KotOR 2

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Darth Revan
I don't know if anybody else saw this, but there was a little thing about KotOR 2 in an issue of PC gamer (I think it was this month's issue) anyways does anybody know if they're really going to do it or is it just a rumor?

Who knows... but I want it!! sad

there are vague plans to make one yes

Hooray! I can't wait.

KoTOR 2? oh god... please let them actually care about making the game. More importantly.. Let it be Multiplayer!! eek!

Im waiting!!
What month?
Go check!
I have the Feb one, but its a little early for March. Mebbe January??

Darth Revan
I don't know, I think my mom threw it away sad anyways it had a game called "Star Wars battlefront" or something like that on the cover I think

It won't be out for a while.

Star wars Commando??
I Have that one!!
*Runs and checks!*
EDIT: I went and checked! Look Here!

theforce.net had info on kotor2 and battlegrounds. oh yeah!!!!!!!

Kotor 2 ? Awesome... Still, it's probably a full year from compleition...

weel this time you BETTER be able to do your own fighting, that really sucked in the 1st one how you couldnt fight

well, it was an rpg...u weren't supposed to like do combos and stuff..not manually I mean.. I like i that way much more...

yea i know i reaaaallly loved the battle system in kotor though it took about an hour to really figure it out it was a f'in masterpiece.....what a game....i really hope they do come out with a sequel...my xbox is lonely since i beat that game

my god, i hope you do your own fighting, like in jedi academy, that game was REALLY good, because you could do combos and your OWN fighting

Man, I hope these screens are real.

Red Superfly
Then go buy Jedi Academy roll eyes (sarcastic)

Knights isn't supposed to be like that, it's supposed to be like Morrowind, an RPG roll-of-the-dice type game. Some people just don't get it..........

They will keep the battle system for sure. I also read that it's set 1000 years after KOTOR.

I hope they have a Sith Lord as cool as Malak was, he was awesome.

I loved the sith battle suits, and the mandalorian.... KoTOR will rock all the systems for RPGing like Halo 2 will for 1st person shooting... Isn't interesting how X-Box is making all this headway!

I have bought Jedi Academy enstein, how else would I know about it?

Red Superfly
Then why do you want a game that is like Jedi Academy? Don't you want a different kind of game?

Some people just don't get it..........


Click on this link to get loads of info on the subject, it seems really cool.

I have misgivings (as can be seen in the thread in the EU area)

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