Baldurs Gate

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Any other fans of this franchise on KMC ?
My typical game repertoire consists of first & third person shooters, however one of my friends got me into the Baldurs Gate franchise and i've been hooked ever since, i have experienced both the console and PC formats of the series and although both formats are slightly different (i.e. The console versions require the user to control one character at anyone time where as the PC version requires the user to handle a group) both are fine examples of RPG'ing. My favorite character(s) are Mincs & Boo (the hamster) from Baldurs Gate 2 : Shadows of Amin, although i have yet to experience the multi-player as im still hooked on my Neverwinter Nights quest.

Fallin Angel
Oh i love baldur's gate , especially shadows of amn

I never cared much for Baldurs Gate. I thought it was too slow.

I love it love and all those Forgoten Realms games big grin

i never really got into the pc version, but the console... i tear that game apart. i jsut played and beat the new one for xbox in two sittings... the addiction

Two of the finest games ever on the PC.

Whats your favourate D&D game for the PC?

Bhallspawn saga
Baldurs Gate
Tales of the Sword Coast
Shadows of Amn
Throne of Bhaal

Icewind Dale
Heart oof Winter
Icewind Dale 2
Pool of Radience: Ruins of Myth Drannor

Neverwinter Nights
Shadows of Udrentide
Hordes of the Underdark

Temple of Elemental Evil

Thats hard, love the baal spawn story but the graphics and expanded abilities of neverwinter rock my world, and the console version rocks.... all i can say is those who don't play this game have something missing that they would miss otherwise...

I bought all the bhallspawn saga at the same time, and it took me months of playing it every night to completely finish it. The graphics aren't as good, but the character interaction with the NPC's are really cool.

You beat that game in 2 sittings because it was quite possibly the easiest game ever!.....although it was fun...i liked Dark Alliance better (the first Baldurs Gate console game)

BG dark alliance is nothing like the PC version lol....

The PC version is so huge. The 4 baldurs gate PC games together take months to complete

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