Coolest/Worst/Favorite Characters In a Fighting Game

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my top 5 best and worst.

and try to post why

1: Venom: Marvel vs Capcom:it's Venom
2: Ken: Street Fighter: he's not Ryu
3: Shen Long: Bloody Roar*: coolest moves i have seen in a while*
4: Astaroth: Soul Calibur: Great weapons
5: Dan: Street Fighter: takes skill to use this guy

1: Bakuryu: Bloody Roar:hit and run gets old
2: Ivy: Soul Calibur: people tend to think there great becuase they use her
3: Cyclops:Marvel vs Capcom: projectiles and uhhhh more projectiles
4: Vega: Street Fighter: annoying as hell
5: any boss character that must be unlocked to use

*I didnt use Shen Long in BR 2 becuase he had to be unlocked, but he became standard in BR 3
*ever see the throat thrust finisher he does? down right awsome....

how can you hate bakuryu!!?your crazy!i can easily annhilate long,shenlong,uranus easily with highly underestimate him...he can easily be your trump card if you know how to play him right...

but anyways..
1:yugo(from bloody roar)yugo=1337ness
2:talim(soul calibur 2)her hands are still burning^_^
3:marth(from super smash bros)bad ass just cant beat him!
4:seung mina(from soul calibur)she is quite handy with her glaives
5:crono(from bloody roar)hes a bit tricky but he can be a major trump card if you know how to play him correctly....timing is everything!
6:bakuryu(bloody roar)"over here!""huh?"*kicks newb in the face"
1:ivy(from soul calibur)your right...she is just screw her...
2:long&shenlong(bloody roar)every person in tournaments play as him...why you ask?cuz theyre entire specialty is one long ass but easily predictable combo....i swear...i must be the only who uses yugo...everyone else is cheap uses those two....its so irritating...
3:link(super smash bros meelee)this character is not only annoting but highly overrated...
4:shiek(super smash bros meelee)who the hell put her in the game!? thanks to her every person in tournaments always pick her becuz of her god-like am i gonna win now?
5:ganondorf:super smash bros meelee)OMG! this guys a friggin tank! hes powerful but hell even snails go faster than him...
6:ganesha(from bloody roar)this guy is so unbearable...i just cant stand this guy...

I know what you mean about Bakuryu's speed, he was my main character in BR 1 and is down right unstopable if proparly used, I just hated how he died and was replaced by some kid. I can see getting a new mole but give him a better reason to be there. the Longs are to popular tho

I still think the fighting pattern between Cronus and Xion is almost identicle the have agile moves that arnt realy fighting.
Cronus use's some sort of Dancing fighting.
Xion just hops around and reminds me of that dude from drunken master..........UNBORN STILL LOOKS DOPE!!

xion and cronos are slightly identicle(not really)....but i dont really see how "they have agile moves that aernt really fighting'...
care to explain?

also....i really hate uranus...believe or not some people are actually allowed to play as her in tournaments that i go to....

that stuff about Uranus is ridiculous, might as well ask for a refund there...but about there fighting, seeing how every game has a wrestler, a boxer, a sword fighter bla bla bla.

these two have moves that are pretty unique Cronus has all those very fast spinning attacks that are obviously for show, I mean the guy actually pose's during the fight((Cronus is cocky as hell but backs it up))
and Xion use's some kind of dead leg and over the top kicking combos that are pretty unconventional. again like the bad guy from the redone drunken master

Coolest :

Hayato - Star gladiator
Psylocke - MvC
Terry Bogard - Fatal Fury
Jin / Jun Kazama - Tekken
Kim Kap-hwan - KoF
Galford - Samurai Showdown
Kilik - Soul Calibur
Taki - Soul Calibur
Jacky Bryant - Virtua Fighter
Robert Garcia - KoF
Rock Howard - Garou : mark of the wolves
Keith - Psychic force
Burn - Psychic force
Emilio - Psychic force
Setsuna - Psychic force


Eddy Gordo - Tekken
Alex / Roger - Tekken
Iceman - Xmen vs SF
Blanka - SF
E.Hona - SF
All of the new characters Eolith added to King of Fighters - KoF
Tizoc - Garou : mark of the wolves
Talim - Soul calibur 2
Carlos - Pyschic Force 2012
Regina - psychic Force 2012

there are numerous others I'd like to add to both lists but for some reason it escapes me...

Darth Jello
1.Geese Howard:try fighting him in Art of Fighting 2, Hakiokyosieken is th coolest fighting style in game I've seen
2.King: the coolest Muai Thai in fighters
3.Mai Shiranui: She's hot, powerful, and has the coolest level music
4.Jin Fu Ha-He's the least "ninja-like" ninja in fighters
5.Rugal Bernstein: His most powerful attack is called the Genocide Cutter (and rightly so)

Wolfgang Krauser:Cheapest boss ever
Axel Hawk: Second cheapest, butt ugly too
Robert Garcia:Looks like Steven Segall
Billy Kane:A combonation of cheap and wussy, fights with a trichuck
Wyler: Play art of fighting 3 and you'll see why

Darth Jello
oh, and all those characters are from the SNK fighters, specifically Fatal Fury, Art of Fighting, and King of fighters.

and the best fighting game of all time still is...................Art of Fighting 2

art of fighting 3 is bettah stick out tongue

Sub Zero - Mortal Kombat
Noob Saibot - Mortal Kombat
Kintaro - Mortal Kombat

don't know the names of the characters in thr other games, Mortal Kombat is the only fighting game that is good in my option big grin so I've mostly just playd MK big grin

How could you hate talim!?

I dunno, she's just one of those characters that people use who werent good at soul calibur (for dreamcast), so they feel to make revenge with a character they can slightly button mash thier whole way through. Her personality is also just as annoying as her play style. "Atashi, kaze to tomo ni aru" .... I am one with the wind... uhuh... riiiiight.

I mean Im not referring to anyone here that likes her, I've just had not so good experiences from people who HATED soul calibur for dreamcast, and then LOVED soul cal 2 and used talim religiously... just annoying

ok my #1's

#1: Scorpion, Mortal Combat DA...gotta love that blunt action to the head
#2: Sub-Zero, can freez people and himself at the same time (really cool)
#3: Terry, Capcom VS SNK 2....damn he's good
#4: Mega Man Capcom VS SNK...that gun gives him an edge..not to many people got that
#5: Link, Soul Calibor...nice moves...not to many people can pull that off
#6: Sol Badguy, Guilty Gear...really nice tyrant move...knows how to hurt a guy
#7: Noob Saibot, MK3....can put a clone on ur ass...ouch
#8: Ryu, Street Fighter....he's good but gets annoying after awhile
#9: Sonya, MK....that leg breakin ur neck thing...thats some mad skillz right there
#10: Raiden, MK2...ok the reason this guy ranks low is because when ur not him that spear thing he does gets really really annoying

this is my top ten u can see i put the best guys from which i have played the best fighting games.

Master Chief in Halo

Nick Kang in True Crime: Streets of L.A.

Ahem FIGHTING GAMES, no more about MC thats spam in this thread

spam...hey man mortal combat is an orginal great fighting game...i guess my next best one would have to be guilty gear

no MASTER CHIEF is the MC im talking about, Mortal Kombat is totally ok

Darth Jello
i thought aof 3 kind of sucked

lol, I love guilty gear. Most refreshing fighting game in a looong time. I love art of fighting, I wish they kept the series around... oh yeah. robert is bettah~ stick out tongue ryo sux0rz

i reckon one of the worst characters was Dan from street fighter
he was so sh*t!!!!!!!

1. Capt. Falcon/Ganandorf: Smash Bros
2. The Indian dude from Killer Instinct
3. The Drunken Boxer from DOA 3

Shaq and all of the other characters from Shaq-fu

laughing thats true Shaq-fu can make you dumber by just playing it.

Dammit i forgot the best character for STreet Fighter. I was unstoppable with him. He was like a mini Sagat. It was in Street Fighter Alpha 2.

what was his name!!!!! sad

1.) Kung Lao MK Amazing he'll kick your ass with his hat
2.) Link SC2 Purely Amazing with great swoads
3.) Sub Zero, Scorpion, Reptile all the MK NIjas Are Awesome
4.) Yoshimitsu Sc2 and Tekken He Is One Of The Greatest Warriors Ever
5.) Cerevantes Sc2 he was quick and strong a tank almost

1.) Cassandra and Sophitia SC2 weren't my style of fighting
2.) Lizardman SC2 Reptile wanna be he is horrible
3.) Maxi Sc2 u can win easy but all u have to do is keep hittin 1 button
4.) Ivy Sc2 she isnt fun to be at all
5.) Astaroth hes a tank but really slow, tooo slow

Darth Jello
what pisses me off about Dan is that he is a parody of Ryo Sakazaki. A character who is a very original ripoff of Ryu and about a million times more powerful and fun to play.

DaRk Jester
i like xion bloodyroar
i hate ganasha

total metalhead
5 best:

1.Ken - Street Fighter: cant beat the classics. plus he could kick Ryu's ass.
2.Yunsung - Soul Calibur 2: hes a total all rounder.
3.Kilik - Soul Calibur 2: he's fast, powerful and agile, killer mix.
4.Bryan Fury - Tekken: awesome special moves
5.Scorpion - Mortal Kombat: almost invincible if you practice with him.

5 worst:

1.Gon - Tekken 3: hes a 4 foot orange lizard. f**k him.
2.Panda - Tekken
3.Panda - Tekken
4.Panda - Tekken
5.Panda - Tekken

1. Link (all links if you want to get picky)
2. Bowser
3. Spyro
4. Doom Guy
5. Quake Guy

1. Sephiroth
2. Sephiroth
3. Sephiroth
4. Sephiroth
5. Sephiroth

Yes, I know I put Seph down 5 times, but that is just how much he sucks.

I don't play too many fighting games although after playing the Tekken series i thought Yoshimitsu was pretty cool and when i can i use him prior to any others (although after viewing the Soul Calibur Yoshimitsu - i wasn't to impressed).

if Sephiroth sucks Link blows *****

so dont bring that link vs Sephiroth shit in here

Sephiroth sucks? im not crazy into games like i use to be but its ****ING SIMPLE that Serphiroth is in another league. Link is just Link.

its pointless to reason with me i know...


Demon Hunter from Warcraft 3 is also tight.

Yo DracotheDragon the Doomguy isint in a fighting game stick out tongue

Draco...there's a difference between not thinking sephiroth is good and not liking him. You can hate him all you want, that's fine with me, but I think you know that Seph could kick almost any character's ass.

Not the Doomguy's


Spawn (Soul Calibur II)
Sub Zero
Kazuya Mishima


Yoshimitsu (I found him more annoying than skillful)
Jax (Big arms but sucky moves)
Any character from Primal Rage

Darth Jello
the farting and puking monkey wasn't that bad, but the execution of moves in primal rage is just stupid.

i gotta admit though...when i was 6 and 7 i played Primal Rage, and when ur that age, and u see giant dinosaurs and ape things beating the snat out of each other, u gotta say that that is freakin awsome....but now a days that game is pure stupidity and annoying as hell

it was pretty cool but not that good of a fighting game...

Rock Howard is another great SNK character


And for all you Raging Storm fans out there...

ah i think that Guilty Gear is a damn good fighting game...played many hours with that....i especially like those one hit kill moves...lucky if u can pull one off against Sol

but my next favorite charecter would have to be Blanka

i know that i'm going to get scold very much for saying this but what is Ragin Storm...i've heard of it but have never had the chance to play it????


#1: Jin (tekken 4)

#2:Paul (tekken 3)

#3:Ghost (enter the matrix)

#4:Gandalf (LOTR ROTK)

#5:Yuna (Final Fantasy X-2)

#6:Hwarang (tekken 3-4 and tekken tag)

#7:Marshal Law OR Forest Law (tekken 3-4 and tekken tag)

#8:Killik (Sc2)


#1:Cristie (tekken 4)

#2:Eddie (tekken 3)

#3:Ivvy (Sc2)

#4: Sam (LOTR ROTK)

#5:Yoshimitsu (tekken 3-4 and tekken tag)

#6:All Charactors in Celebrity Deathmatch

#7:Krillin (dragonballz boduki)

hey dude whats the name of that charecter in ur sig....he's hella bomb dude u gotta tell me

Hes called alucard (dracula spelled backwards from the hellsing series)

since when does alucard carry a gun...oh and i knew who alucard was from the castlevania series....i seen that dude before at a friends house, he has a poster of it....but yea thx for tellin me

and another question he good or evil?

theres an edit button ya know....mught wanna put your question in one post instead of two seperate for fuzzy....ghost,gandalf,yuna,and sam aernt considered fighting characters...

yes technicaly they are since you fight in the games (hence the name "fighting games" since all the charactors i just mentioned are in a game where u only fight)

BTW: alucard is good (even though he is a vampire) and he has always carried a gun

Its not a game, its the name of a super move... lots of people like geese howard cuz of it. Try playing some SNK games heh.. guilty gear was made by the people who left SNK, so that should give you an idea what they're like I guess :/

and to the people picking rpg characters... they are NOT technically fighting game characters.. Fighting is a genre, not just a situation or a circumstance. Fighting games pit 1 character against another.. sometimes 3 v 3 and give them either 1 round to win or up to 3 and usually about 60 seconds to finish a match or the program decides for them based upon energy levels. Very tournament style, unlike rpgs.
Basically, if your character isnt listed on ... then they arent a fighting game character.

Geese doing raging storm from Capcom Vs SNK :

Geese from King of Fighters raging storm :

Another cool KoF character Zero from 2000 :

And this is Zero from 2001, they changed his face and most of his moves to look ALOT cooler :

so Alucard is good...awsome....yea i got some Hellsing u know how to turn them into sigs?

also i have played Capcom VS. SNK2 and that was a awsome game...think i might just go buy it today.

you get sigs by requesting them in the artwork forum...and im gonna ask you a second time....plz....use the edit button....its not that hard.... its not like your crippled and you cant move your wrist over to click the button at the buttom of your post....i mean jeez...

SoL BadGuy

Terry Bogard (From Garou : MoTW)

Rock Howard (From Garou : MoTW)

hey wheres terry bogards trademark hat?

its Garou : mark of the wolves terry.. he's older now, so he tossed all that. He's Rock Howards father figure according to the storyline

this gives me a idea about a new thread...............

I like this pic bettah

yeah, gifs arnt that great of pics, but are entertaining

to bad this one dosent play the whole move mad

Who is it? From any fighting game like Mortal Kombat, Street Fighter, Tekken, etc.

Also, please post your reasons for your choice. And 'Because they rock' and 'they kick ass' are not really valid points.

from all two D platforms

Venom:cuase hes Venom and had the wildest moves and he did mad damage
Iori:Eddie he had that wierd shadow symbiote thing going on and his moves looked wicked

from all three D platforms

Kage Maru:Hes a ninja and has mad speed and stuff
Astaroth:cuase he can pound people into jelly

Rogue Jedi
coolest ever, from tekken series: yoshimitsu, jin kazama, paul phoenix....
coolest from mortal kombat: scorpion, reptile, johnny cage
worst ever from tekken: kuma, kunimitsu, panda, ogre
worts ever from MK: kintaro, motaro

didnt know what thread to post in. the new KOF looks like it survived the 2d to 3d switch

what system is it coming out for?

should be PS2

sad only have Xbox

Sub-Zero, cause he killed Scorpion, BABY YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Fallin Angel
1: Kasumi - Dead or Alive 3 - Speed , teleportation , and she is sooo cute and innocent
2: Aoi Umenokoji - Virtua Fighter 4 Evolution - Speed , strong grabs, and a long list of reversals
3: Jun Kazama - Tekken Tag Tournament - Easy moves to do, great speed, and i can make a really long combo.
4: Sung Mina - Soul Calibur 2 - Love long range and kool weapons and moves
5: Morrigan - Capcom vs SNK 2 - Favorite from Dark Stalkers, has great speed, and she can fly

1: Bass - Dead or Alive 3 - Slow and does not have very good combos
2: Jeffery - Virtua Fighter 4 Evolution - Slow , hard throw moves, and annyoing to go against
3: Ganryu - Tekken Tag Tournament - Slow and easy to beat
4: Berserker - Cheap moves when i go against him
5: the very big guys on Capcom vs SNK - not enough speed and combos


1.) Jin Kazama--> Tekken 4

2.) Howarang (however you spell it)--> All Tekkens

3.) Forest Law--> All Tekkens

4.) Spawn--> Soul Calibor

5.) Goku--> Dragon Ballz Bodukai Tournament


1.) Ivvy (SO ****ING CHEAP)--> Soul Calibor

... Thats all I can think of right now stick out tongue

Coolest: Link
Worst: Sephiroth
Favorite: Spyro (cuz hes a DRAGON!!!)

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