Got my ass KICKED!

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**** NEMESIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OMFG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
My FIRST time ever, I was at the Clocktower in about an hour, no Nemesis kills, going for fastest run I could possibly get, and using VMerkin's Speed Handgun walkthrough for puzzle answers, I got to the fight where Jill is infected...I was launching off the Freeze rounds, 2 hit, and made 1 rocket miss, the 2nd hit me, I ran, he punched me, I ran around him, I ACCIDENTLY hit R before Y and he fired a rocket into Jill and killed her...I extremely calmly turned off the GameCube...I am so aggrivated at that *****!!!!!!!

and then:


Wow...this went nowhere..

yeah the kids that post in here are jerks laughing out loud wink

I have no idea what you guys are talking about embarrasment

the topic is simple...all you have to do is tell of a time you got so far yet the boss mecilessly killed you...

Darth Revan
Well, are video game bosses SUPPOSED to have mercy? Of course not, because they're part of a computer program, Hawking roll eyes (sarcastic)

hmm... I got my ass kicked (adventure games) in quite a few titles...
Seymour - FFX
Final Sin - FFX
Those damn splitting metroid primes! - Metroid Prime
Goblins.. - FFXI
Rhythm and Police - DDR MAX -_-
That damned last drive to the escape ship - Halo ( /slaps friend ) ~_-
some g0su players - War3
Final sephiroth - FF7 ( /slaps him for not dying for 3 hours straight) >_<

i would have to say the most recent would have to be the first boss for Hunter the Reckoning...i swear that games for four people because i had to unload all my ammo on him and then some to kill it alone

I love it when i think i'm all hard... or truelly anyone...on any game.... and run into a fight blazing glory and waist everyone and all of a sudden you go into the next room and the CPU gangs up on you and your like "oh" and they just unload on you execution style big grin

Oh god, the goblins in FFXI were so painful.

TranceDuo - I gave up on that game. I couldn't beat it alone.

I get my ass kicked in Halo in the Library level on Legendary mode all the time. That shit is hard.

double O agent on Everything or Nothing on the level where you can't use a gun.... and they all have shotguns wink

j to the p ....that is one kickass sig!!!!!!! who the hell made that?!?!?!

Lineage 2 - PKers

Lineage 2 is crap. The most redundant and mindless game I've ever played. Takes absolutely no skill or strategy to lvl up. Just click on a monster you're lvl or a few lvls lower and sit and watch your cookie cutter character whack it with a sword till the mob dies.

Combine this generic gameplay with some of the most careless and lazy devs and GM's around, and you have yourself a bonified bomb.

I suggest you go back to FFXI. At least that game took some strategy when grouped.

I played and beat this game two years ago.Its really hard my suggestion if you can get beat it get cheats erm

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