Finding Early Final Fantasy Games

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the final fantasy games before 7 look great, but i havent been able to get a hold of them do you know a good place to find them?

on line is proubly the best like on ebay or amazon


If you have a Gamestop near you, you can get them there. Final Fantasy III was never released in the U.S.; rumors are that it's being developed for GBA. Until then, get the translated ROM online somewhere.

Just get Final Fantasy -- Anthology , and Final Fantasy -- Beginnings (I think thats what its called) for Playstation

beginnings = FF 3 and 4 (I think)
anthology = FF 5 and 6

Chronicles, not beginnings. wink And I think Anthology is 4 and 6, and Chronicles is 5 and Chrono Trigger. But I'm not totally sure. As for 1 and 2, I think that's FF Origins.

Oh... oopsie blink I guess they wont be that hard to find, you know, being available for psx format and all...

get cronicles (since you can only play chrono trigger on snes exept for on cronicles)

Anthology is one hard bastard to find, it's nowhere to be found around me sad

lol.. I have dat wun, I got it cuz I missed playing ff6 on snes. The only thing that got me ticked, is when I played it on the original psx the loading times were annoying, but now that I play it on ps2, its all good.

I still laugh at that one part where the town that uses magic, everyone acts like they're normal, then you turn the corner :
Lil boy : Ouch! mommy I cut myself, use cure!
Mom : Cu.... *sees us*!! *runs*
Lil boy : Mommy! use cure!! *runs after her*

Yeah, that's hilarious. smile

anthology > FF5 and FF6

chronicles> FF4 and chrono trigger

origins > ff1 and ff2

the only one left is ff3 (wich i played for a while in japanese). i hope it comes out for the Psx, so that the entire collection will be available in PS1

I pretty sure they have the translated version of 3 available for... *looks around* .... emu lator O_o *hides*

All final fantasy games were cool until they thought of 11 that is a big dissapointment to me as a gamer 10 keep me thriving for the next installment than they made 10-x which sucked balls and know I have to go on the net to play 11 that's cool in all but they say you can get killed by rabit baby "rabbits" what the hell! And for the record no one in america has the game yet but people in Japan already have it. Happy Dance

Na man 5 and 6 are anthology and tactics is 4 and chrono trigger.

In 6 i loved the fact that you played teh game forever just to find that the world becomes dystroyed and you have to start again that was wicked cool i like a game that last for months like that.

11 killed it sad

9 killed it . sad

X was the best, then we got two consecutive peices of shit. the best thing in the final fantasy franchise was always the stories and characters. When you played a final fantasy game you could always rely on a great story. well i guess they though maybe destroying the thing fans love best about the series will bring more fans and sales. I mean x-2...what the hell was that. I mean was that a joke? I mean really. Ok the gameplay was cool and all, but it was a half assed game. Where was the story. You had to play 30 hours before you even got an idea of what the story was. and XI i'm sorry that just seems like a ploy to make money, maybe thats just me im biased on inter play games, i dont like to have to pay for the game, then have to keep paying to be able to play it, and then have to pay some more if i want additional story lines or stages.,

crystal chronicles was an all out childs game, and they want to send XII in a new direction that final fantasy has never been before, atleast thats what the developers say. So maybe that will rejuvenate this pathetic slump or maybe it will just live up to my expectations of being shitty

9 still killed it sad

hmmm are you lokking for the games that you download or the ones that you buy?

IMO i think all FF games suck my balls but thats just me

What, too afraid to post that in a thread that already existed?

The Force
uh oh, jkozzy it's okay man, let it go, we'll just blow him up later, k , let's not start a flame war thumb up

and you, i don't think you needed to make that comment

King of ff
It's funny... I over"read" a conversation between some of you ...about all of this anthology and origins stuff.

In my country (Denmark) anthology is ff 4 and 5, not 5 and 6.

Just felt like saying it

Lord Ryugen
I've got everything from Anthology (5&6) to X2. And yes IX killed it and X spat on the remains. Play VI, VII & VIII. They made the FF series perfection

1-winged angel
umm did any of u know that final fantasy origins is number 1 and 2 i accedently got two originsso i have 2 ff1 and 2 ff2

laughing out loud I knew that stick out tongue

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