Final Fantasy 10-2, Failure or Success?

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I was wondering ya. Why does everyone like FF10-2? For me it wasnt that good and all this business about Vegnagun is just something that came out of the blue. It would of been better if the two games had a link. Eg: Yuna has to find a way to bring tidus back to life. It was just a pain in the ass if you ask me.

Comments Anyone?

I think you should post this on the games thread y'know?

X-2 was terrible. It had nothing the final fantasy series is so greatly loved for. There was pretty much absolutely no story what so ever. THe whole sphere dress thing was a nice improvment. The no waiting battle system was nice too, but yeah the game was a failure in my opinion aswell. I mean most people played it for the sole reason to find out what happens to Titus. They dont tell you that you have to bust your ass and get a 100 percent rating to find out. they story had nothing to do with the previous, and barely elaborated on it, if your going to do a sequal, do it right. Yeah and for the record final fantasy 11 blows ass too. What a god damn everquest rip off

It had some novelty value, but I think it was used just to keep the fans silent while they work on FFXII. I didn't find it all that great. The fighting system was neat though.

I liked it, it was cool the whole Shuin and Lenne plot. The concert movie is really great when both Yuna and Lenne are singing together., and you find out about Shuin and Lenne.

what i hate about this is that everyone always assumes that this game is "girly" because it has three girls as main characters and they change clothes in the middle of battle....but i keep on telling people to look past that and youll see a pretty decent game..

FAILURE..good god don't get me started,that game never's like Square's dirty secret...BAH,what a shame!!

i personaly think 10-2 is boring...but i do like it just a bit...i like KH better, and if u want to argue with me just pm me...cuz i have good reasons...but i still liked 10-2 ok...

I think it was a success.. it kept fans interested in finding out tidus' whereabouts, and also added sex appeal for the boys.. I think... (I still like the more timid yuna.. she's too ... um.. 'free' in x2..)

anywho.. I really have to beat ffx first.. Im not gonna play my copy of 2 til i finish the first >_<!!

What part r u up to SaTsuJiN?

in regular FFX ? or FFx-2... in x-2 I got up to getting yunas ultimate dressphere (the flower goddess outfit).. as for FFX, Im still at final sin... he keeps beatin me -_-

have you fought your Aeons yet? or are you at jechts final summon

X-2 is anything but a failure. The combat system's neat, and it's a fun game. But as Backfire said, it's also a pretty distraction while we wait for XII. Distracted me smile

i love FF X-2, it was an entertainig funny game, although i must admit that the story was lame, the only reason i first wanted to buy this game was cause i wanted to know what the hell happen to tidus, then i played the game and loved it. it's been the only final fantasy that i've fully completed (besides FF I and II)

....but i wanna see something different in FF XII

We will, sith, we will yes

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I liked was a lot of fun, and a nice change from all the serious FF games. Though I didn't like how the storyline didn't even start until nearly halfway through the game, and how Lenne and Shuyin are hardly in the game at all unless you go through and collect all the Crimson Spheres...yeah, Lenne was my favorite character from FFX-2.

And I'm fully convinced that they made that game for cosplayers...I mean come on, with Scan lvl. 3 you can zoom in on your characters and look at them from every angle...I'll have to admit I used that while working on costumes laughing out loud

Well,there a "different" endings...but it would be cool if Tidus never returned AT ALL.....Life is hard and love is fair,the end of FFX..was SO GREAT: As he jumps and leaves Yuna..because it was never meant to be...on that moment i felt Square was back again...the old Square that made FF7 (also a brilliant ending!!!). BUT when they made FFX-2 and the story was so lame....the acting,the sucked.

But my point is,FF's ending was soo COOL and well Tidus should've never returned...if that's the case. BUT i think he never came's all a dream

I didnt even bother beating 10. I was so fed up with that girly girl wuss tidus.(sorry that was my dark side talking) I just didnt like 10's format. I bought 10-2 because it had somehting you all seem to have forgotten about....The Job system. while cleverly disguised as outfits and spheres. you can see the basis of this system with its roots in ff1, ff5,fft,ffta. i love the job system, and i bought 10-2 for the gameplay. i could care less about tidus. What you all seem to forget is diversity is the breathe of life in the industry. If X-2 was so bad then wwhy did all the magazines love it and why did it sell so many copies? Heck. even 12 is going to be massively different. now all the battles arent even Active/turn based. Its all ral time moving characters around like an action game. its copletly different from any ff game in the past. 11 is unique in its own right, just like crytal chronicles. you cant beat a game for not conforming to your exact wishes. otherwise all ff games WOULD SUCK

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