FF: Advance Tactics

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has any played Final Fantasy advance tactics? i think it's awesome
does anybody have any good team?

I've got it, although I haven't been on it for ages

my bro's got it....he's addicted to that crap. but now i got FF:CC, so i think he'll probably start playing that multi with me.

my brother has it too, i just play like 3 hours, but i haven't got time to play it, after i finish FFX-2 i'll start playing it

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i got it for Christmas and now i''m hooked on it, do you have a good team?

I dunno, can't remember. I'll check later

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My sister got it for Christmas, I haven't played it though (too busy playing FFX-2, heehee!)

I got it ages ago and played a bit of it on Saturday. My team is quite good, but I really want a stronger team. Does anyone know if you get Mewt or Ritz in your team later on? I hope so, I think Ritz would give my team that extra power it needs. What is the name of your clan? I named by clan Demonkind.

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i've got ritz on my team but i think i'm gonna drop her, she's a fencer and i already have a fencer that's quite good, but are you aloud to get mewt or doned?

i have it (dont play it much any more) its a good game

Yeah, I have it, I like the original ff tactics for ps2 alot more.

i named my clan the "gullwings" big grin..... i played the day i bought it, and that was it, i'll play again after i beat the other games i bought

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i named my team Clans Jets

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wasn't the original on ps1?

i dont like FFTA it kinda sucked
i agree with backfire, the original FFT was better.
i finished the game, got all the characters even cid (man that was tideous)
so boring dont even know why i even bothered trying to finish it
i reckon "Tactic ogres: Knights of Lodis" was better

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well i think it is cool, but they need to put it on the gamecube, like a full blown 3-d version

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