First Game You Ever Finished

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total metalhead
mine was the first Street Fighter game on the PC, playing as Ken. must've been about 12 years ago...good times happy

what was the first game you ever finished?

Streets of Rage - Although it was in co-op mode with a mate.


I can't remember the exact title...but it was a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle game on SNES I believe.

captain commando with my friend....

on my own... duke nuken 2 time to kill and tekken 3 big grin

LOZ on NES. I think it was 1988 and i was like 6 years old.

Legend of Zelda and Dragon Warrior on NES. I was about 4 at the and my dad played them together laughing out loud

Super Mario 64, I believe...

First game I actually beat by myself was LoZ: OoT.

Kirby's Dreamland on Gameboy. I was so damn proud when I beat I look back and am ashamed I ever found it challenging. wink

Mine was Sonic: Triple Trouble on Sega Game Gear, awesome game. First PS1 game was Final Fantasy VIII. big grin

FFVIII was the second game I beat by myself, and the first without any help laughing out loud

erm, Tekken 3 was the first game i ever completed without using cheats big grin

super mario bros on gameboy, I was so happy smile

The original Zelda game I think...that's the first I remember anyways... I beat that when I was 4 years old, with help from my dad of course.

Not sure what the first I finished was, but I remember that Goldeneye was the first game I finished before my older brother. The first game I ever finished was probably either Double-Dragon or one of the old Ninja Turtle games (I think it was part 2).

Fallin Angel
Super Nintendo - street fighter

Sega Saturn - Dark Stalkers

Nintendo 64 - Super Smash Bros.

Playstation - Tekken 3

Dreamcast - Shenmue

Playstation 2 - The Bouncer

Gamecube - Lugi's Mansion

Xbox - Dead or Alive 3

super mario bros on nes

super mario bros. on NES, think i was bout 6 or 7. Long time ago

cool The first game I have ever conquered was Super Mario
Brothers 3 on the first Nintendo. I was about 9 years old.
My favorite part of the game was/is Desert World!!!

hmm, I really dont consider winning a tourney based game, as finishing a game. So I'll have to go with beating Super Mario world for Snes as my first official conquest.

The first game i ever finished was sonic the hedgehog for the master system.

total metalhead
omg i used to love that game!!! it was so damn easy but so much fun, trying to kill that last boss with the gun and everything. good times.

Super Metriod for the SNES. Was the only game I ever cared to finish when I was 6.

Super Mario 3 = Snes big grin

The One Himself
It was Doom, I think...

Lord Ryugen
In no particular order
Sonic for the Master System
Sonic 2 for the Mega Drive
Street Fighter 2: Snes
Alladan (I know thats not how you spell it) Mega CD
Tomb Raider 1: Playstation
Teenage Mutant Hero Turtles: Game boy
Shinobi: Game Gear
Timesplitters: PS 2
Sonic Adventure: Dreamcast
Lyat Wars: N64

My first one was Cabal for arcade!! That was one of my most favorite shooters ever!!


DaRk Jester
the frist game i beat was quake/finle doom

One game, not two. You finished one before the other.

DaRk Jester
well SORRY!! DracoTheDragon You know NOT everybody is as good as you!!!! mad

the very first game that fell to me was none other then Super Mario for the Nintendo....after that it Duck Hunter...then the arcade game Raiden...damn those were good times...oh and i was about 6 at the time

then after that i think it was Doom for the PC

heck, i don't remember all the games i've been over the years, how the heck do you remember all that?? jeez... oh well i've beaten lots of games on the N64, Smash Bros, LoZ: OoT(best ending!), mario kart, goldeneye, Super Mario 64, Banjo kazooie(2nd best ending), Star Wars Rogue Squadron. On PC FF 8

Paper Boy (The original) for NES... or was it SNES... but still... loved that game, i played it all the time when i was 5 or 6.

Super mario world on the snes. I love that game!

mine was kingdom hearts

alien Streets of rage for the sega master system would have to be the first game I completed.

Bubble Bobble or Sonic 2 (can't remember which)

mine was goldensun on gameboy

Manic Miner - Spectrum 48 K - 1984 blink

Dune on sega.

Super Mario World 2 for SNES

Zebra 3
Intellivision's Tron Solar Sailer.

the first game i finished was Half-life

it was cool half-life i was about 6 years old but it was veryveryvery hard

so was dune when i was 7.

probably Sonic 2.... it was the first game i ever got

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