new movies??

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Uh, does anyone know any new movies Johnny Depp has coming out to theaters this year? I mean I know he is filming the POTC 2 before long and then that Willa wonka chocolate factory movie and then Liberty Bell or something like that but I wasn't really sure when they came out... So just wondered if anyone else knew big grin



Once upon a time in mexico has come and gone from the movies but he will star in 'willy wonka and the chocolate factory'

Wrong Forum...

whats k?

it means ok.....I so wanted to be in C&tCF but Veruca has alrady been casted and her name is Julia Winter..........RRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!

chocolat and johnny, my favourite combination.... happy (this sounds familiar, did i say this before... huh wink )

Dont think so...but that is a gr8 combo...Jhonny and Chocolate, chocolate with Jhonny.......lalalalalalala... lala land!!!!! hah u peeps probably already know dis but Jhonny was already in a movie called Chocolat...thats funny, haha Jhonny & chocolate, chocolate and...sry ok, new movies...? I really dont know, but You could find out by researching wink

oh dude was tht wht u were talkin about? Choclat? oops sry, thought you meant CHOCOLATE as in candy ya know...ok I'm leavin stick out tongue lol

Finding Neverland, The Libertine, CATCF, Pirates 2 AND 3, the rum diaries, and there are a few more that we're not sure he's signed on to do, but why is it in this forum, what about the Johnny Depp thread!!!!!

good question...I sure dont know, as usual!!

theres another film coming out in 2006 called "the butterflies and dividing bells".....or something like that...i think....

yes there is.

KEWL........glad 2 no i'm not making up stories......LOL laughing

thanks guyssmile

Does anyone know if in any of the upcoming movies with Johnny depp if there any teen parts? shifty

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