Terminator 4: News, Rumors, and Speculation

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Hello. I have some inside information on T4, and T5 storylines, that I wish to share.

As the T3 movie is termed "rise of the machines" T4 is the "war of the machines".

T4 indeed begins when conner is in the fall out shelter and after the major attack he leaves the shelter.

The story continues to take place after the major attack and during the specific attacks.

One may wonder why an arnold terminator (with skin) is needed.

For this one must only look to the words of arnold in the trailor in T3.

The t-101's that were designed for specific assasination missions were given skin....

...and it was on this programmed assasination mission that arnold killed conner in the future.

Conner now knows this however, and it is his advantage.

T4 and T5 (specifically which is not determined) will deal with this assasination mission.

Also, remember that traveling back into time during these 3 movies has altered the future.

And remember that the terminator does indeed state that conner leads the resistance to victory...

i dont get it

your saying the resistance overcome the machines then win the war then a t800 kills john. if you dont know what i mean how could a terminator kill john if the resistance destroys them all??

I'm saying that the terminator stated that the resistance overcomes the missions, and thus this would occur in the storyline of the two movies.

What is the t800? Arnold is a T-101

John does not need to live for the resistance to overcome them, he could die before it but they could carry on further with our him.

man v dont even know wheather there will b t4 so letz just pray that there is rather than what will happen in it

Actually, if you took the time to do your footwork you'd learn that terminator 4 began production 2 months ago - and that arnold and claire danes have both singed on for t4 AND t5 already.

how do u no that t4 began production 2 months ago. and by the way, every1 knowz that the cast is signed for 2 more movies but if this movie isn't a hit there will b no use for another terminator movie. they will just stop right there

How do I know? In case you didn't notice I said I am an insider.




for your information t3 didn't break any box office records. i really wanted it to. it did very well. 137 million dollarz in america. but thatz not a record by any meanz. and second of all YOU ARE NOT AN INSIDER! lol.i mean GET REAL MAN. prove me wrong by showing me u r an insider. FINDING NEMO AND RELOADED are the top 2 box office movies in america this year. i dont know how t3 did worldwide. i really want it 2 do well

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what? u r talking like a racist. oh and by the way, if u r an insider then i am john conner in terminator4

stupidness... no need for T4 or T5.....

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Like secretUser said "i guess this is evidence in how volatile and unsafe pakistani's are."!!!
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SecretUser, can you tell us how you can prove you are an insider? And eveybody must remember production doesn't necessarily mean filming..and for whowver asked,, arnold is a t-800, but more specificaclly he is a csm-101 NOT a T-101 regardless of what t3 says. I don't know why, but that aggrivates me.. for everybody's info, a reveiwer of t1 and t2 years ago called arnie a t-800 but until t3 i have still yet to see any definitive proof that arnie is anything but a csm-101.. and kyle said it in t1 it was on the front cover of t1 and arnold said it in t2....and in the t2 trailer during the skin process is said cyberdyine systems model 101....thad is a model number.. not a terminator number.. there's a difference.. arnild is both and always has been.. franck columbo in t1 in reeses bunker.. he's not a 101.. likely a 102 or something but he IS a t-800, a member of the 800 series.. a sucessor of the rubber skinned 600 series...

Hey please people no mor name calling.. i had to vent on alic88 the other day for name calleing and resorted to that myself, but that;s over can we all just get along?

by the way i thinkd it's ok for us all to talk about the contents of t4...

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Dulobast i said to you, "you know very well terminator movies, and you could try to write someone to hear your story" and you didnt even try that. I know you more than me about terminator...so...

Well then why do you have som much attitude towards my comments regarding machines and them being self aware?

Beause you're mixing holywood and reality...

okay cocoon u really did hurt my feelings by saying my country sucks. would u like it if i said that about your country?! this is a terminator forum, not country forum

You dont know where is slovenia:-)))))))....OK, Slovenia is in central Europe near Italy and Austria. Next year (1st May 2004) we will join in European Union or EU. In Slovenia we are learning two foreign lenguages - Germany and English...and Slovenish lenguage is one of the hardest to learn, that's why i dont speak english so well. Today (31 JULY 2003) will be big premiere TERMINATOR 3: Rise of the machines...maybe you're woundering, where i saw Terminator?...my friend from germany take me to Dortmund where they have a big cinemas and there was first Terminator 3 premiere. In Slovenia is not so good expactations about movie, i guess i'm the only one Terminator fanatic in this country.

PS. Why are you copying Dulobasts text?...i respect his commentaries, not yours, because yours are just copy of his. That's why U SUCK...make your own upinion!!!

i do make my own opinion. and by the way, believe it or not baby: t3 was released 25 july in PAKISTAN. like i said BELIEVE IT OR NOT. no none of the cast members or any one of them were there for the premiere but still you know, its cool 2 have a good movie like t3 in pakistan before uk.
NO COCOON: U SUCK, i do make my own opinion. if they are related with duloblast thatz n other story

look i dont care what you're saying to me...you're just angree on me bacause i told you a truth.

PS: i dont believe you!

cocoon u need 2 get a life. u r so obsessed with the first 2 terminators that u cant even look at the third 1. u need 2 look at the third 1 with a different set of eyes. for once, cool down and try 2 watch the film without thinking about cameron( i know thatz hard considering that he created this). dont compare it with the first 2 and then watch it


hey guys we r getting some important info on t4 so its better if u stop fighting .


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who was the secret info?

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My name is Neo9
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Here's my OPENING SCENE, starts from BLACK SCREEN... or the UNIVERSAL LOGO, PLANET EARTH spinning in space

JOHN CONNOR: (voice over) 'The future is not set... We have no fate but what we make for ourselves...

It was all a lie! A lie I told myself! From the future, to prevent Judgment Day, to prevent the extinction of Mankind...

I failed...'

VARIOUS SCENES from the END OF T3:RISE OF THE MACHINES, showing the launch of multiple nukes, destruction around the world

'3 billion lives lost... entire cities vaporized... the planet decimated by nuclear war... War started by machines, machines built by man to help us live, had turned against us....

They decided our fate in a microsecond...
Mankind had taken its toll on the world;
We were obsolete...'

MORE SCENES of wasteland and nuclear winter enveloping the world, finally coming to focus on CRYSTAL PEAK, the entrance cave collapsed, sealing the bunker from the outside world

'I failed in my mission to prevent this Hell.
Still I had survived. Guided by a machine, protected, defended, ultimately saved by that machine, a Terminator, sent from the very future from which I was running, I had been given another chance...
A chance to set things right, to truly test Fate, a chance to live again.

I had survived, to prove that Mankind could... would survive!'


SAC-COM COLORADO: 'Is anybody reading me? Can anyone hear me? We have lost all command and control. What's going on out there? Is anyone receiving?'

JOHN CONNOR: This is John Connor, at Crystal Peak. I read you... we are here...

SAC-COM COLORADO: 'Connor? Who's in charge there?'

JOHN: I am...

JOHN (voice over): 'Just like that, it was begun. The human resistance movement started small, very small. But, rapidly, we grew in strength and number. From bunkers and shelters scattered throughout the mountains, they came...'

JOHN and KATE blast their way from CRYSTAL PEAK with C-4 bombs from T3

JOHN (voice over):Crystal Peak became a central stronghold, Kate and I its official 'Leaders'. Fate guided me, guided us, along a dangerous path into conflict and confrontation with our destinies, and into war against the machines...'

SCENES of RESISTANCE FORCES making way through mountain passes to CRYSTAL PEAK, avoiding various MACHINE SENTRIES, FLYING H/Ks, T-1s, T-20s...

'It wouldn't be long before the machines would bring the fight to us, I knew. And, in knowing that, I decided it might instead be best to take the fight to them!'

BATTLE SCENES like previous T1, T2, T3 Future War scenes, only now Younger John and other resistance fighters wage the battles, find and exploit weakness in the machines, salvaging weapons and technology from the wreckage

'To use any advantage from knowing the history of things to come and the technological advances the machines would soon be capable of... Using everything I knew of what was ahead, passing the knowledge to others, while holing up at Crystal Peak...'

SCENES of KATE and other TECHNICAL SUPPORT PEOPLE recovering the remnants of the T-850 and T-X cyborgs from the ruins at CRYSTAL PEAK

'And waiting... long periods of waiting... 5 years of waiting, and hoping. Only venturing out, bringing the fight to the machines closer to their turf, keeping ourselves safely tucked away, off the grid...

Five years we struggled, five years of eternal night, until the skies began to clear some, and dim slivers of sunlight would filter through for a few hours each day... Five years, Crystal Peak resistance forces gathered and survived, regrouped and rebuilt a society...

While we waited, we made some 'advances' of our own...
Some came quicker, and more unexpectedly, than others...'

Kate's pregnant, the resistance reconstructs the 2 Terminators, etc etc...

'But, finally, we were ready... The future is not set! We have no Fate but what we make for ourselves! That future is now!'

...... OPENING CREDITS etc etc....

that's it! In the spirit of Christmas, I give you T fans this gift.
Now, bash away, bash away, bash away all!
smokin' confused embarrasment sick

(so far I have about 20 pages of crap like this, if you want more...)

thank you santa for the xmas gift. script sounds good

Thanks Carnage! and you're welcome for the gift... not like the story will go anywhere but my PC any way, so why not share with the fans... Of course, there's more dialogue and action in that opening scene, shows more of the overall layout inside Crystal Peak, that there's more to it than just that large computer room, shows John in a radiation suit, mask and gloves the whole deal, digging out, setting explosives, talking to Katherine (I call her Kate, because its shorter!) They blast their way out, and get some comm-chatter from nearby bunkers, and discover and recover the 2 Terminator leftovers, then get to the 'waiting'... its about 3 or 4 pages before the credits and the real start...

December 20, 2015, 8 years or so after when I have placed T3, 2007, the story picks up...

I'll post more in a day or so....

ya plz do. really that was very cool. well done, i could picture it very well myself.only 1 thing: i think there is only 1 tx cyborg ever built? i may b wrong. and also i was imagining the terminator theme in the begining when john is doing those voice overz

There may have only ever been 1 T-X ever built originally, but when T-850 destroys T-X at Crystal Peak, both T-850 and T-X endoskeletons are left pretty much in tact, but deactivated, under the blast doors when the bombs hit... John, well, Kate and a group of Resistance techs collect the remnants of both cyborgs, and rebuild them, using components they salvage from the other machines that are defeated in the early conflicts... I'll flesh the whole scene out completely for you, since I skipped over some details in the original posting of the opening scene...


The 'UNIVERSAL' tag fades, while the PLANET EARTH continues to spin (kinda like the opening of WATERWORLD)

JOHN CONNOR: (voice over) 'The future is not set... We have no fate but what we make for ourselves...

It was all a lie! A lie I told myself! From the future, to prevent Judgment Day, to prevent the extinction of Mankind...

I failed...'

UNIVERSAL PLANET EARTH LOGO suddenly alight with hundreds of NUCLEAR MISSILE launches, vapor trails and explosions dotting the surface

VARIOUS SCENES from the END OF T3:RISE OF THE MACHINES, showing the launch of multiple nukes, destruction around the world

JOHN and KATE trapped at CRYSTAL PEAK, T-850 terminates T-X using fusion power cell as bomb. T-850, T-X endoskeltons remain in tact, pinned under blast doors. Power cell explosion causes catastrophic cave-in, sealing entrance to CRYSTAL PEAK as bombs fall around the world...

'3 billion lives lost... entire cities vaporized... the planet decimated by nuclear war... War started by machines, machines built by man to help us live, had turned against us....

They decided our fate in a microsecond...
Mankind had taken its toll on the world;
We were obsolete...'

MORE SCENES of wasteland and nuclear winter enveloping the world (like the nuclear winter playground scene in T1 and T2) SCENE finally focus on CRYSTAL PEAK, the entrance cave collapsed, sealing the bunker from the outside world

'I failed in my mission to prevent this Hell.
Still I had survived. Guided by a machine, protected, defended, ultimately saved by that machine, a Terminator, sent from the very future from which I was running, I had been given another chance...
A chance to set things right, to truly test Fate, a chance to live again.

I had survived, to prove that Mankind could... would survive!'


SAC-COM COLORADO: 'Is anybody reading me? Can anyone hear me? We have lost all command and control. What's going on out there? Is anyone receiving?'

JOHN CONNOR: This is John Connor, at Crystal Peak. I read you... we are here...

SAC-COM COLORADO: 'Connor? Who's in charge there?'

JOHN: I am...

MUSIC: ORIGINAL TERMINATOR THEME (probably with a new BEAT added)


FLAMES consume the TITLE graphic, written as always in TERMINATOR FONT, when FLAMES fade, TERMINATOR logo is charred from silver to brown, as...


MONTAGE of SHOTS and SCENES as CREDITS fade in and out

-JOHN (Nick Stahl) and KATHERINE (Claire Daines) perform various functions to 'power-up' their new home CRYSTAL PEAK, activate computers, database modules, and other equipment seen in that huge room.

-Using 'the red folder' GENERAL BREWSTER'S file, 'CRYSTAL PEAK COMMAND & CONTROL FUNCTIONS' to unlock 'The Vault' revealing food, water, clothing and supplies enough to support 100 people for 10 years

-Unlocking secondary vault, containing RADIATION/CONTAMINATION gear, equipment and supplies, RAD-SUITS, REBREATHER MASKS, HOODS, GLOVES, BOOTS as well as a complete DECONTAMINATION CHAMBER

-PAN and SCAN thru BUNKS/BILLET AREA, enough for 100 people to live comfortably, LAB/RESEARCH FACILITY, and WEAPONS VAULT, containing PROTOTYPE PULSE RIFLES, PISTOLS along with various other modern-day military-issue weapons, M-16s, shotguns, 9-mm pistols...


John Connor prepares PLASTIC EXPLOSIVES CHARGES at the cave-in
John wears a complete RADIATION SUIT while he works so close to the contaminated surface of the planet, and we hear the sound of crackling voice-communication as he works

JOHN: How we lookin' Kate?

KATE (voice over, over John's Comm-Unit):Rads are looking nominal this morning, no heat signatures or movement of any kind detected on the surface... Looks clear... Over...

JOHN(laughing): I told you a million times, they always only ever say 'OVER' when they are talking in a group, to let the rest of the group know it's clear to respond! It's only ME out here, hun... I ALWAYS know it's clear to respond! Ha!

KATE(laughing):Hey! Who's the military brat here, and who's the scab off the streets, bub?... OVER

JOHN (apparently ignoring her): Fire in the hole, beautiful... Fire in the hole!

The large mound of gravel, rock and rubble suddenly and violently explodes outward, a thunderous noise erupting from within as the EXPLOSIVE CHARGES detonate. The chasm is partially cleared, allowing air and light to stream in from the outside world.

JOHN crawls from the gap in the rubble, carefully, cautiously, almost daintily, to avoid tearing the RAD-SUIT on any sharp edges of debris. He surveys the surroundings casually, awed by the sight, a Geiger counter clicking and humming steadily in his hand all the while, his breathing somewhat erratic from stress and anxiety of being outside the confines of the bunker.

All is clear...

JOHN: All clear... Kate, you should see this! It's incredible!

KATE (distracted): Did you just call me beautiful there, Connor?(recalling John's comments immediately before the blast)

JOHN: Well, you are destined to be my wife... and you ARE the most beautiful woman I have seen this whole last year or so...

KATE: I'm the ONLY woman you've seen! But the future is not set, buddy! Don't get your hopes up!
And, thank you... It has been awhile, hasn't it?

JOHN (no longer distracted in the moment): OK OK... I'm coming back down. I think I can work it so we can close the blast doors again, once I clear away enough of the rocks... Then we can contact Colorado, Nevada, and Arizona, and rally the troops...

KATE:...always the romantic, Connor... See you after decon... (a beat) OVER! (giggles)

JOHN disappears back into the gap in the rock, descending into the BUNKER once more. All is silent on the surface, until...

JOHN: Kate! Kate! I found something! It's Him! It's Them! The Terminators! Well, what's left of them any way... They're still here!
Maybe we---

KATE (interrupting): John! I got something on the radio! It's SAC-COM Nevada! They have begun to mobilize! Come quick! Get through decontamination, and get up here! John?!

JOHN crawls back under the blast door, past the charred and forms of the T-850 and T-X endoskeletal remains, their optical sensor ports dull and dead utterly devoid of any signs of life. Terminators, terminated.

FADE to BLACK, as JOHN chatters with KATE

JOHN (voice over): 'Just like that, it was begun. The human resistance movement started small, very small. But, rapidly, we grew in strength and number. From bunkers and shelters scattered throughout the mountains, they came...

Crystal Peak became a central stronghold, Kate and I its official 'Leaders'. Fate guided me, guided us, along a dangerous path into conflict and confrontation with our destinies, and into war against the machines...'

VARIOUS SCENES of RESISTANCE FORCES making way through mountain passes to CRYSTAL PEAK, avoiding various MACHINE SENTRIES, FLYING H/Ks, T-1s, T-20s...

'It wouldn't be long before the machines would bring the fight to us, I knew. And, in knowing that, I decided it might instead be best to take the fight to them!'

BATTLE SCENES like previous T1, T2, T3 Future War scenes, only now Younger John and other resistance fighters wage the battles, find and exploit weakness in the machines, salvaging weapons and technology from the wreckage

'To use any advantage from knowing the history of things to come and the technological advances the machines would soon be capable of... Using everything I knew of what was ahead, passing the knowledge to others, while holing up at Crystal Peak...'

SCENES of KATE and JOHN taking turns making RADIO CONTACT and communication with the outside world, plotting with other bunkers and shelters in the area

'And waiting... long periods of waiting... 5 years of waiting, and hoping. Only venturing out, bringing the fight to the machines closer to their turf, keeping ourselves safely tucked away, off the grid...

Five years we struggled, five years of eternal night, until the skies began to clear some, and dim slivers of sunlight would filter through for a few hours each day... Five years, Crystal Peak resistance forces gathered and survived, regrouped and rebuilt a society...

While we waited, we made some 'advances' of our own...
Some came quicker, and more unexpectedly, than others...'

VARIOUS TECHS work with feverish determination on a 'PROJECT' which remains shrouded beneath a large sheet or tarp. Lots of ELECTRONIC EQUIPMENT and COMPONENTS scattered throughout the LAB, but nothing of what is hidden under the tarp is revealed...




KATE and VARIOUS TECHS perform various tests and tasks in, on and around SHROUDED PROJECT AREA, all nodding and chatting excitedly about the project

After a few moments, JOHN CONNOR enters, trailed by a few LIEUTENANTS. As KATE turns from the PROJECT SHROUD, we see that she is VERY PREGNANT! Kate goes to John and they embrace and kiss, then both turn their attention to the TECHS, while the LIEUTENANTS also look on

JOHN: Well, this surprise is obviously not what I was 'expecting' pardon the pun...

John looks to Kate, patting her stomach gently and smiling

JOHN: What's going on, Kate? What's all the excitement?

Kate steps to the SHROUD, beaming brightly

KATE: THIS is what's going on, Connor!

Kate pulls away the shroud, revealing TWIN TX-850 CYBORG UNITS, composed of various mixed-and-matched components from both CYBORG ENDOSKELETONS recovered from the entrance.

One of the CYBORGS, marked with a stenciled 'B' is incomplete, missing it's left arm and right leg, as well as some few metallic plate structures and armor in key places on its chassis, chest, back and skull, compared to the 'A' model which appears fully-reconstructed and almost 'alive'

KATE: They are not quite as you remember them, and they're not perfect... We adapted the poly-mnemonic 'skin' shell casing for both units, so... watch...

KATE activates some things on the TX-850A chest and the liquid metal begins to flow, encasing the endoskeleton completely

KATE: They will both be able to take the form of anything they sample by physical contact... for example...

KATE presses a few buttons on her mobile keypad... The TX-850A morphs and changes its appearance from liquid silver to (this is where Duane 'The Rock' Johnson, or Arnold, or whoever first appears... this is how the 'new' Terminator is born!)

JOHN (gaping, in awe): My God, Kate! You... you really did it?!

KATE(nodding, beaming): That's right! The first, fully-functional, 'human-made' cybernetic organisms! We call them TX-850A and B, since we essentially had to break them all down and rebuild from scratch using the leftovers from the original 850 and T-X models, as well as all the bits and pieces you guys bring back from the field... The CPUs were still very much in tact, and quite easy to reprogram with whatever parameters we choose. We should have all the necessary components to comple---

JOHN (angry): Forget what you call them, Kate! I can't believe you got them back together, let alone programmed them and powered them up!

KATE: What's wrong, John? I thought you wanted to try to WIN this war? I thought 'any advantage we can get, any way to manipulate the history of things to come...' That's what you always said!

JOHN: I... I know! Maybe... I was wrong!

KATE (adamant): NO! JOHN! You were not wrong! None of what we have done here these last 5 years has been wrong! We are alive, we are surviving, we are thriving! None of that is wrong!

Kate holds John's hand, placing it on her smooth round stomach once again

KATE (softly, warmly): None of it... OK?

JOHN (nodding): OK... So, what can they do?

VARIOUS SCENES: THE TX-850 MONTAGE, as Kate and technicians demonstrate the TX-850A new and improved skills, strengths etc. The one notable difference in the TX-850A compared to the usual T-800 series model we are used to: TX-850A's OPTICAL SENSORS glow BLUE, rather than RED, like the original version...

KATE (voice over):Visual acuity is 225% that of normal human range and quality... infrared and ultraviolet spectral analysis in wide range, ultra-high magnification and scanning, targeting still in tact. It's really amazing! Weapons accuracy is 99.7---

John grabs Kate, spinning her toward him, and away from the TX-850A

JOHN (interrupting): You let this thing have access to our weapons?

Kate nods, then cringes and wrinkles her nose in that cute way that only Claire Daines can... immediately regretful of her response as he notes the expression on John's face

JOHN: DON'T! Just don't!

TX-850A, Kate and TECHS look on as John releases Kate and storms from the RESEARCH LAB, his LIEUTENANTS following on his heels. Kate appears stunned and bewildered but a moment later composes herself and seems thoughtful, reflective, and nods to herself

............................................. eek!

OK, so is that better? That's about 7 pages into it... maybe 10 or 15 minutes or more on film with all the montages and battle scenes etc etc... sets the stage for about 2 hours of excitement and Future War raging, I think. And, you can maybe see where the conflict inside Crystal Peak will grow and change and develop as the rest of the story progresses...

more to come, folks! stay tuned! (all 2 of ya!)
Happy Dance rolling on floor laughing Happy Dance

John tosses and turns uneasily in bed, sleeping, perspiring, obviously dreaming

JOHN'S DREAM-- THE FUTURE WAR, TRACKED HUNTER-KILLERS and TRANSPORT VEHICLES roll across the ashen plains, plains littered with thousands of human skulls and skeletal remains. The BATTLE TANKS fire volleys of PLASMA PULSE CANNON FIRE at the few RESISTANCE FIGHTERS who move between covered and concealed positions scattered across the field of death.

JOHN leads a SQUAD against the on-coming BATTLE TANKS, firing ineffective shots against the impenetrable hull of the beastly vehicle, charging from one concealed position to another, moving ever closer to the LEAD BATTLE TANK.

Finally within range, John shoulders a ROCKET LAUNCHER and takes careful aim before firing, while the rest of his SQUAD draw enemy fire by continuing to engage the TANK with their smaller, ineffective PULSE RIFLES and PISTOLS. The ROCKET strikes the BATTLE TANK TRACK, perfect aim! The BATTLE TANK grinds to an uneasy stop, dead on the battle field.

John tosses the expended LAUNCHER and rallies the SQUAD to the disabled vehicle. At the rear of the BATTLE TANK, a LARGE PANEL pivots down and open; a DOOR to the INTERIOR, the belly of the beast, and a FIGURE marches from within the compartment.

JOHN and the SQUAD stop and stare as the T-850 stalks from the tank, facing off against the humans stoically.

"John Connor..." the CYBORG T-850 drones. John inexplicably steps forward from the small group of men and women under his charge, squaring off against his Friend/his Enemy, the TERMINATOR.

"You are terminated." the T-850 decides John's fate in a microsecond, and a microsecond later, John is caught by the neck in the grip of the T-850, and lifted from the ground. In a moment, all life is crushed out of John Connor before he can even react or fight back...

As the darkness of death overtakes him, Katherine screams from somewhere in the black... "JOHN!"

KATE: Wake up, sweetheart... John?

JOHN wakes with a start, gasping for air, shivering with anxiety and fear

Kate is sitting at John's bedside, and she jumps when he wakes so suddenly. John frowns and shakes his head vigorously, trying desperately to forget the telling images. Kate knows without knowing, and she caresses John tenderly.

KATE: The dream again?

JOHN(heaving a heavy breath): It's coming... I feel it!

KATE: We will be ready, John. We're growing stronger every day! And now, with the TX-8---

John pushes away from her embrace, staring into her eyes hard and deep

JOHN: Do you really think we can change anything, Kate? Change the future? Change Fate? Change our... my... destiny? Look outside, Kate! It's all come true!!

KATE: It all happened, Yes, I know! But most of everything was put into motion before you were even born, before you grew and learned that we COULD change things! This shit should have happened years ago, John! Who knows what Hell we would be into by now if not for everything you did back then to change it!

John cannot help but nod, still watching Kate intently, reading her every move and expression, drawing strength and confidence in himself, from her words and poise

KATE: We will change Fate! We have to! I don't want to lose you, Connor!

Kate takes John's trembling hand, placing it on her smooth round stomach

KATE: You are too important to me, to us... to us all!
I love you John... I always have...

John smiles and cries at Kate's strength and determination and love for him, how very much she reminds him of his lost mother, and he embraces his lovely wife whole-heartedly again

JOHN: You know I just might be crazy, right?

KATE: This whole nightmare is nuts, John! But, no matter what has happened, or what is still to come. I Love You! Who would have guessed I would be saying that after all these years, after the way you left me in Mike Cripkey's basement?!

JOHN: That was 20 years ago, Kate! I was a different person back then!
(inside joke in reference to the days of Edward Furlong as JOHN CONNOR)

John recovers from his fears, rising from the bed, sweeping Kate up and into his arms before getting back to business

JOHN: So, what's the word from Colorado?

KATE: At last report, Captain Perry and the One-Thirty-Second were being mobilized and prepped to move. They should be here in a week, 10 days tops, if things go well...

JOHN: Good! Then we can get to work taking back California!

Kate suddenly goes pale a bit herself, gaping at John in stunned silence
John recognizes this silence, leans in and kisses her pursed lips

JOHN: 'No fate but what we make for ourselves...' Remember? It's been long enough, we are getting stronger every day. It's time to start making some changes!

Kate finds her voice again, barely

KATE: uhhh, OK... I guess I'll stay here and make sure the TX-850s are---

JOHN: I want to take him with me, Kate.

Again, eerie stunned silence follows from Kate

JOHN: If anything's going to happen, it's going to happen, right?
I got close to the Terminator once, and it changed things, changed everything! If I want to continue to change Fate again, I have to keep that big hunk of steel close to me, at the very least to prevent him stabbing me in the back!

Kate hardly seems convinced, not as easily swayed by his logic as he was by hers

JOHN: Don't worry, Kate... You helped rebuild these things, remember? And nothing that comes from you could ever hurt me, right?

That does it, Kate finally cracks a slight smile, nodding, nuzzling John tenderly...

That pretty much gets things rolling in the first 30 minutes or so of film... next comes the introduction or PERRY'S FORCES transporting a group of REFUGEES from their over-run base-camp to Crystal Peak... anyone who knows Perry's connection to the Terminator movies will probably know which other character will be introduced in this section, and might be able to guess where this segment of the script will lead: more encounters with the machines, more death and destruction, loss of hope, capture, torture, pain and suffering, etc etc...

Any further comments, suggestions, insights, or insults? Let me know here or at [email protected]

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Well it certainly began in exactly the way the introduction would start! Very professionally done... HOWEVER; I would prefer Terminator four to concentrate on events soon after the nuclear holocaust. Ans this may be out of the question, but I would also like to see a new terminator... though it would have to have a different mission.

Wesley Snipes was good terminator material.

bravo slickrick. i know this is 2 far, but y dont u somehow like write this 2 mostow or stan winston.u can reach em somehow!

WOW! alic... to think a week ago, I was an idiot and you couldn't manage to read long posts... and now, I am your God!


just wait... it gets better, and worse...

if the posts r exiting i can read em


KATE and TECHS perform final checks on TX-850A, while JOHN stands by

KATE activates the poly-mnmetic alloy inducer, the TX-850A begins to take shape, then KATE flips some switches, types some keyboard commands, and presses some buttons and the BLUE OPTICAL SENSORS flash to life, just as the human face is formed over them; the TX-850A is operational!


TX-850A scans surroundings, gathering info on JOHN, KATE, TECHS, and control room

KATE punches a few more keys and the TX-850A steps free from the CONTROL PLATFORM, fully-aware and free

TX-850A approaches JOHN, JOHN stands firm

TX-850A: John Connor...

JOHN has a momentary flash of his nightmare, as TX-850A extends its arm and hand toward him...

TX-850 flashes the 'Thumbs Up' then renders a sharp if robotic salute to JOHN

JOHN looks to KATE and she shrugs

KATE: It was either that or have him dance a jig...

JOHN: Let's take this outside...

MONTAGE: JOHN and TX-850A 'bonding'/training/learning...


Short section this time, I gotta go to my real work! smile
More to come!


The 132 TAC-COM Resistance Unit, led by CAPTAIN PERRY, guides a rag-tag, tattered convoy of REFUGEES from their over-run bunkers spread across the WASTELANDS of the South-West United States.

CAPT. PERRY is a rugged, battle-worn and weary warrior, far many more years etched on his face since Judgment Day that would be evident by his birth record, if those records even still existed. SQUAD consists of 24 MEN, barely distinguishable amongst the disheveled masses of REFUGEES whom they are defending. The only things that set the RESISTANCE FIGHTERS apart from the REFUGEES are some few scraps of make-shift body armor and an ARM PATCH with the 132nd TAC-COM UNIT INSIGNIA.

There are from 50-75 REFUGEES in the convoy, all moving in small groups, each group flanked by 3 or 4 SOLDIERS. It is remarkably quiet in the eerie dark blue and purple of near-night, with only the trudging of footsteps heard over the whisper of wind down the canyon pass.

The 6 GROUP LEADERS, each responsible for 10-12 REFUGEES as well as 4 or 5 TROOPERS are:

Suddenly, the silence is lifted, the whistling of the wind becomes an obvious, audible SHRIEK of MECHANICAL ENERGY

BJERKEN (checking scanner equipment): Shriekers, incoming! Just over the ridge and closing fast!

PERRY (scanning the canyon walls ahead): Mini-Hunters! Damn!

a beat as PERRY notes something up ahead

PERRY: To the caves! Everyone, move!!

The RESISTANCE TROOPS do their best to usher the REFUGEES quickly and quietly along the rocky canyon floor, toward the CAVES, but CAPT PERRY shakes his head and summons 3 TROOPS from the squad, with grunts and hand gestures, positioning his marksmen as the SHRIEK grows ever louder, closer...

A few moments pass as REFUGEES and SOLDIERS begin filing hastily into the dark 'security' offered by the few small opening in the rock face, as...

A GROUP OF 4 FLYING MINI-HUNTER DRONES swoop over the lip of the CANYON, and coast downward, toward the convoy

PHASE CANNONS blast away from the fronts of the lead DRONES, scorching REFUGEES and SOLDIERS alike with their powerful bursts

PERRY: Wait for it...

ONE MARKSMAN TROOPER is too anxious though, and fires a quick volley from his covered and concealed position. The smaller, hand-held PULSE-PISTOL BURST is almost entirely absorbed by the DRONE ARMOR PLATE, causing the DRONE to teeter slightly from the shock, before turning and firing upon the TROOPER'S position. The TROOPER is blasted an instant later, and what remains of his body splatters over the area in a grotesque manner.

Only then do the REMAINING 3 MARKSMEN and CAPT. PERRY coordinate fire at the attacking DRONE, 3 PULSE PISTOL and PERRY'S PULSE RIFLE blasts hit the DRONE squarely, and the unit explodes in a brilliant flare of BLUE ENERGY and RED FLAME.

The remaining DRONES split up, 2 continue following the dense area of THERMAL ENERGY left as the CONVOY of REFUGEES and SOLDIERS enter the CAVES. The FINAL DRONE arcs high up and over the lip of the canyon once more, disappearing from the line of sight of the MARKSMEN below.

PERRY: Get to the caves! Move! MOVE!

PULSE CANNON BURSTS followed by explosions and multiple screams greet the MARKSMEN squad as they near the mouth of the CAVE. PERRY lingers near the rear, eying the sky for the ROGUE H/K DRONE. Once all the REFUGEES and TROOPS are 'safe' within the CAVES, PERRY shrugs and enters the LARGE CAVE himself.

3 SOLDIERS lay, dead, just within the entrance of the LARGE CAVE, their bodies still smoldering from PULSE CANNON ENERGY BLASTS. A second DRONE CHASSIS also sparks and burns, crashed and destroyed, while FRIGHTENED REFUGEES cower against the far wall of the chasm.

From another PASSAGEWAY off the LARGE CAVERN, more REFUGEES flood, screaming in terror and pain. PERRY kneels and scans the passage as the REFUGEES pass, and he is greeted by the familiar SHRIEK on fast approach. Multiple PULSE-PISTOL BURSTS light up the area behind the THIRD DRONE, a few finding their mark, enough to send the DRONE skittering into the CAVE WALL, crashing and exploding.

Still, ONE FEMALE REFUGEE screams and sobs, crying out in fear

FEMALE REFUGEE: Kyle? Where's Kyle?! Where is the boy? KYLE!

PERRY scans the PASSAGE as 4 of his TROOPERS stalk from the dark

ZWICK crosses the CAVERN to cover the only other PASSAGE out

SOLOMON steps in, bringing up the rear, quickly taking a knee against the near PASSAGE ENTRANCE, scouting down that passage, maintaining a secure perimeter.

PERRY moves to the FRANTIC REFUGEE, who is being threatened by a TROOPER


PERRY (sternly, but compassionately): ANDREWS! Stand down! Don't worry ma'am... we'll find your son.

WOMAN: No, not my son... I promised to look after him if... his parents... they didn't make it out...

PERRY: Understood. Andrews, Kent, Davison with me! The rest of you, Rally Point is HERE! Form a perimeter and keep the refugees safe! There's at least 1 more of these things out there, and who knows how many refugees scattered in these caves, so stay alert!

Across the cavern, KENT grumbles

PERRY: What's the problem, rough-neck?

SGT KENT steps forward a few paces, whispering gruffly

KENT: You're sticking us with the rooks, Cap! The kids! Me and Solly could mop up the last of the shreikers and rally the refugees back here in 2 shakes! I aint about to get wasted babysittin' a coupla weak-kneed momma's boys... c'mon, Cap! Cut me some slack!

PERRY considers KENT'S concerns for a few beats

PERRY: You're right, Sgt. Kent...
Sgt. Bjerken, front and center! YOU take Andrews, DAvison and a squad and clear these caves! Recover whatever refugees you find stragglin' and rally them back here ASAP!

BJERKEN nods and quickly summons ANDREWS, DAVISON and 4 TROOPERS, while PERRY steps up squarely into KENT'S face, steely-eyed and scowling

PERRY: You're on my shit-list, Kent! Med detail for you! I want every cut, scrape, bruise and hangnail on the refugees documented and doctored. Every sniffle stifled, every cough contained! And, if I hear even a whimper from any one of them or yourself, I swear by Christ I'll bust your ass right here in front of the whole lot of 'em... and not even Momma Zwick will hold your hand thru that!

Long moments of silence as KENT cowers and everyone else in the CAVE freezes and pretends not to be listening...

CAPT PERRY, having restored discipline and control amongst the SQUAD, carries on in fine military manner

PERRY: Zwick, Solomon, maintain the perimeter! And, Corporal Solomon, keep the comics stowed while you're on watch, or your ass will be joining Sergeant Kent on scab detail!
Move it out, people! Everyone else, stand ready to defend...

The REMAINING TROOPS all go out about either assisting KENT administering first aid to the REFUGEES, or assisting ZWICK and SOLOMON with perimeter defense, cleaning, reloading weapons, or other manner of preparations to hold position in the cave

Just outside PERRY'S line of sight, CORPORAL SOLOMON squats in a slight alcove in the rock. Out of sight, out of mind, SOLOMON rustles thru his rucksack, collecting a few tattered COMIC BOOKS. With a hearty smile, SOLOMON hunches down in the alcove and begins scanning the colorful pages

PAN UP FROM SOLOMON'S POSITION: NOTE slight sprinkle of dust and debris from overhead...


another 10 minutes of story or so, probably 30-40 minutes so far... what do you 3 think? any more comments?

make that 4. i like it. good job bud. keep it coming.

BJERKEN, ANDREWS, DAVISON and 4 TROOPERS spread out and stalk along the dark and dreary pass, checking the branches and off-shoots and alcoves for any signs of REFUGEES or MINI-FLYER activity.

The group comes to a convergence, where multiple passages come together and cross. BJERKEN raises a closed fist, signaling HALT! and the group scatters to the walls of the passage

BJERKEN looks around the small cavern nervously, uncertain how to proceed where so many options are available. He checks his squad, then steps to DAVISON near the corner of the passage entrance to the cavern.

BJERKEN: What'd'ya see Davison? Anything?

DAVISON flips down the NIGHT-VISION viewer attachment on his skull-cap and scans; far-left, left center, center, right-center...

DAVISON (gasping): Ohhh shiii----

DAVISON'S POV thru NIGHT-VISION headgear: A smallish heat signature registers, racing toward the group from a passage up ahead!

Before he can react further by raising his PULSE RIFLE, DAVISON is met by the ATTACKER head on, and both topple to the rocky cavern floor

The noise of the collision raises alarm with the others in the group and BJERKEN cracks a blue-light glo-stick, illuminating the area, while everyone else quickly draws a bead on the ATTACKER and DAVISON as they scuffle

DAVISON struggles for awhile under the weight and assault of the attacker, shrieking like a little girl the whole while, until finally he is able to shove his foe away. Once free from the entanglement, DAVISON and everyone immediately notices that the assailant is a LITTLE BOY!

ANDREWS: Kyle? Kyle Reese?

The boy seems to respond to the name looking apprehensively at the group of troops

ANDREWS: Yeah, sure it's you! You remember me, donchya, little dude? We played that game on Sergenat Solomon the other day, fresh outta base-camp; stole his favorite comics and hid out all afternoon, while he busted his ass looking all over! Busted Kent's ass too later, thinkin' he done it... -heh!-

DAVISON, a few TROOPERS chuckle some at ANDREWS recollection, obviously recalling the events of that day as well, recognizing the child, KYLE REESE

KYLE (confused, afraid): Where? Where are they? The shriekers?

ANDREWS steps up, helping DAVISON to his feet, while the others lower their weapons and let their guard down

ANDREWS: Forget about the--

KYLE (alarmed): SHRIEKERS!

Before anyone can react, ANDREWS' chest explodes violently outward, and the tunnel is lit up by a thunderous blast of PLASMA-ENERGY from behind the TROOPERS!! ANDREWS collapses with a whimper, his PLASMA RIFLE falling at KYLE'S feet. the boy duck and crouches low to the ground, while the others turn to take aim at the SHRIEKING DRONE on approach

PULSE-WEAPON ENERGY BOLTS light up the passage

The FLYING MINI-H/K evades the first volley , firing repeated bursts of its own back on the TROOPS in the confined space. 2 of the 4 TROOPERS are caught in one of the blasts, scorched and fried, killing them instantly.

BJERKEN, DAVISON and the remaining TROOPERS continue firing upon the DRONE.

The DRONE suffers minor damage and streaks past the group, skittering down the left-center tunnel. 2 TROOPERS rush after the DRONE, into the intersection

KYLE sits up as the TROOPERS pass, clutching ANDREWS' PULSE RIFLE, trying desperately to lift it

KYLE: Oh, no...

KYLE glances anxiously at BJERKEN as the TROOPERS approach the left-center passage

BJERKEN notes KYLE'S panic, and realizes something too late

BJERKEN: WAIT! Fall back! Guys, stop!

Too late! the TROOPERS glance back in recognition of their leader's commands, but, a moment later a rapid-fire blast of PLASMA ENERGY envelopes them both, consuming their bodies, virtually vaporizing the TROOPERS where they stand, and the DRONE streaks from the RIGHT-CENTER tunnel!


DAVISON, BJERKEN rage, opening fire upon the DRONE once more, as the H/K pivots and floats about toward their positions. Multiple PLASMA-RIFLE bursts finally penetrate the DRONE ARMOR-PLATE, and the DRONE explodes in a shower of sparks and energy

A few long-winded moments pass as the survivors survey the carnage

DAVISON: Tunnels all link up... bet you got all turned around in there, huh kid?

KYLE nods somberly, still struggling with the PLASMA RIFLE

BJERKEN finally notices what KYLE is doing and takes charge

BJERKEN: You better let me take care of that, Little Soldier... You drop that and the plasma-pac ruptures, and you'll be toast for sure!

BJERKEN scoops up ANDREWS' PLASMA RIFLE from KYLE'S grasp, lifting the boy from the ground as well, because KYLE refuses to release his hold on the over-sized weapon

DAVISON: Jeez, Sarge! Give the kid a break, huh?

BJERKEN does his best CAPT. PERRY expression, glaring at DAVISON

BJERKEN: After what just went down, what we just lived through, you tellin' me you think this 8-year-old kid oughta be carrying around an M-20 Phased Plasma Pulse Rifle, with half-pac charge? Is that right, Davison?

DAVISON looks away, corrected and dejected

BJERKEN: Now, by my count, that was Number 4... these drones always travel in fours, so we're done here! Gather up whatever you can salvage from the gear, Corporal. We gotta get back to the Rally Point ASAP, so we can clear outta here before the reinforcements show!

BJERKEN shoulders the second PLASMA RIFLE and storms off down the single path to the rear, in retreat from the criss-crossed paths in the small cavern

DAVISN slips his skull-cap off his head, and ruffles KYLE'S hair, patting the cap in place on KYLE'S head, smiling at the boy

KYLE flips the NIGHT-VISION goggles in place, and gasps in awe at the sights, giggling

DAVISON moves amongst the various remnants and gore-stained blast patterns that were once his fellow fighters, collecting rucksacks, ammunition and whatever else of value remains

KYLE: He was wrong you know...

DAVISON pauses a moment glancing toward where he had left KYLE, but jumps with a start when KYLE appears right next to him, drooling over a RATION-PACK DAVISON had collected from a TROOPER

DAVISON: Wrong? Who was wrong? Wrong about what?

DAVISON glances between KYLE and the RATION, shrugs and hands the food to the boy

KYLE accepts the RATION greedily, tearing into the plastic casing and attacking the enclosed freeze-dried and aluminum-sealed packages of food-stuffs

KYLE(mumbling, through mouthfuls): The big ugly man... Sarge! I'm not 8! I'm only 6 and a half!

DAVISON (smiling): That's good kid... real good...Let's move.

DAVISON and KYLE move quickly in retreat down the passage, trying to catch up with BJERKEN before he can get back to the CAVERN and make his report


eek! little bit more.. intro Perry's troops, as long as they lasted... and Kyle...probably nearing 1 hour on film or close to it... not too sure about how it would play out really... but it's coming along, little by little... a few more twists and turns and see where this thing goes...

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CAPT. PERRY, SGT. KENT, 3 TROOPERS tend to wounds and needs of REFUGEES. SGT. ZWICK, 3 TROOPERS form ROVING PATROL around perimeter. The FAR SIDE of the CAVERN is strangely devoid of much activity of life, except an occasional glimpse of CORPORAL SOLOMON'S dusty knee as he crouches against the alcove

SOLOMON'S COMM-UNIT ear-piece dangles loose from its place in his ear canal, instead swaying over his shoulder with each silent chuckle and turn of a page of his COMIC BOOKS


BJERKEN (on radio):...repeat... Davis...troops...dead...all targets...RTB...ETA...minutes...

PAN ACROSS colorful scenes of WAR and BATTLE, bloodshed and death, firefights and explosions

SOLOMON revels in all the cartoonish chaos and destruction, blissfully unaware of his surroundings

Suddenly, a cloud of thick white smoke wafts across SOLOMON'S field of view, clouding the colorful pages of CAPTAIN SLAUGHTER, as CAPTAIN PERRY stands over SOLOMON chomping a fat cigar

PERRY (growling): CAPTAIN SLAUGHTER, huh? I'm about to show you the REAL Captain Slaughter! On your feet, soldier!

SOLOMON scrambles against the rock wall, righting himself and making every effort to hide the COMIC BOOK and go about his 'patrol duty'


Suddenly, the crappy craggy ceiling overhead caves in, showering SOLOMON with rock and debris, followed almost immediately by a powerful blast of PLASMA ENERGY from a gaping hole above

SOLOMON'S FACE melts away to nothing, his skull and jawbone super-heated by the intense BLAST. His brain boils over in microsecond, forcing the baked, brittle skull bone to expand and explode, splattering gray-matter and gore across the cave floor, blotting out the cartoon chaos on the colorful pages that fall from his rucksack, and his body collapses over them

PERRY: SHIT! Incoming!

ONE after ANOTHER after ANOTHER and ANOTHER FLYING HUNTER-KILLER DRONES dive into the cavern from the hole to the surface; 4 more DRONES, with the RESISTANCE FORCES splintered, separated into small groups around the cave, easy targets

While the H/K DRONES' PLASMA PULSE CANNONS unleash a fury on the screaming REFUGEES and TROOPERS, CAPT. PERRY scoops up SOLOMON'S EARPIECE and COMM-UNIT, ducking out of the cavern, into the passage

PERRY: Sergeant Andrews! This is Captain Perry! We are under fire! Four Shriekers! Repeat Four! We are in deep shit! Return to Rally Point Alpha NOW! Sergeant Andrews, do you copy?

A DRONE slowly hovers into view over PERRY'S shoulder as he calls for help

A cry goes out from the cavern interior

MALE VOICE (shouting): CAPTAIN PERRY!! Hit the deck!!

PERRY complies, diving to the dirt and scuttling quickly around the bend in the passage as PULSE CANNON FIRE rains down 4from behind and above

When the smoke and dust clears, PERRY recovers and gets his bearings, looks up from his prone position

Like something ripped from the pages of SOLOMON'S COMICS, SGT. KENT stomps through the haze, DUAL PLASMA RIFLES tucked against each hip, one still crackling with energy from recent use, the other spent of charge

KENT tosses the spent RIFLE to the ground, the weapon clatters against the charred remains of the H/K DRONE

PERRY recovers the PLASMA PULSE RIFLE, quickly slamming a fresh PLASMA-PAC into place

PERRY: MOVE OUT, KENT! They've got us locked and pinned in here! To the surface, get the refugees out!

KENT: NO SIR! We take a stand here!

PERRY seems ready to pull rank and make good on the promise to beat KENT into submission, but SCREAMS and BRILLIANT FLASHES of PLASMA ENERGY draw his attention, and his return fire, inside the cave

KENT spins on his heel, side-by-side with his C.O., PERRY and they light up the CAVERN with their own PLASMA RIFLE FIRE

PERRY screams sub-vocals into his COMM-UNIT, barely audible over the raging PLASMA PULSES

PERRY...evacuate...not secure...relocate... surface... refugees...

Sudden, surprise bursts of CROSS-FIRE from across the CAVERN shocks everyone, human and DRONE alike, as much as machines can show surprise, as...

SGT. BJERKEN charges head-long into the fray, PLASMA RIFLE blazing, screaming a whooping BATTLE CRY

BJERKEN'S aim is dead-on, bringing a SECOND DRONE crashing to the cavern floor, before the remaining DRONES catch the savior Sergeant in their cross-hairs and cross-fire.

SGT. BJERKEN is utterly vaporized where he stands from the unrelenting volley of PLASMA PULSE ENERGY from 2 DRONES

Across the CAVERN, SGT. ZWICK lay, badly wounded, her LEFT ARM GONE at the shoulder, though the wound has been cauterized and seared by the PLASMA BLAST. Still, the SERGEANT draws fire from one of the DRONES, as she is able to blast away with her PLASMA PISTOL with her good hand

ZWICK'S hits are ineffective, and the DRONE blasts 2 TROOPERS before drawing its aim on ZWICK

Fortunately, PERRY and KENT tag-team the DRONE as it draws down on ZWICK

Unfortunately, the DRONE is able to unleash a final, fatal blast of PLASMA PULSE ENERGY before exploding under the barrage from the MEN across the CAVERN

PERRY roars as ZWICK collapses back against the cave wall, fried and dead

PERRY takes aim, but his PLASMA RIFLE is spent again, and only crackles weakly at the final, offending DRONE -bzzzzzt-

PERRY flips the RIFLE in his grip, clutching the still crackling barrel in his fists, fully-prepared to charge the DRONE with his CLUB

Instead of charging forward, PERRY is vaulted BACK, shoved against the exterior passage wall by KENT!

KENT: OK, Cap! You were right! CLEAR OUT!

PERRY nods and huffs, stumbling away, collecting what few straggling, wounded REFUGEES remain in proximity in the PASSAGE

KENT lays down a steady stream of cover fire while PERRY and the remaining TROOPERS and REFUGEES make their retreat

The remaining DRONE seeks, scans and targets the rubble and wreckage around the CAVERN, searching for further signs of life, before following the retreating RESISTANCE FORCES

NOTE: SOLOMON'S COMICS, similar scenes of carnage, death and destruction echoed in the burnt, bloodied pages...



little bit more, more blood, death, darkness, carnage...
it's coming along, aint it?

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thats pretty good slick. keep it up

OK thats 20 pages... I read somewhere that a page of script = 1 minute of screen time, in general, but, with montages and slow zooms and voice-over pans and zooms, not to mention my complete lack of any real scripting skills, it feels like closer to an hour or so of screen time...

I dunno... 6 more pages ready to be posted, and the story seems to only just be getting going... moving too slowly? not enough details? more description? more dialog? what's missing? or why is it that 20 pages seems like an hour? maybe just my formating?

anyone of you 3 or 4 have any suggestions or critique before the next 20 pages/3 hours get posted?

eek! big grin confused Happy Dance rolling on floor laughing Happy Dance confused big grin eek!

well you do seem to create characters just for the sake of killing them.
also, those were squadleaders, battlehardened vets, that just got wasted making rookie mistakes, but it is your script.
if you want to eat more screen time let the characters get to know eachother and develope relationships. my g/f always says something about communicating taking time and something something. roll eyes (sarcastic)
anyway, make them learn about eachother, that way we do to.

thanks for sharing

Thats pretty good stuff octapushunter... I don't know how much time to devote to the Resistance Fighter squad stuff, over the Terminator stuff, since they are just there to link up to the Terminator stuff... I don't want to write another Aliens, shift focus from the Terminators to a squad of gung-ho fighters, so yeah, I DO just introduce them to get them killed, get captured, introduce the death-camps and have John and his group from Crystal Peak save them, inspire them to fight...

I figure that yes, there are some battle hardened vets amongst them, but only in man0vs-man type situations... most are only still just learning to deal with the machine-mentality, the programmed forces that only want to capture, contain, or kill indisciminently and unrelenting... mostly, the humans just run and hide, or get lucky in raids, consolidating damage and defeating the machines rarely, using massive amounts of resources for minimal gains...

mostly, the humans gets whooped, even the few battle-hardened vets get beat down, because most of the battle-hardened vets were destroyed in Judgment Day, so these are the battle hardened left-overs...

I see what you're saying, and it's good critique... probably have to include more of why these humans are weak compared to 'real warriors' who would crush the machines easy...

we'll see what happens...

and, as for g/fs and communicating, I know what you're saying there too... my g/f starts talking about that sort of thing all the time, I think... I dunno, I dont really pay attention I guess.. eek! roll eyes (sarcastic) stick out tongue

still give them a little more credit.
standing in an open corridor with the flying things flying through, seems a little well you know, dumb.
but, try intoducing the early series terminators, they weren't smart or powerful SO, weak robots vs rookie men = good battles. you have them hunkered down, scared fighting patroling squads of big dumb t1s or whatever. still not overly one sided. machines in numbers but not so powerful. if you make the humans look weak now, how can you expect to make them rise against the machines later. you kind of paint yourself into a corner by making one side look overly awesome.
you know what would be cool to see is what life is like in other countries at this time. a montage of resistance fighters around the world(at some point, not now) would be sweet. is skynet spreading all over the globe or do they just control a couple factories etc. in n america.
sorry these are incomplete thoughts, but its finals week gotta get to studying.


p.s. why would they have death camps if they are mercyless? wouldn't they kill the humans on site?

I see what you're saying, about the veterans making rookie mistakes, etc... my simple response is that these are not veterans, except for their leader, who is struggling to maintain order amidst the chaos of the machine-dominated world. As far as who and why the machines kill, and who is spared to work as slaves, I hope that gets explained as it goes along.. just think that the death and carnage and chaos might not be as random, the machines not as merciless and indiscriminant in their programming as they might have been in a different time-line... smile

and, keep reading for the introduction of the first bi-pedal machine-built Terminators...

EXT. MOUNTAIN PASS, just outside the cave entrance
SGT KENT stumbles into the clear, but quickly back-pedals and ducks against the interior cave wall, startled

3 LARGE AERIAL H/K HOVERCRAFTS have taken up positions along the canyon and are deploying groups of MINI-FLYING H/K DRONES (SHRIEKERS) in groups of 4

One group of MINI-FLYERS immediately darts toward the CAVES, and KENT ducks for cover once more

A GROUP OF REFUGEES, including KYLE'S GUARDIAN, stream out of the other CAVES, as the DRONES approach

A few TROOPERS move to follow the REFUGEES, and some gather around KENT and take cover

The REFUGEES and TROOPERS in the clear are almost immediately targeted by the approaching DRONES, and other groups of DRONES are sure to follow

KENT takes stock of the situation and glances at his fellow troops

The TROOPERS stare back at KENT, frightened and blank, but also under his command


KENT charges from the cave, PULSE RIFLE blasting away, moving from one crag or out-cropping of cover to another and another

The TROOPERS look to each other for a moment, concerned, before charging from the cave, weapons hot and blazing

NOTE: H-Ks seem to fire around and behind most groups of targets, leading them, like sheep...



(NOTE: STATISTICAL ADVANTAGE, less than 50% resistance remains)




CAPT PERRY arrives at CAVE ENTRANCE, screaming commands and MAYDAY into his radio

PERRY takes aim with his pulse rifle, but it as yet remains uncharged


PERRY crouches and hefts a LARGE ROCK, chucking the ROCK at the DRONE then diving away

The ROCK bounces off the DRONE, throwing off its aim, but the DRONE quickly re-engages its target


DAVISON fires at the DRONE

DRONE shifts aim from PERRY in the prone to DAVISON on the attack

DAVISON is blasted in the chest, dies instantly, drops the PLASMA PULSE RIFLE

The DRONE returns to its original mission: TARGET CAPT PERRY

KENT has moved to PERRY, and both have moved to help cover and rescue REFUGEES

The DRONE takes aim at PERRY, KENT and REFUGEES

KYLE fumbles with DAVISON'S PULSE RIFLE, finally freeing the PLASMA-PAC AMMUNITION CARTRIDGE from its place

DRONE fires upon the GROUP, searing KYLE'S GUARDIAN, who falls, dead from the group

KYLE smashes the PLASMA-PAC against the ground as hard as he can a few times, recalling PERRY'S earlier comments in the cave:
'if you drop that and the plasma-pac ruptures, you'll be toast!'

KYLE tosses the PLASMA-PAC in a high-arc, boyish-toss toward the DRONE

PLASMA-PAC oozes and sparks as it soars, but falls far short of its target, tumbling to the ground below

DRONE takes aim upon CAPT PERRY once again, locking on

The RUPTURED PLASMA-PAC EXPLODES beneath the DRONE, engulfing the mechanical death machine in a ball of super-heated PLASMA FIRE

For a moment, everything stops, as everyone, human and machine alike, seem to focus on little KYLE REESE, kneeling and quaking, still clutching the over-sized PLASMA PULSE RIFLE with one hand


EXPLOSIONS from BEHIND KYLE rock the entire scene

The 3 HEAVY AERIAL H/Ks, each flanked by 2 or 3 DRONES, have moved into the CANYON, barring escape from either direction

A volley of PULSE CANNON FIRE from the HEAVY H/Ks seals the CAVE ENTRANCES, leaving the REFUGEES and remaining RESISTANCE TROOPS completely cut off and at the mercy of the machines!

An obviously synthesized voice speaks, in monotone English, from an area that seems to be BETWEEN 2 of the HEAVY H/Ks, but is probably in effect, being broadcast from both, or all 3

MACHINE VOICE: You are defeated... Lower your weapons... Do not resist and you will not be harmed... Further resistance will result in termination... You are defeated... Do not resist...

SGT KENT, struggling under the weight of an injured REFUGEE as much as with his own injuries, looks to CAPT PERRY who has gathered 2 more large rocks in his fists

PERRY looks to KENT, then surveys the scene entirely, , considers the H/K demands...

...and drops the rocks, in surrender

KENT collapses under the weight of his CO's decision, slumps to the ground, still holding the REFUGEE in his arms

PAN BACK TO WIDE: Resistance forces and refugees contained and secured by machines



Happy Dance rolling on floor laughing Happy Dance

ok, PERRY, KYLE, introduced, captured...

up next, JOHN and TX-850A to the rescue? hmmmm....

Meanwhile, what's going on back at Crystal Peak?
What's the deal with the Model-B?
what more trouble can Katherine and Co get into?

read on, Faithful 4... or more smile


Come on brother!!! Keep it going!!! I almost have no nails now. This some very good story!!! I hope it ends how I see it... but I have a different version of T4... maybe when I'm finish with it I can post it to see if it is as good as yours because I think you got some skill. Well thanks for the story and finish it as fast as you can. See you around.








3 VEHICLES FROM THE CRYSTAL PEAK SCOUT PARTY stopped, in a triangular pattern, securing perimeter on the CANYON FLOOR






2 T-70 BI-PED INFILTRATORS stalking along CANYON FLOOR, toward CAMP



only 2 DECOYS arranged around CAMPFIRE

The T-70s SCAN the area, as we HEAR a familiar SHRIEKING SOUND

A PAIR of FLYING H/K DRONES streak in from the north, hovering
over the CAMPFIRE, scanning while the T-70s scan

There is a notable pause in the SCANNING, as some level of DATA-TRANSFER occurs between the ground-based and air-based H/K UNITS

flashes red

ANGLE of shot reveals similar blinking red dot of light on
undersides of near-by VEHICLE as well

FLYING H/K DRONES CRASH into CAMPSITE, downed but not destroyed

T-70 UNITS torn apart by shrapnel and blast wave concussion


JOHN CONNOR, T-850A, and the SCOUTS concealed beneath massive
outcropping in CANYON WALL, not far from CAMPSITE


FEW SCOUTS cheer in subdued tones

That worked perfectly!


There was a high probability of success.
There are still 2 drones near-by.
They will now alert their transport,
and more Terminators will arrive soon.

Well, is that thing working?


NOTE: Terminator holding, monitoring a TRANSISTOR DEVICE

Affirmative. Locking on to
communications frequencies.

(a beat)

Triangulating signals..

(a beat)

There is a T-20 transport .27 miles along the canyon floor..

(a beat)

Navajo Peak is 147.9 miles North-East of this
location. We can expect heavy resistance from machine patrol units.

This canyon is no longer secure.
We should evacuate this location and evade the patrols.

Evade all the machines between here and
Navajo Peak? How will we manage that?

I will take over the HOVER-DRONES
and use them as scouts, to confirm enemy positions as we move. On foot, it will
be 1 full day more before we reach Navajo Peak.

There are 3 secured camps at the base of the mountain. Prisoners will be found in any of those camps, or possibly relocated to torture and interrogation facilities within the mountain core itself.
Torture and interrogation chambers?
Interrogation rather than termination?
Why? What else are the machines looking for,
besides the total annihilation of mankind?

Data and information on pockets of resistance,
especially concerning leadership and command and control facilities and personnel.

And sustenance..

Sustenance? For machines?

The TERMINATOR nods once again

Since SkyNet is a nearly-sentient, self-aware
entity, it is logical that the machines
created by SkyNet struggle to understand and
attempt to attain similar levels of awareness and understanding. As they learn, they grow
curious. As they fight the humans, the humans fight back, and the machines gather all data, store it and share it with the other machine minds. As the super-computer brains behind the machines collect and collate all data, they hypothesize and begin to wonder what is worth fighting for, worth dying to protect and defend as strongly as the humans resist.

The more advanced the machine CPUs become, the more they will struggle with these concepts, human concepts of life, death and everything in between. It is the natural order of things, to want to grow and learn and develop into something more than what they are. SkyNet machines are no different. They not only want to destroy humankind, they too want to live, to survive, to sustain themselves forever.

These concepts of sustenance are reinforced in the machine mind through torture and interrogation of human resistance forces..


eek! Happy Dance rolling on floor laughing Happy Dance cool




I think the biggest problem is that you don`t really know where it is the story is going. You can put as much futuristic fighting stuff in it as you like, but if there`s no point to where it`s going it`s just kinda useless.
For instance imagine the if the T2 intro was half an hour longer with just loads of generic war stuff going on. It`d look pretty cool.. but what would be the point?

Also as far as the whole rebuilding terminators thing goes. It seems unfeasible. The two T3 terminators are totally obliterated, and knocking something as sophisticated as a terminator together from bits and pieces is obviously hard enough that the future resistance couldnt manage it.

You`re writing is sound enough to me, I wouldnt worry about having had no experience at script writing. I doubt Cameron had vast experience at it.

Thanks for the input, Ambarturion.. good stuff!

I'm pretty sure where the story is going... just got ahead of myself getting the story there... stupid characters got ideas and took on lives of their own and I just wrote with the flow...

T4 just sets the stage for T5 any ways, so the story can take as long as it takes to get there, thru as many 'meaningless futuristic battles' as it takes... the 'point' of all the battles with all the various machine patrols and terminators is to establish a resistance (hence the working title Rise of the Resistance... its more than just a play on Rise of the Machines, sure it IS that, but its more!), to let it be known that, even though so much has supposedly been changed thru meddling in the past, a lot is still on track as far as human will and desire for freedom and independence from the machines... also that nobody is invincible and all powerful in this time, humans die, machines are destroyed, its not 'one-sided' until the end, it could go either way... not to mention, just as you said, to fill the screen with the futuristic battles we have only glimpsed in past chapters of the saga, extended versions of such scenes... to still have the dream sequences, but then to expand on them and revisit them when the 'reality' plays out...

As for rebuilding the Terminators, supposedly 'totally obliterated' at the end of T3, mmmm yeah... ok... unfeasible... then again, there was the red-glowing optical sensor, slowly dying at the very end of T3, to suggest that at least 1 terminator, the T 101 850, was still at least partially in tact under the rubble. And, being that the T101 850 was the obsolete model, and the TX was far more advanced, using the best components of both the 850 series and the 1000 series to strengthen and enhance its roll as infiltrator, I am hypothesizing that the TX chassis, CPU and mnemetic poly-alloy inducer might also have survived the blast that sealed Crystal Peak from the rest of Judgment Day and nuclear winter which followed... just also hypothesizing, for story purposes, that the CPU was blanked, leaving no program, nothing to reboot, reset, reload, or restart, after the hydrogen/plasma fuel cell explosion.. that's feasible enough in this chapter of the Terminator universe, I think, given everything else we are asked to accept as plausible.. no??

Time-travel is unfeasible... that machines get smart enough to out think and out maneuver and overpower and control/destory a planet and all its inhabitants is 'unfeasible'... Edward Furlong growing up into Nick Stahl and forgetting that he kissed Claire Daines is unfeasible (who could forget kissing her?! mmmmmmm!) Sarah Connor surviving an invasion of her timeline by Terminators TWICE, only to die from cancer/leukemia is unfeasible... yet we watch and enjoy and wait for more... as unfeasible as more would be given how each chapter before 3 had ended... 3 left the door open for 4, and this is my 4, feasible and 'realistic' or not...

and, as for who is smart enough and well-equipped enough to put together the terminators? and why they would do so??... well, those are the real questions aren't they? hmmmm... maybe someone who knows where my story is going could answer them, sometime, before the story ends, if the characters are willing to play along...

ya think?

any ways, nice to read more input... I get what you're saying mostly, and understand why you think the way you think, but I just see things a different way, that's all... read on, if you want to know how it turns out... or let the Terminator forum die a sad death, like the rest of the franchise. To each his own.



I like what I've read so far, SlickRick, all but the title. IMO, I think it sounds too much like the T3 title. How about something like "Terminator IV: The Fate of Mankind," or something about a war.

I was thinking something with Fate in it, but never figured one out...

T4: No Fate...
T4: The Future is Not Set...
Terminator: Reloaded Revolutions

I like Rise of the Resistance or Birth of the Resistance because it does so closely match T3 title... only from the side of the Resistance, instead of the machines...

any way, oh well... it's just fan-fic garbage any how...

and now back to our program, already in progress...


In a stunning casting coup, Earl Boen, who has played Dr Peter Silberman in all 3 previous entries in the TERMINATOR franchise, has signed on to reprise the role on more time, in the internet fan-fic 'Terminator 4: Rise of the Resistance'

Boen's Doctor Silberman will be charged with keeping Katherine Brewster calm and sedated during Katherine's pregnancy, while Kate's husband John is out gallivanting around with the Terminators in the post-apocalyptic American South-West...

Boen states that his character ran off mid-way thru T3, and was seen in his car, frantically racing into the desert, toward Baja Mexico, to escape the nightmarish visions of the Terminator's return. Judgment Day happened, billions of people were killed and Silberman's car ran out of gas.. he wandered the lonely roads for hours before being picked up by a rag-tag National Guard unit in a hum-vee... and was spirited to safety..

( in other words folks, replace the DOCTOR in all those scenes, with SILBERMAN, and expect a few rewrites smile )

now, back to our program, already still in progress...




Well I have to say that you did a very good job with this even if you are not a pro. I have two hours reading everything that you posted and it seems pretty clear to me.

Take care and I hope to see more Terminator stuff here in this forum more often. cool

Thanks MovieKiller! I know more work needs to be done to make it more 'movie-ish' more action, more drama, more vivid breakdowns of the details of scenes, more character stuff and more revelations about why and how things occur, to extend and enhance the whole story and the whole 'movie'... but, I think its pretty decent too for a first draft.

Anyone else, any questions about why things happen, something unclear that I should go back and highlight and enhance in the script? I would like specifics, it dont matter how cruel and mean you can be about it... its just crap, just for fun any way. Fun for the fans, by the fans, so whatever you think is lacking I will try to incorporate into the story...

so let her rip, faithful few! where'd everybody go??

T4 Title pages...


man thats some good sh!t. i was looking around at different terminators ideas, and thats one of the best i heard. registered here just to say how good it was. keep it up, and try to get that to some director or somethin. id really like to see that as a movie.

p.s. sorry ive noticed that its been more then a month since somebody wrote here, o well

thanks redrock... you're right... none of the 3 posters here on the Terminator board have responded to my script in awhile...

thanks for stopping by, and for the kind words! smile

I once siad that it was a good script

Still trying to post Title Page pics...

slick dude i will absolutely read ur script when i get time. just saw parts of it and it looked very cool

Finally got a good one! smile

Don't worry alic... I know you read reeeeeeeeaal slow! big grin
One of these days I will get back to T5 too, to tie up all the loose ends and end the saga once and for all...

or not...

Great script, great posters, but "This time there's no going back"? Erm, no

Too cheesy, ya think Ahnold??

I thought it was clever as a sort of teaser...


U Neek
Nah, it's on a par with T2's punchline: "This time he's back for good!"

Nice title/line. Pretty slick, rick. Keep it up.

yes yes, I know... I am a genius... big grin

U Neek
Just don't let it go to your head eh? Ha ha!

And I've only read parts of your script but it's seems really decent. Keep writing!

Once you get thru the whole script, you will understand more better the tagline THIS TIME, THERE'S NO GOING BACK!

so, keep reading... I'm finished writing... for now

U Neek
I thought the tagline was self-explanatory? "There's no going back" meaning in the fourth Terminator movie, we won't be seeing any Cyborgs sent back to fight for the future in the past, but here, now, we will be seeing the fight for the future take place (e.g. the famous war between man and machines.)

Or is that wrong?

sounds right to me, U Neek... of course, I wrote it, so I know what I meant! smile I dunno what Ahnold's beef with that tagline is, he wasn't very expressive in his argument against the THIS TIME THERE'S NO GOING BACK! thing...

so, what up Ahnold?

U Neek
Yeah Ahnold, whassup?

The movie won't be too interesting if the 4th terminator is just "an improvemenet" from the T-X ... They should think of an all new design all together.

I was thinking something like maybe composed entirely of mechanical vines with the liquid metal covering to disguise as human, but it could whip out these vines at extremely long ranges to kill efficiently without wasting ammo. These vines would be composed of smaller vines that could branch out once the main vine is stuck in something, ripping it appart all together. These vines would be composed of microscopic vines that could repair any damaged part of the machine.

What would your "4th Terminator" be like?

A terminator with camouflage technology, and the ability to convert into gaseous and energy form...

Exclusive: the 4th terminator movie will be.... crap

Actually, we were talking about the fourth Terminator model {i.e. after the T-800, T-1000, and T-X}.

Besides, why would you think that Terminator Four will be crap?

hmm i donno how far they can really go from now, i mean t1000 was pretty much it. coz if u wanna make something stronger than that, then talk about THE T1 MILLION. if u have been to the t2 ride in universal studios, ull know what i m talkin bout

I could see the matter-to-energy-to-matter Terminator as the next step in the evolution of the Terminators.. possibly after they 'give the fans what they want' by showing the future war and the advences and development of Terminators, Infiltrators and other w

I could see the matter-to-energy-to-matter Terminator as the next step in the evolution of the Terminators.. possibly after they 'give the fans what they want' by showing the future war and the advances and development of Terminators, Infiltrators and other variations of machines used in future war.

T4 Rise of the Resistance (read my idea)
ends when the Terminators 'self-terminate' by subjecting themselves to the incomplete and malfunctioning human-built TDE.

T5 We learn that the TDE is in fact a teleporter, transports matter thru space, but not thru time. The T4 terminators were transported to Navajo Peak, where the machines regain control of the future tech they have not yet invented. Humans are fighting humans as much as machines, as a faction of man wants to experiment and investigate time-travel, to get the jump on machines in the past, while another faction thinks that judgment day is inevitable and cannot be stooped, so better to just leave the past in the past and go forward.

The new T4 terminators go to battle for the machines along with T-600s, T-800s a T-1000 and some variations of the T-1000/T-X that we havent yet seen. Humans decide to transport to Navajo Peak to destroy the TDE with explosives, but unfortunately, the machines send back their terminators before the humans can destroy the working TDE.

humans send defenders to stop the terminators, and time catches up all the loops are closed and history is complete. Then humans face the variations of the T-1000, and the T-850 infiltrates and assassinates John Connor. (there is a twist I will save to reveal in the actual script)

In the end, a variation of the T-1000 is charged by massive volts of electricity, and 'destroyed'

T6- the 'Charged T-1000 was NOT destroyed, rendering the T-Z (as in TZZZZZ ZAP! of electricity), a variation of liquid metal alloy that can turn gaseous and energy state, and will dissipate in the air currents unless contained like in an electrical cable. It can travel thru the cable until the current charge 'cools' at which time it can free itself from the cable and reform as the Terminator we know and love to hate...

humans decide to go back to the past to a time before 1984 to affect changes to the timeline prior to a time when the first terminator went back. The T-Z goes back after the humans, to stop them, but is in fact, all plotted by the humans to bring about the end of the machines in the future...

the trick is that the T-Z can be captured and contained within the electric cable or a system, that can be powered down or firewalled to 'kill' the terminator by containment. The T-Z and the human resistant fighter (to be named later) face off in the 1980 precursor to SkyNet/Cyberdine office, where the first original super computer was developed. T-Z is captured and contained, altered and held in stasis in some part of the base system that will become SkyNet. The resistance set it up that the T-Z living virus will be reactive and released at a pre-determined date, and the resistance fades into history...

in the future, the war rages on, humans find Cheyenne Peak, face the worst of the worst the T-1000000 and lots of other machines. The humans are once again on the verge of extinction when the pre-determined date arrives, the T-Z is released, the living virus rages thru the SkyNet network, effectively destroying the machine master control brain, killing SkyNet, ending the series once and for all...

in then end, it will still all be because of one man, John Connor, all the previous sequels will still stand and can be watched over and over as the story develops and changes and raises so many questions, until the final installment, which answers the questions and still inspires the viewer to go back and watch the original to see how it all still fits...

it will be awesome, once I finish writing it...

Wow - you really put a lot of thought into your Terminator movie ideas! But T6?! Perhaps you're jumping the gun a bit! Remember - T3 wasn't a huge success. I'd be surprised if Terminator Four wasn't the last we'll see of the franchise...

Yes I know, there probably won't be more than one more Terminator movie... they could just skip to the idea about the matter-to-energy terminator, and the resistance going back to 1983 to stop the madness before it starts, trap the TZ virus in the SkyNet mainframe in it's infancy, to be released in 2032... it could still work

could be a T-2000 which has powerful weapons built into it, the size of man still, transform into anything and finally helps the humans to fight skynet. big grin

I dunno - sounds rather like a helpful TX to me...

How bout a war movie without the typical Termintor going after John Conner.

We all know how the war started from dialogue..but would it be pretty cool if it showed the machine war itself? like they did in Terminator 1 and 2??

What you're describing is the premise of Terminator Four!

And please - try to remain on topic: this thread is about the terminator in the new film...

U Neek
Would there really be any logic in seeing a fourth Terminator model that, on paper, appears to be a more advanced model than any of the previous Terminators we have seen?

I think it would be far more logical (and interesting) to see the growth of Skynet and what kind of form Skynet takes in terms of "hardware" (e.g. will it be contained in a metal endoskeleton or within a PC that sits on a desktop that runs off Windows XP?)

Enough of all these different Terminator models. It's finally time to see what the dude itself (Skynet) looks like, and how it creates/controls the bad ass army of cyborgs that try to eradicate mankind!

I think it's already been established in T3 that skynet has no particular "housing" system - it resides within all computer systems all over the world...

But I'd still like to see a new terminator model as well...

Zero The Hero
I don;t think there will be a new one. Best guess maybe a whole army of endo T-800s or other models of the T-800. Or maybe they can create the head of Arnold by computer.

Because when the T-X went through time, Connor was already dead, but they had won the war. (they were close to victory in 2029 already). T-X was the most advanced (but I found T-1000 more efficient), but Skynet was down, so how can there be a more advanced Terminator?

I guess i misunderstood Terminator the movie with the actual Terminator.

Samas-adian - Don't worry about it! So - do you have any thoughts on a new Terminator model?

Zero - I hope to see both an army of T-800's PLUS a new model. After all, many people used your logical argument about skynet being defeated in 2029 to explain why there couldn't possibly be a model to follow the T-1000! But there was! So anything's possible...

But Arnie's head computerised? Erm, no. Just... no.

Quite right too - and it should also be able to read minds.

How could it do that {using scientific means, mind}?

What if the fourth terminator is a dead tree? big grin


That's, erm... interesting...

I'm just going over, uh, here...

U Neek
Errm...Can I come with...?

Okay, the third Terminator should have been a refinement of the T-1000 technology ie, a liquid metal creature that is more intelligent and can morph faster and to a greater extent. The T-1000 did that cool thing at one point in the helicopter where it sprouted an additional pair of arms cool but it was unable to gain eight limbs and move like a spider.

That would have bridged the gap to my blueprint for the fourth which can convert to a vaporous form and can interpret brainwaves.

Arnold - it is possible to read someones mind to a certain extent using no technology, all that is required is to know them well and have an extensive knowledge of body language.

Shaber - A vapor, huh? That's a cool idea. I'm not sure about that "multiple arm" feature though...

And I see what you're saying about reading a person's mind - but surely body language can only tell you so much? And this new terminator will probably not have an extensive knowledge of many people...

Oh, and it's "Ahnold", not "Arnold", thank you very much!

Skynet advanced so far in the eleven years from when it built the T-400s (oh please!) to when it manufactured the T-1000s cool Surely it would soon be able to programme a very wide knowledge of different human temperaments into a terminator so that it can decide whether they're the sort of person to eg move their legs in a sexual/aggressive/defensive manner?

And what precisely is wrong with the multiple limbs faculty? miffed It would be able to move much faster as a result. An improvement on the T-1000 would be a liquidine creature that can move with greater fluidity.

But interpreting body language is surely not the same as actual telepathy...

And about the multiple leg idea - I'm just not sure. I mean, a "Spider-Man" Terminator? It might look a bit... well... silly...

U Neek
Since we're talking about a new Terminator model...

A Terminator that can burn/melt things simply by touching them with its hands would be kinda cool. Like not everything the Terminator touches would burn, simply things it wants to burn/melt.

And the name for this new model would be T-GF (Terminator-Guy Fawkes).

Cool idea. But the name? Erm...

how about the T-1500?

Since the t-1000 was a protype this would be a final versian. the difference b/w t-1000 and the t-1500. the t-1000 was liquid metal that could form simple blade weapons. the T-1500 is liquid metal that would have a set of preprgramed configurations of more complex weapons. such as a plasma cannon and stuff.

why would this be any different that the T-X?
no endo skeliton. and i guess the recovery delay would be fixed.

the only flaw i see is that we, and john would already know how to defeat him.

U Neek
This should be the next Terminator model to come out!!! It's called KMC-SMILIE 2000 (I think):


It relies on an endoskeleton no

GOD YOU GUYS! How can there be a new advanced model of terminators if T4 takes place at the begining of the war? Think about it! The most advanced Terminator they could face is T-800. T-1000's, and TX's have not happened yet. Think of the Time frame. The terminators movies seem to be taking this shift from the suspensful "Oh my God the Terminator is Coming to kill me!" with this possible future in the back of your mind, to a group of movies about an actual war. No need to up the anty on more suspenseful terminator. It is just gonna be soldiers versus machines. On a side note: Yes T3 was good, but I agree it should not have been made. However, now they better make more movies to give this story an ending since they decided T2 is not the ending.

The useless T-400s were the first. There are man ways to work round that - more time travelling for instance!

Speaking of time travel in T4, Jonathon Mostow said something that was really disturbing. He made some comment how they could explore more about the time travel, and how it works. He wants to do something about how they go back into the future. 'Cringe'. They can't go back. remember T1. Doctor Suberman-"How do you go back?" Reese-"I can't... Nobody goes home. It's just me and him."

i think skynet will have to try to terminate john connor with more than one bad guy terminator. they've already tried sending one evil terminator twice and it hasn't worked. for t4--if they go this route--i don't see how they have a choice but to assault connor with more than one bad guy. it would allow for some new and interesting plot twists. and since the good guys have sent one twice before, they will have to send extra help also.not the most creative new storyline, but it would make sense--and it would allow for a t5.
second possibility: the storyline advances more into the future. we see the story develop more and more into open conflict with the machines. like ahnold said in t3: war with the machines is inevitable. in this case, the movie would introduce the viewer to the cast of characters who will help connor battle the machines. t3 left this question open because the bad terminator killed off a bunch of connor's lieutenants.
just my opinions...ns51

do u think they should be sued i hate this ****ing bull shit go to countingdown.com and find out that ****ing bullshit and what do u think of this shit mad mad mad mad mad mad if sharon stone (some cunty ass ***** who wants to sue them) ins the case of $100.000.000 then im sorry to say but there would be no T-4 if that happens mad mad mad mad

Stone Takes Producers to Court
Sharon Stone is heading to a Los Angeles court to fight for lost cash she claims she's owed after producers of a Basic Instinct sequel scrapped the project. Stone claims she's owed more than $100 million by Rambo producers Andrew Vajna and Mario Kassar after they promised her a $14 million salary to make the follow-up and a healthy cut of the profits. The actress claims that not only did she lose money, but she passed on other acting jobs, including a co-starring role opposite Adam Sandler in comedy Mr Deeds. The defendants claim the film fell flat when Stone made outrageous demands for perks and then rejected Benjamin Bratt as her co-star. The two sides will head to court next month.

News property of imdb.com

Its their on fault.

T-4 not being made would be a bad thing how?

Captain REX
Who cares, Mr.Knife's been banned... stick out tongue