Worst Game You Have Ever Played

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What is the worst game you have ever played?

The worst game i have ever played is probably Tool Time for SNES

never heard of that game, is it a game about that show in Home Improvement?

Superman for N64 puke


Superman 64 // Iron and Blood // Nightmare creatures sick

total metalhead
LoTR:Return Of The King on PS2. so boring.

TMH! Are you back?

all i remember in tool time is collecting bolts and one day i went out and totally forgot to turn of my snes. its that damn stupid

Dues Ex- THAT WAS ****ING GAY...im done

Darth Jello
wow, there are a lot of games that don't deserve the nintendo seal of approval. hmm.

Back to the future 2 & 3
Marvel's X-men

Atari 2600-
Custer's revenge

Captain America and the Avengers

Royal Rumble for dream cast=absolute SH!T

Royal RUmble was literally crap

stretch panic for ps2 - 2nd game to ever come out for it
it sucked so much. you had no weapons you just went around stretching things in 2 little sublevels to get points to open the doors to the bosses. that was it.

Superman 64
Star Wars Monopoly
Midtown Madness

Just to name a few.

driven, the game is worse than the movie

driven did suck...good thing i didn't buy it

Manic Miner for the PC....

Lord Ryugen
Shaq fu for the SNES. Possibly the worst beat em up ever to excreited out of Satans arsehole


any lego game ever

The One Himself
Superman 64...thumb down

Dues Ex for PC rocked. I loved that game.

Umm. 1080 Avalanche... HORRIBLE. I was done that in like an hour.

Barney Go Hide-Seek....I wish it was Barney Go Jump Off A Cliff

E.T. for the Atari 2600. 'Nuff said.

damn this is a good topic...i would have to go with the stupid ass game for the PSone called i cant even remember...it was that freakin stupid

Lord Ryugen
Umm... Men in Black? Dragonheart? Crow the City of Darkness? Tomb Raider the Last Revelation? Urban Chaos? come on man give us a clue.

LOTR on SNES. I didn't know they made it until I got my Xbox moded.
Utter crap.

I agree with whoever said Tool Time earlier. The game's called Home Improvement:Tool Time...and it sucked worst than Jonathan Taylor Thomas does...

hybrid heaven for the nintendo 64....i dont remember why the hell i bothered playing that game...everytime you would attempt to hit the enemy the enemy would just counter with something else...

I agree. Superman 64 sucked.

I hated morrow wind because it took so long to start. I played that game for like half an hour and the only thing i killed was 2 rats in a dark room...but i can see why a lot of people feel in love with it. I just hope Fable is a better all around game.

Gravity Kills
I have to say I strongly hate Fade to Black for the ps one. I also find that shaq fu is the worst idea ever for a game.

Clock Tower 2: The Struggle Within

I'de rather play Superman 64 my whole life, then play Enter The Matrix.

morrowind for the PC was a good game, but it was really slow

I just hate Duke Nuke'em manhattan project

oh ya the reason why is becasue, it's just like the first once, ****ing 2D, after the succes with DN3D they give you this shit, stupit slow game mad

Uh, theres a few, but the one that sticks out in my mind is Thunder Tanks for PS2.

Monkey Island

Darth Jello
every game LJN ever made

it was some game on sega with a dragon and a knight
it was stupid and gay you could do anything with it dosent give you clues bout what your suppose to do or where you have to go

Super mario sunshine along with most mario games, beach life and lotr rtok for GBA.

Craptacular the lot of them. evil face

i no ya'll will disagree but i cudnt stand halo at all idk y but every1 else loved it and i hated it

NFL Street... no

Sonic Spinball (genesis/mega drive)

Morrowind Rocks! The creators of Rascal should die for their crimes against humanity.

nemo, yea i played it. embarrasment i dont think scooby-doo is fun either! there is another game but i cant think of the name!ohhh that is gunna get on my nerves!


Superman 64, just horrible no

the worst game i ever played was jak and daxter it was so boring that within 10 minutes of playin it i gave up

eek! hehe, i have a funny story about the word "craptacular" laughing out loud actually, it was craptastic but its still funny stick out tongue

the worst game ever? you guys ever play "Thunder Tanks"?

Lord Ryugen
Street Fighter The Movie. God what was I thinking when I soiled my playstation with that puddle of warm puke thet calls itself a game

BARBARIAN FOR PS2....need I say more?

Have any one herd of Jamma lammy? that was a terrible game its about rapping the characters were paper animated and superman 64 was a pile of shit!

Spyro..everyone will hate me for saying that but its an utterly stupid/pointless game

worst game I played I would have to say is from the good old craptastic 16 bit era...


OMG what was I thinking........then again i was like 5.........

hence and I do quote " I only buy games that are popular, I only buy the games the magazines tell me to buy, that way I know I get good games for sure, I may have a shallow mind, but you can kiss my behind"-FF tribute chocobo robo voice.

I was in target buying a game and I saw a mom with 3 kids, buying them each a game...AND THEY ONLY BOUGHT the GAMES WITH FRANCHISE LICENSES LIKE THE ONE'S DISNEY AND CARTOON NETWORK MAKE!!!THE COMPLETELY SKIPPED MARIO, JAK 1, AND (wait their arent any kid games on X-box.....?) OH THE HORROR.

Worst game is Blast Corps for the N64. GOD that games SUCKS

Superman 64 did suck like crazy there is no doubt but another bad game is fire warrior for ps2 i just found it plain out dumb

worst game ever that i have played would have to be America's Army. i hate that game. play it and see for yourself you can prolly download it off some site.

i forgot to say Army man Air combat was a stupid game they were fighting for no reason.

Dr. Strangelove
WCW Nitro for N64. Just terrible, controls didn't work, terrible graphics extremely boring. The worst five bucks I have ever spent in my life. mad


Halo is the worst game i have ever played! But only until Halo 2 comes out then that will be the worst game that i have ever played.!

jesus christ dude you need a life instead of ragging on halo. what did it ever do to you. oh wait i almost forgot it blew all your little games away! shut the hell up holy crap. gta and metal gear werent all that great!!!!

The One,Vegeta deserves to be able to speak his opinion too.If he dosen't like it,don't ***** about it.I think its kinda stupid myself,not the worst but i didn't like it.Just cause he has different taste than you you shouldn't get in his face about it...

i agree^^^^^^

sorry i'm with TheOne on this. gta and metal gear had terrible graphics and bad tilt.

i say whirl tour for the PS2 mad

i would have to say resident evil zero....that game has no replay value at all other than getting more weapons at the start...yay...now that game just sits there in the corner of the room...collecting dust...why the hell did i spend all that money on it? i couldve gotten a pair of nice kodachis or a katana but no i had to go with resident evil....god im such an idiot!

Yakuza Princess
Tomb Raider Angel Of Darkness. What a piece of crap.
slow, boring, glitchy, pointless...need I go on?

OK you say the MGS had bad graphics Master raven? Too bad hall copys one wall over and over again on all the indoor leavels. and on blood gultch or however you spell it look at the grass there are black spots all over. And i know vice city isint the best for graphics but un like Galo they concetratied on fun and were you can go in the game like you can go into alot of stores and rob them and stuff like that.!!! Plus to many glitches in halo i know like all of them gay!!!

ffx-2 it ruined the first one which i am currently playing

Master Revan
Also the worse game i played was Terminator Dawn of Fate.

ive nvr played a terminator game?

i'm a resident evil fanatic but again everyone has their own opinions but honestly how can you hate HALO and Metal Gear Twin Snakes was awesome also crash nitro kart for ps2 sucked

worst game ever would be jet force gemini for n64. sucked major balls for me

Dr. Strangelove
I respect your opinion but I found JFG to be one of the best games on the N64. Good graphics, great controls, okay story and big fun blasting bugs to bits. My only complaint was that I wish their was more boss battles.

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