chance of you actually missing out on any games, if any. Halo's on PC now, so there goes any reason to get an Xbox, and Halo2 will be on PC before you know it. And for the next-gen consules to come, I'll probably get the PS3, and Nintendo's new one, but not the Xbox2 for the same reasons; whatever XBox has, for the most part, is just a port of a PS2 game. I mean, look at THPS2X! Woo, another level. I'm going to go buy another near-$200 system to get one game with a bit more, and one game that will be on PC before the blink of an eye. Honestly! smile

Don't listen to these gcube haters, it's a damn fine system with some of the greatest games available. If you are looking for some must haves...here is the list of ultimate games for that system.

Metroid Prime!!!! It's a must.
Super Mario Sunshine
Mario Kart Double Dash
Wind Waker
Super Smash Bro's
Resident Evil and RE Zero

next year should be a good year for the cube, a new mario game is coming out, a new metroid game is coming out this year or next year, and possibly another zelda game by the time the system ends. It's a bargain for 99 dollars.

Vengence if you want to have a go at what an xbox is...then bring it to the xbox sucks forum. I don't want to hear it here, because to get an education you need to attend the right classes

Yeah, Rebel Strike Rules! It even includes a 2 player version
of Rogue Leader! Also, Attack of the Clones looks like a cool
game too, especially 'cause you can there is a two player
game on it too!

Happy Dance

Dude, I was kidding. Hence the smiley face. Actually, I have played with an X-box quite a bit, and I didn't enjoy it. Knights of the Old Republic kicked ass, but I wasn't that impressed with Halo. Not as impressed as I was by say, Mario Kart: Double Dash or Super Smash Bros. Melee.

Both of which you should buy, if I didn't mention it already.

sad I thought i was your friend...and i don't have one. mad bastard! stick out tongue


And a very nice bargain at that! big grin It really is an awesome system; way too many people brand it as being a kiddy-system, which it certainly isn't by any means.

What games should i get (2)... I just got paid a grip load of money yesterday, and it's burning a whole in my pocket.

For Gamecube or PS2? Can't tell what the (2) means...

All Nintendo is good at is making games generated towards little kids. All of the games people are listing for Gamecube are either the same Xbox has or some Mario games and other little kid shit

First off let me start by saying myth you can go **** yourself i dont wanna hear your bullshit.
But to the point i got gamecube a month after it came out so im a vetran at this system here are the best games you can get.

007 Nightfire
Metroid Prime
MK deadly alliance
Soul Calibur 2
LOZ Windwaker
Resident Evil+ RE Zero

These are the ones that really appealed to me.

Yeah, don't listen to the haters. They don't know what they're talking about.

Soul Calibur 2
Resident Evil
Smash bros. Melee
TLoZ : WindWaker
Metroid Prime
Phantasy Star Online Episode 1 & 2

I wouldnt really agree on mario kart or mario sunshine though, they just left me feelin empty. Then again I set my expectations fairly high for these series

I thought mario kart double dash was great but mario kart 64 was better because short cuts were easier to make.

another game series is:

the sonic adventures and sonic heroes amazing

decision was made today. Soul Caliber 2 and SB Melee. Next is metroid prime and FF:CC.

I'm just stating my opinion so you don't have to be a little ass **** about it. GC is more geared towards little kids. Even their more serious games are made like a cartoon (ex: LOZ / Metroid).

Like I was saying earlier:
007 (also on X-box but not saying there is anything wrong with it on GC)
Metroid (pretty cool but still cartoony)
MK (also on X-box)
Soul Calibur 2 (also X-box)
LOZ (cartoony)
RE (now exclusively on GC but don't care for it and if I did, there are similar games for X-box)

But again, its an opinion so you don't have to throw hissy fits because I'm not a fan of your system.

but Soul Caliber sucks on xbox. Spawn's a reject and Link kicks ass. But i still think it's better on gc and xbox than it is on PS2, their unique guy sucks. I think he's from tekken

obviously you've never seen or played metroid prime (or any metroid for that matter) , because calling it cartoony just shows you have no knowledge of the game whatsoever.

And, if I may, how does calling a game, or set of games 'cartoony' take away the funfactor? not everything on this planet has to be grim and real the way you want it to be. stick out tongue

First off if your gonna talk about a game that has cartoon graphics at least say wat it is (cell-shaded) and i have to agree how much of a dumbass do u have to be to think metroid prime is a cell shaded game. LOZ windwaker is a cell shaded game and it is one of the best games i have ever played so think before you speak

Well good for you. Metroid isn't very cartoony (or cell-shaded) but its not quite designed with the visuals of real life. I think some of you people are a little too touchy about what people say about their games.

eek! If you had a game boy player too, you could play
Lizzie McGuire: On the Go! smile

Happy Dance Hilary Duff Rules! Happy Dance


Ban me for vulgarity if you must....but

What the Fu.ck is that?!?!?!?! ^

lol.. do you know how much processing power it would take to be 'designed with the visuals of real life' ? that is the stupidest demand Ive heard yet. Forgive me but, even the most powerful PC of todays standards can not repeat the visuals of real life. Secondly, metroid is meant to be metroid and nothing else. Alot of people feel its awesome, if you dont thats all well and good, but dont try to speak ill of it as if what you're saying is factual. Its only your opinion. Touchy? nah, Im just seperating fact from fiction...you know.. trying to 'keep it real' wink

Lizzy Mcguire!!!!!!!!!!!! eek!

i love Hilary Duff!!!!!!!!!

Happy Dance Happy Dance

way better than the Olsen twins yes

Jesus, what's wrong with you people. I can find girls hotter than Hilary Duff at the local high school. And lots of them. You guys are just as bad as those little girls who creame themselves over Johnny Depp


eek! BRITNEY yes

Hilary is better than the Olsen twins evil face

yeah hotter....they just don't end up on tv with shit loades of publicity. At 1 bar alone this weekend i must have seen 12 girls who were a whole hell of a lot hotter than Duff and she's hot as hell.

Im not really into the Lizzy McGuire scene... :/


rolling on floor laughing Whoo-who, another Hilary Duff Fan! rolling on floor laughing

cool Hey, maybe you should join my Duff Defender's Forum too...
the first link in my signature file is a link to the forum! wink

eek! I agree! eek!


Urge to kill...rising...

omfg, pinnacle...there is something seriously wrong with you.

stop talking about ****in lizzy miguire she a dumb hoe this is a gamecube disscussion so take it somewhere else... o yeah and myth is a dumbass

Whatever you ****ing bastard.

Knock off the namecalling, you guys look ridiculous. get back on topic now.

So, anyone recommend anything else? Final Fantasy Chrystal Chronicles is out today, I aim to get that soon smile

If you want a fun multiplayer that's probably pretty cheap by now, get Godzilla: Destroy All Monsters Melee. It's quite cool. Also, Wolverine's Revenge is fun.

i will!!!!!!!!!!!!!! yes

everyone else> sorry for that, i just like the girl

now back to topic

i want a gamecube sad

Then get one! eek!

Only a waste of money if you have a ninja PC, so its a wise purchase for those who don't have uber machines to run their games.

i don't have money sad

i bought like 5 games in december, but now i'm broke

do you know how can i get money out of the internet???

Search on google, it has everything

Well, that's just it... I was talking
about playing the game based on
the Lizzie McGuire show on the
Nintendo Gamecube... roll eyes (sarcastic)

It is a Nintendo Game, you know?
You can play it on the Gamecube
with the Nintendo GameBoy Player!


Um... moving on.
Booting up WindWaker and stealing a strategy guide from my friend big grin

Strategy guide? I love the game, but if you need a strategy guide for it you're not the brightest crayon in the box. wink

Well, it's my first Zelda game. Gimme a break, I'm just being prepared!

pinnacle> right on!!!, it's a nintendo game, which you can play in the cube yes


a zelda game isn't really that hard, unless you wanna get all the secrets an stuff...

But that's what I want to do! yes

then you'll need a guide....yes

nah...the story leads you along the path pretty nicely. I think you should use the strat guide after you beat Gannon so that you can go back and find all the treasures and stuff.

I guess I'm another loser that likes to use the guides. roll eyes (sarcastic)

You can often find walkthrough for popular games posted on websites too. But if you buy one of the guides, it is more likely to be all inclusive... as much as that may or may not be possible... confused

Just 'cause I've got nothing better to do at the moment,
here's another picture of Hilary Duff...

Star Wars The Clone Wars is an awesome game... I just played the
game for a while, this is a definite must buy! cool

It looks like it even supports a 4 player game! eek!





Ooooh! big grinbig grin
So, on a scale of 1-10 1 benig worst and 10 being best, whaddya rate clone wars? eek!

i dunno, i'm big starwars fan, but i haven't buy that game yet



I'll check it out, in that case big grin

5...it gets a 5. Don't listen to the Hilary Duff fan. Clone Wars is a lame ripoff of Rogue Squadron. It's pretty fun, but it's not great.

So rate Rogue Squadron then smile

I actually like The Clone Wars more than the games from the
Roque Squadron Series. It is not a lame rip off of Rogue
Squadron... and besides it was only $14.99 at Best Buy... at least
that's what I paid for it. The graphics are better than any of the
games from the Rouge Squadron Series.

Also, the AI algorithms in the clone wars is much better than in the
Rogue Squadron Series. In the Rogue Squadron Series, you are
kind of like a leader of a Squadron so your other AI teammates
just kind of follow you were ever you go, even if you go completely
in the wrong direction, it can get pretty confusing actually. In The
Clone Wars, your AI partner actually knows where you are supposed
to be going, so if you go the wrong way, your parter will tell you
that, most of the time, anyway. I think it's confusing enough trying
to figure out which buttons to press, let alone figure out where it is
you are supposed to go... roll eyes (sarcastic)

If you get any of the games from the Rouge Squadron Series,
get Rebel Strike (Rogue Squadron III), because it includes a 2
player version of Rogue Squadron II also, so you don't need to
get Rougue Squadron II, if you get Rebel Strike... eek!


i want a gamecube sad... i have only played rogue squadron 1 in a computer

star wars nerds....get ur light sabers ready...

Hey, there's nothing wrong with being a Star Wars Nerd!
Buying Rebel Strike and The Clone Wars was the only thing
that brought real value to my GameCube! cool

Same as being a Lizzie McGuire Geek, nothing wrong with that!

Here's a firsthand look at what the new
Lizzie McGuire DVD's will look like... cool

http://disneyvideos.disney.go.com/assets/boxart/large/786936234985DDfsL01.jpg love http://i.walmart.com/i/p/00/78/69/36/23/0078693623497_500X500.jpg love

Hmm... I wonder who "Guess Who?" could be refering to...
maybe stupid Aaron Carter? laughing out loud

how is there not something wrong with that?

Star Wars Rebel Assault was one of the first games I got for "Fully
Loaded" 486 with double speed CD-ROM Drive... at least back then
it was just about the best computer have to play the game... roll eyes (sarcastic)

The Stars Wars Games have come a long way since then, the
graphics are actually good now, and with a Nintendo GameCube,
I don't have to use a floopy disk to boot into DOS so I can play
Rebel Assault... Now, I can just turn on my GameCube after
inserting the teeny tiny little disk! eek!

By the way, Since you are a Hilary Duff Fan too, I just thought you
should know this...

Happy Dance I just added this to my collection, it's framed up and hanging over my
computer now! I think it must have just come out or something, because
I haven't seen this design before, but maybe I'm wrong. Anyway, I just
got it from Wal-Mart for only $3.96, although the frame cost an extra $10.
But it's still much better than buying over the internet, it would have cost
me that much for just the poster alone if I got it from AllPosters.com
because it would have been $8.99 plus a few extra dollars probably for
shipping and handling. Now I have the poster, plus a great frame for the
poster, all because I went to Wal-Mart! smart

http://imagecache2.allposters.com/images/153/425015.jpg love love love

roll eyes (sarcastic) Duh! Well, there's nothing wrong with admiring such a cute
little princess, who can argue with a smile like that? eek!

http://mysite.verizon.net/res83tig/princes4.jpg Happy Dance http://mysite.verizon.net/res83tig/dance03.jpg Happy Dance

Oh yeah... a great game to play on the Nintendo GameCube with the
Nintendo GameBoy Player is still: "Lizzie McGuire: On the Go!"


Gah.. stop posting Hillary Duff erm

NOOOOOOOO, it's okbig grin , i love her yes...

i only got the movie postersad

linkalicious> get over here starwars

i still want a gamecube (that must be getting annoying!!! roll eyes (sarcastic) )

one question: is "sw bounty hunter" a good game?

I heard its mediocre, cool concept but poor execution erm

Ok, this is NOT a Hillary Duff thread. So shut up about her and go make a topic in the "Movie Stars and Celebrities" forum.

There alraedy is one. So go there for Duff, this is about video games. And no it's not about Duff GBA games either.

Any Star Wars game w/o light sabers is a petty game. If i want to play a game where i fly a ship around and shoot crap....i'll play AeroFighter...cause that game kicked ass

It's petty? So it snubbed you in the streets? smile

Personally, I love lightsaber games. But I love other kinds of Star Wars games too. The original Dark Forces wasn't a lightsaber game, but it kicked ass. As have all of the Rogue Squadron games so far.

wait....dark forces did kick ass. i guess i was just talking about all the tie fighter and x wing games....they only made like 60 of them.


heh. I still enjoy the space fighting games. After all, half of Star Wars is the lightsabers. The other half is huge-ass battles in space.

Hehe, huge-ass battles in space drool

Metroid prime! Is the best game out for the gamecube. The graphs a beatiful on her suit. Every enemy is well defined and perfect looking and the bosses. Oh you have no idea. So cool each one of them is in their own way. Meta-Ridley's the best though.

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