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With the somewhat success of the 1st Resident Evil and with the upcoming release of Resident Evil: Apocolypse, the sub-par Tomb Raider movies, I was curious as to what games you guys think should be made into games. Maybe list possible actors/actresses who you think would do a good job playing the characters. And if you wanna get real into it, list who would like to see direct it. That's it. Go out and think about it!

I don't know if it would necessarily make a good movie or not, but i wanna see a Zelda Movie, always have and until it's made...i probably always will.

total metalhead
most popular games have storylines already been done in movies, so obvious choices like GTA and Metal Gear Solid wouldnt be that interesting. but saying that id love to see a Devil May Cry movie.

I agree with ya' on the DMC movie, but another good one would be Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time or even a Kingdom Hearts movie (as long as Disney didn't have a lot of say in it) wouldn't be too bad.

I've always thought with the right ingredients (i.e. the right cast and right director) Metal Gear Solid would make a great game > movie conversion. Heres a link to the thread that has my suggestions for a MGS cast:

Metroid would be awesome if Milla Jovovich was samus, and Ridley Scott directed it. In my opinion Ridley has the best mind for fantasy and science fiction

I wanna see a movie of Warcraft,Doom, and Heretic/Hexen

i thought that a Doom movie was on the making....i dunno for sure though

I would like to see a Final Fantasy movie that actually is to do with Final Fantasy!

advent children!!????

personally i hated final fantasy the spirits within cuz it had nothing to do with final fantasy....also i hated resident evil...i mean...where the hell are the guns!?what the hell!?

lol.. spirits within was just like final fantasy, except there was no gameplay involved. Just straight cinemas.

I would also like to see a diablo movie made (as in blizzard entertainment diablo). Peter Jackson would be great director for it if it was live action, but blizzard is better than squaresoft when it comes to cg animation

i dunno know about that but.... i agree they should make a diablo would probably kick lord of the rings ass!

i reckon you also need good script writers with good storyline and great understanding of the game. many of the movies these days lack the essence of the game its based on, there is the rare exception but they a few which is not good enough. Some people here also think they should use game storylines. common! movies are suppose to be creative. we're talking about movies based on games not games based on movies
damn i complain alot
o well you cant say wat im saying isnt true


What the f**k?

... wanna take that back?,... plz.

If you've seen what blizzard can do , then you wouldnt even bother to ask me that lol. They almost break the barrier of reality in some scenes, my favorite being the ending cinema of Warcraft III : Reign of Chaos

Dont get me wrong I know squaresoft is good, but they dont make gritty cinemas, everything is super clean and doll-like

I'll agree with DMC, but i would really like to see a metroid and zelda movie and maybe a mario movie that relates to mario, more than the first movie

Sample of blizzards cinematic expertise :

uhhh sry tranceduo but nothing will kick lord of the rings ass... NOTHING!!!!!!!!! Halo would be good 4 a movie.

Halo would be an alright movie. Metroid, however, would be an excellent movie, if they did it right. I get a notion that if they go down into Samus's history that it may suck, like Tomb Raider did. Metroid needs not to be compared to Tomb Raider.... erm
And although an excellent book and movie trilogy, LOTR can and will be challenged in the future, it cannot hold its status for long.

How bout Half-Life or Starcraft....

It would be awesome with Starcraft..a universe battle with 3 distinctive sides, awesome character effects (zeolots, and the cloaking of Dark Templars), or Zerg. But, i think to be an excellent game to film needs like good acting, and excellent screenplay..and it needs to be different type of story unlike the games...

I think they should try a final fantasy with live actors, or perhaps Redo a final fantasy story with live actors. Like maybe a redo of FFVII or VI.. maybe even X O_o

Lord Shadow Z
A Dynasty Warriors film would be interesting ( think how long the cast list would be....phew)

Max Payne: The Movie would rule stick out tongue

Sam Lake (Writer of the 2 games and Max in the first game) would play Max in the movie.

Dino Crisis might be a good movie

ok, no offense or anything but that would be pretty stupid, CGI animations in movies still can't blend in a movie smoothly, no matter how good the effect is, you can always tell if was made in a computer

besides, seeing real ppl wearing funny clothes and crazy, impossible hairstyles is something i don't wanna see, i mean, i'm seen japanese guys dress up like tidus, and wearing a wig, it looked crappy.

they should stick to animation

one more thing: i seen blizzards videos and they are pretty good, they try to be real, but that's the whole point, final fantasy it's just that, "fantasy". and i'm taking FF TSW as refference to compare blizzard and square animation, TSW (not a very good movie though) looked pretty real to me, better than blizzard videos yes

Does any 1 have any previews of the up coming FF7 movie is they do please tell me ninja

I second that, big could develop the story line in SC because the in-game story is relatively boring, as are all Blizzard storylines (if you want to get into a discussion about this against me, make another thread about it). A legacy of kain movie would be pretty neat as well, as the story line in that is already well-developed.

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