Mario or Sonic

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Which do u think is a better character
also, if u could pick one Mario game, or one Sonic game, what would be your choice
(not including sonic for the GC)

Sonic. I've always been a Sega fan, and Sonic would whoop the plumbers ass everyday of the week. Ican't choose one game, I love all the Sonic games.

gotchya thanks for your input, u forgot to vote!

I like Mario better happy Super Mario World is one of the best games in existance

mario kicks butt

Now im sorry why is there a poll there doesnt need to be one every1 knows the blue hedgehog will win anyday! i mean come on hes a great guy and whats mario a plumber! come on really....

Mario is ok but annoyes me alot! Sonic is great! thats my input thx for listing/ reading big grin

Sonic for sure, it has more depth in the game. But mario must get credit as they started the trend of 2-D side-scrolling action (well the first major game of that style anyway)


mario always spanks sonic.

man! i think they both kick ass. i grew up on them both. damn mad stick out tongue , well i voted mario, but i also like sonic...

i think sonic is way better than mario in my opinion

mario and sonic have both been great in many games but look , mario had to fight a big dinosaur while sonic fights a fat man with a realy huge mustache.Mario is,sonic has crap loads of side-kicks.cant he fight robotnick on his own?sure mario has one side kick(and 2 if you count yoshi)but it all comes around to is my original point. italian beats the crap outta gigantic koopa.super fast hedgehog beats up fat guy...who sounds like a hero?

Matrix Overload
Mario is definitly better, although sonic comes close. My favorite mario game is super mario world, best mario game EVER.

I grew up with Sega... so I'm obligated to go with Sonic happy

But, Mario games kick ass, SMW is indeed one of the finest games ever made yes

Ah, I'd have to say Mario. It was probably the first game I played. But Sonic's pretty cool also.


Sonic is the same thing in every game. He always has the same abilities. Yeah he can run fast and jump high. Every game is the same god damn hting but with different levels.

Mario has to be the video king. Mario has numerous abilites, from eating mushrooms and growing super huge, shooting fireballs, flying, racoon suites, giant boots, magic whistles and much more, this is just from the original 8 bit systems,Mario even gave us yoshi, luigi, sonic gave us tails. what a joke. im not even going to think about going into mario 64 which is arguably the funnest and most innovative game. Mario has always tried to one up himself, every game is different, with more abilities. No two Mario games are the same, yet still we find hours of fun and originality in each one. shit mario even went RpG. Mario vs Sonic, come on now, sonic is only veteran because of age, not because of quality or ass kicking ability. MARIO IS our gamming king

Mario (Kart)



He evolved so much over the years... sonic hasnt changed one damn bit..

Zebra 3
I enjoyed every game from NES's Super Mario Bros. 1, 2 and 3 to one of my all-time favourite games, N64's Super Mario 64.

Sonic is cooler then Mario on any given day of the year. Mario maybe funny but Sonic is cool ! I grown up with both of this iconic character, even as a kid I know I wanna grow up to be a cool guy like Sonic and a not a weird guy like Mario who eat unwholesome looking mushroom to grow strong.

Drug are bad. Winner dont use drugs.

Mario is fat and eats too much pasta. Sonic is faster, and smarter. I pick the Hedgehog over the plummer.

I pick Sonic.

sonic games just cant ever offer as much or be as fun as mario.

Mario is the best game that ever came out. it ruled for Super NItendo and it was great for the 64. Mario All the Way. Mario For President. yes thumb up

Mario def kicks a helluva lot more arse....i mean many monsters did he destroy simply by jumping on them...this goes without question.


Red Superfly
Mario would win because Mario can accurately jump on Sonics head and kill him.

Sonic wouldn't be able to hit Mario at all, because now that Sonic is in 3D, he'd miss him all the time, he'd be like: "I can't hit Mario because I can't see, the camera is moving uncontrollably, maybe if I bash the buttons I'll hit him once?"

Darth Revan
Mario would kick Sonic's ass, like Superfly said. Sonic would be too busy rolling around uncontrollably to be able to actually attack Mario yes

i would pay to see that

there is actually a site where Mario and Sonic duke it out, and there are 2 different endings. One where Sonic turns into Super Sonic and kills Mario and one where mario wins.
It is quite entertaining.

Matrix Overload
what's the website named?


there are 2 of em! enjoy!!!

look at those battles!!!!!!!!!!
they rock

That. ****ing. Rocked.

yes it did,
thank you, thank you very much

yes thank you indeed

Lord Ryugen
Mario is the undisputed king of games. Unfortunately for him Sonic just happens to be it's GOD. Sonic any day and every day of the week. And as for a game Sonic Adventure 2 for the Dreamcast. There is nothing as fun as fighting the Ultimate Lifeform fused to a space station in deep space with Super Sonic and Hyper Shadow.

mario couldnt touch sonic.

Sonic... I still have my Mega Drive (the first one) and all the games... even got the game for the PS2 the other weeks... he just simple rules... no question about it!

Lord Ryugen
Sonic was just more entertaining than Mario. I mean lets look at them for a second. Mario spends his time jumping on mushroom people and turtles trying to save some princess from an overgrown lizard. Sonic spends his time destoying evil robots to prevent some evil genius from collecting 7 gems that produce an almost infinite power and taking over the world. And on sidekicks who's Mario got Luigi a taller green clad version of himself with all the exact same abilites and Yoshi a little Dinosaur that can eat things. Sonic's buddys actually hadsome range. You have Tails who can fly and Knuckles who is stronger and a better fighter. Mario has nothing on Sonic...absolutley nothing.

what ****ing rocked im confused blink

the battles that i provided links to on the previous page. Click on them to see Mario and Sonic fight, it ****ing rocks!

SoNiC mutha fuka!!!!go sega ...

Red Superfly
Not if Mario gets Sonic into the water.

Mario can breathe forever while Sonic needs those stupid air bubbles to stay alive. Mario wins!

Lord Ryugen
Sure but on land Sonic lays waste to everyone in his path. In air too. Mario gets a racoon tail or a cape. Sonic gets a plane with guns on. You do the math.

Red Superfly
Sonic can't do shit in the air. A dogfight between Mario and SOnic would see Mario win everytime.

Also, Mario has a plane too, with guns - ever play Mario Land?

So, Sonic has a plane, and can somewhat float above the ground as Super Sonic.

Mario has a wing cap, a cape, a raccoon suit, a plane with guns.

Mario wins in the air.

On ground, Sonic has loads of power ups like invincibility, super speed.

Mario has his metal cap to protect him, his invisible cap to become untouchable, can shoot fireballs, whack sonic with his cape or tail, turn to stone if he attacks him, use a big giant green boot to squash him, and so on.

Super Mario would also be twice the size of Sonic. Sonic's blade attacks wouldn't even faze mario with most of his defensive power-ups like his metal and stone ones.

Mario wins on land.

In the water, Mario slips on his frogman costume and batters Sonic before he even has a chance to drown.

Mario wins in water.

Lord Ryugen
Technicly Super Sonic has been massively amped up and can now fly and breath in a vaccum. And no I have not played Mario Land so I did not know he had his own plane. But I'll take Tails' flying skills over his.
And on land it would not matter how many power ups Mario has if sonic is traveling fast enough when he hits. (Natually I'm discounting the Epheral Mario.) And anyway sonic fights metal things all the time. So Metal Mario may not be all that useful.

This isn't who would win in Mario vs. Sonic, it's who do you like better!! Jeez.

mario will take sonic any day

did u look at the battles PunisherFan33?

ScarFace Clone
well being that in Dream Cast you can run on the water with Sonic i am ganna have to go with sonic because he would wast on land and just run on the water.

You cant compare them in a fight. Different game style means different power ups, abilities etc.

ScarFace Clone
Sonic would still win. LOL

Mario is always stuffing himself with mushrooms and flowers to power up! Sonic uses his speed to defeat his enemies. That tubbo of Mario can only beat his opponents by just jumping on top of them.....that 's why he is always squishing his enemies......he is waaaaay too heavy. wink

btw-watch it with the language everyone.

ScarFace Clone
also mario can get the frog suit and jump as high as sonic and the frog suit lets him swim alot faster

Red Superfly
It's only a bit of fun, and people have to start acting like they are the police.

Besides, Mario would just shoot Sonic. In the head. With a GUN!

Counter that!

Mario super mario world was so fun and so is super smash bros melee and mario party and RPG was a great game but i do like sonic adventure 2 battle and sonic chaos. But my vote is Mario

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