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Anyone know what his next project is and when it's going to come out?

he's doing a movie called "the woods" it's comming out in 2004 i believe. Hope for many more movies from this guy. He's a supurb story teller/movie maker

That he is. A director with some original insight is just what hollywood needs.

Early rumors said he was working on the next superman also. But I just checked Movies.com and somebody new is doing it :/

Can't wait for another movie from him! What's your fave that he's done? Mine is Unbreakable, but my husband's is Signs.

It's not called the woods anymore. It's now the village. the cast is
Judy Greer
Bryce Dallas Howard
William Hurt
Joaquin Phoenix
Jayne Atkinson,
Adrien Brody
Brendan Gleason,
Cherry Jones,
Fran Kranz
Ashton Kutcher
Michael Pitt
Sigourney Weaver
Celia Weston


Set in rural Pennsylvania in 1897, this is the story of the small village of Covington (population 60) surrounded by a woods inhabited by a race of "mythical creatures," and the romance that blossoms between Kitty (Greer), the daughter of the town's leader (Hurt), and Lucius (Phoenix), a young man who questions the policy of keeping Covington's citizens completely confined to the village.

The name of his new movie has been changed to The village (there's a movie coming out in 2004 called The woods, with Bruce Campbel (sp)).
It's set to come out in 2004. Plot Outline: Set in 1897, "The Village" tells the story of a close-knit community with a mythical race of creatures residing in the woods around them.
Credited cast:
Joaquin Phoenix .... Lucius Hunt
Bryce Howard .... Ivy Walker
William Hurt .... Edward Walker
Sigourney Weaver .... Alice Hunt
Adrien Brody .... Noah Percy
Judy Greer .... Kitty Walker

Cant wait to see another Night movie and to top that Adrien Brody is in it big grin

My fave is the Sixth sense.
I liked the idea for Unbreakable but the pace of the movie is kinda boring messed Could have been better.
I enjoyed the Signs. The story is quite good.Was disappointed with the ending thou. The scene at the house with the Alien messed

I love how he had Bruce Willis in his first two. Now he'll have Joaquin Phoenix in his 3rd & 4th. Kinda overlapping actors/movies. Interesting.

I thought Signs was his masterpiece, the only one of his movies that didn't completely rely on the ending.

Bad Boy
The man is a genious!!!

Ow yes, Night's movies are extraordinary.
I am little surprised to see the cast list that doesn't include him as well. big grin He always stars in his movies.
My fave is "The Sixth Sense" 4 sure, you know why (look at my sig or avatar).
"Unbreakable" was great too. Especially the soundtrack (by J.N.H.).
But I can't say the same about "Signs". I didn't get the ending, it was not what I expected, it was too simple, uninteresting, to me.

He's my favorite director right now
and my favorite was Signs
then unbreakable...i'm unable to enjoy the sixth sense because my friend ruined the ending for me when it came out...what a bastard

Haha been there too mate. Dont ya just wanna wring their necks.

I agree with fanatos. Sixth sense and ubreakable were two of the best thrillers i have ever seen. But i was not amused with signs. When i saw the poster for the movie i thought that it would be a great alien movie but it to me it was tatlly something else

Bf i see you said that signs diddnt rely totally on the ending. How can you say that? The whole movie lead up to a totally un predictable ending, everything from the girl thinking the water was contamanated to the boy's asma. I think if he has one movie that doesnt rely on the ending it would be unbreakable. The ending to that movie was just an extra bonus. Even if he wasnt being persued by Mr.Glass the movie would still have been just has suspensfull and well rounded.

It looks interesting, its probably going to be another hit for shyamalan.

Is There a Book that goes along with M. Night Shyamalan "The Village"?????????

Does anyone know if there is a Book that was published for the Movie "The Village" coming out this summer?????

It's revealed that the creatures are really just human beings of "modern day" (2004 era) coming to the village, while the people of the "Village" are the ones stuck in their old fashioned 19th century fabrication made up by the John Hurst character of the film ... It's a flick about People afraid of change ... beyond the forest is modern society of today. John Hurst's character is the one who kills the animals and puts blood on the doors (as seen in the trailer) so that the people of the village believe that creatures really exist when in fact they dont. From the last revision of the script.

Happy Dance Hope this helps Happy Dance

Is that a spoiler or general knowledge? I'm going to be angry if thats the twist in the movie.

shadow link
its looks pretty mad, i loved the sixth snese but will probably wait till this one comes out on dvd coz i dont like to watch those movies in theatres -im a softy when it comes to horror and violence, but i redckon it will be good

I put spoiler tags just in case. This way ppl read it at their own risk.
Please next time you wish to give out info (wheter its true or not) use the Tags, thank you.

just saw signs and thought it was really good

i like all of M. Night Shyamalan's films - i like how he takes an old concept and gives it a cool twist

aliens - signs
superheros - unbreakable

signs was an excellent movie. when we got back from the movies, my friends dropped me off and i kept looking up at my roof. and i live right next to a soccer feild-- and i know this is asinine but-- i kept looking night after night if there would be a mini- crop circle in it.

Signs is a wicked movie.. but i disagree...signs is nothing like aliens or alien.

Signs reminds me of Indepence Day in many ways. Of course its not as extreme and its just a much better made movie.

yah, somewhat.... and it was made alot better also.. superbly crafted. Used suspense rather than shock to make the movie somewhat scary. Specially the part on where the newscast shows the alien walking out of the bushes and on top of the roof

i love that movie! it wasnt that scary though.

i think youve misunderstood me

i wasnt saying signs was like the film 'alien' or 'aliens'.

i was saying the director takes a familiar concept such as;

ghosts in the sixth sense
superheros in unbreakable
or aliens (the creatures not the film) in signs

and then gives it a bit of a twist to create a good film.

Yeh, that was cool. And the scene in the basement with the kid. If you pay attention you can see the hand is already there.
I didnt like them showing the alien (in the house, in the tv it was wicked)but... wink

I'm actually looking forward to the village. I think that it looks like another hit, and will def draw in the thriller fans, not to mention the shyamalan fan base.

I wonder how he'll utilize that "M. Night Symbolism" that we all know and love. It looks like his use of color (the bright red on the doors) might be a big factor in the village.....

any thoughts?

total metalhead
yeah Signs is cool, the way the whole movie is basically a conversation between Mel Gibson's character and god. and i liked the way everything came together at the end, and how everything bad that had happened to Gibson's character, even the death of his wife, had a reason behind it.

plus Joaquin Phoenix is my fave actor thumb up

Yeah, Signs was great, as well as his other movies. I like looking back at his movies into all the symbolism that he uses; the colors, the water, the children. It's all pretty cool and fun to see how each film has similar uses of symbolism.

I heard recently that a documentary on Shyamalan is coming out in the next few months; on Sci-Fi I think. That should definitely be interesting.

I can't wait for his new movie coming out this summer. Does anyone have a good idea of what this story line's going to be or what kind of twist may be used at the end?

Yah... it was somewhat shocking that you actually saw the alien..but well..atleast he made all the little quirks each character had work well to defeat it. and how showed the alien in the first place..from the tv and how you saw it change its appearence through camoflauge.

Mook, from what you said..it was preety easy to misinturpet.

and Vag.... well how bout you just go to the movies and find out what the twist is..hehe.

at first i didn't like signs at all but eventually i caught on.
The VIllage will be good

I love this movie

There's a thread about it. Please discuss it there.

I enjoyed signs as well....specifically his use of water again.....he's a clever director....I like when they stick to themes...

Because I'm not that patient....!! smile

The Force
i liked signs, it was a movie that made you think, kinda like Double Take

There are no coincidences *runs off* evil face

I just read that spoiler and I'm kicking myself.

Signs was a more real alien movie. Alien or Aliens was based on fictional technology and ships and weapons. I'm not saying everything in Signs is real, but, it feels more real

Feels like a unsolved mystery case

Right. Signs feels more real than Aliens, I agree. It puts you in the movie and makes you look around your own house and in your own yard. It's as if it could really happen. And the idea that the water ultimately is the death of the Aliens seems like a real solution for getting rid of them. I don't think my girlfriend slept after watching that movie...

IIIIIIIII love signs till the END!!!!!i saw it at the movies 3-TIMES and bought it as soon as it came out!!!!I LUV IT!!!!MEL ROX......and his daughter BEAU/BOW is so cute!!!!

Any one no any other good M.Night........... Movies???

Beau*It's contaminated* LOL!!!!!


ive heard he uses a great deal of symbolism with regards to color.....does anyone else notice these things or am I just ku-raazy?

sixth sense

total metalhead
yeah he does. I'm not sure if he uses it in Signs but color is a major part of The Sixth Sense, especially the color red.

colour is a key theme in unbreakable also.

Signs talk only ppl.

but since i named the thread 'Signs - M. Night Shyamalan' doesnt this mean we can talk about signs and other films by M. Night Shyamalan - such as unbreakable?

There are threads around for his other movies.

they use red in The Village too I know....just from that red slash on the villagers doors....what is the theme in unbreakable?

the general concept is 'what if superheros were real?'
its worth watching.

scott hiwersh
Anyone know if there where the new trailer is coming out? Is it online? I read something about a new trailer... I thought the 1st one was pretty good, there is no way in hades I am reading that spoiler... Thanks in advance...

Changed the title. All M.Night Shyamalan movies can be discussed. Easier this way.

no no....sorry, i meant the color themes....i saw the movie, but at that point wasn't really straining to see any depth to movies....i dont remember red being a strong focus there tho...

Found this on Moviecity news ... about a new trailer being shown for The Village this Monday and next Monday.

Here's the article:


scott hiwersh
awesome... will it be online anytime before that?

both Bruce Willis and Samuel L Jackson have their signature colours - one is green, one is purple - look at their clothes - links to superhero idea - every superhero has 'their' colour.

Ahhhhh....I see what you're saying.....but i wonder what they mean....and if they even mean anything to Shyamalan, ya kno? most directors have personal reasons for the intricacies of their directing....

Tim Burton...nuff sad....lol

scott hiwersh
Bump to see if anyone had seen the new trailer for the villlage... There was a newer one released last night, on a Shyamalan special on abc. I know it must be up online now.

I thought the trailer was very good. This is definitely going to be another Shyamalan hit. I found the trailer on Comingsoon... here's the link:


I had heard that supposed spoiler as well, but from what I've heard it's not true.

This is the real spoiler

joaquin phoenix is an alien superhero who sees dead people, oh yeah, and he's a woman. It's basically a combination of all his other movies and the crying game.

you may doubt me, but we'll just have to wait for the movie to see laughing

scott hiwersh
Pretty funny... but in all seriousness, I think this will kick some serious ass. I can't imagine the script was leaked that easily, it has to be BS....

that is pretty interesting that the script got "leaked", i cant imagine that its that simple to do...but who knows. i hope to see more trailers or something soon....i need to start dissecting this one as much as I can...shyamalan can pack a whole lot into his flicks....

since were specking about his movies; did any one understand
UN-BREAKABLE. i just watched it for the first time and i liked it a way lot more then my time in the theater.

scott hiwersh
Unbreakable is great. All of Shyamalan's thrillers are great. I think you just have to get a feel for the style of film he creates. I have really grown to respect his films, which is one of the main reasons I am excited for The Village...

I ono bout all of u ppls but I lUV THE SIXTH SENSE!!!and haley joel Osent!!!Hes soo HOT!

unbreakable is my fav of his, and def didnt appreciate it till I viewed it outside of the theater.....so amazing. great concept too, just maybe a bit before its time. i dunno....def one of my favs.

scott hiwersh
Is it true that it was supposed to be part of a trilogy? That would be interesting... I over heard some people talking about it and it made me wonder how it would be expanded upon. Regardless though, The Village is going to rock, and I hope Shyamalan continues to bring on new films... his have been some of my favorites.

it is true about the trilogy, i just found that out recently as well. apparently shyamalan was disappointed with the response he got from the audience during the release of Unbreakable, that he decided against it altogether. and thats really too bad if you think about it, samual L and Bruce Willis could've done some really cool stuff together if you think about it.

scott hiwersh
That would have been unbelievable. Oh, maybe it will happen at some point... Do you know if there has been any additional VIllage stuff released lately? There were those 2 trailers a couple of weeks ago, but nothing sense, at least that I know about...

scott hiwersh
Bump to see if anyone saw this...


The Sci Fi Channel is airing a "documentary" on "The Sixth Sense" and "Signs" director M. Night Shyamalan titled, "Portrait Of A Filmmaker: M. Night Shyamalan". Episodes will air simultaneous to the release of Shyamalan's new feature "The Village" this coming summer.

Nathanial Kahn ("My Architect"wink directed the series and is credited with writing as well, though the project was actually written and executive produced by Shyamalan himself!

The "documentary" is a FICTIONAL piece in the spirit of "The Blair Witch Project" that emulates the suspense/thriller aspects of "The Village". It will be presented as a factual documentary highlighting the making of "The Village", as well as the achievements and background of its subject, M. Night Shyamalan.

scott hiwersh
I just saw tha you can watch the long trailer, the 7 minute one, on JoBlo... I don't know how they got it up, but it is up...

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