have u ever built a computer?

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Iam currently finishing up my new computer...

512mb twin sticks = (1gb)
200 gb hard drive
radeon 9600xt(always can upgrade later)
3.2 amd 64
creative labs audigy 2 zs platinum
logitech mx 510
sony cd-r/rw 52x32x52

Build a computer? pff roll eyes (sarcastic) I have enough trouble just using mine sad I don't know what any of that means stick out tongue

Master Revan
Yes the computer i use every day.

Yup I've built my own computer, its 2 years old and still kicking serious butt!

2.53Ghz P4
1Gb RDRam PC 1066Mhz
GeForce TI 4600(gonna buy the GeForce 6800 Ultra when doom III and HL2 arrive in the stores)
SB Audigy Platinium
120Gb HDD

Nope,but most of my family does..im the computer dunce in the family.Almost all my extended family are hackers/computer builders.They are way cool to talk to.although somtimes i can't understand a word they are saying!

and... 550 watt power supply

laughing out loud Learn!!

I built mine too.

I can't remember all the specs though....it's my baby...not my life.

2.8 ghz pentium 4 processor
2 stick of 512 meg pc-3200 ddr ram
200 gb hard drive
memorex dvd burner/cd burner drive
256 meg graphics card. Ummm...i think it's a GeForce FX...can't remember because i have 2.
Creative Labs Sound Plaster Platinum (came with cool games )

oh and i bought this bitchin microsoft wireless mouse too! big grin

yea my desktop i built its an amd 900MHz Thunderbird it was top notch in its day but the funny part is the processor can still handle almost anything in another few months im giving it an overhall though

Jedi Shmedi
Hate to birst your bubble dude, but there is already a thread about PC building. I don't know how to merge threads so I'll just bump my thread to the first page so you can see it. ^_^

if a thread about the subject isint on the first two page, then its ok if he make a new thread

Darth Revan
no it's not... use the search function thumb up

what do you mean build? as in buy every part and assemble it yourself?..what's the big deal about that. You don't even get warranty for the whole thing if the guyz at the store don't do the assembling.


1.its a learning experience
2.its cheaper
3.you get warranty on them separately(retail versions)
4.its exciting

i built 1 when i was 5 it sucks now but hey (my dad helped) it was cool all i remember what getten the parts and the comp dont member how though

I could build one, but I'm lazy. I usually would rather pay someone else a few extra bucks to build one.

I built a few comp's in TIP *tech in practice* but I dont remember how to now

I should be the mod (poiny up) of this forrum


Jedi Shmedi
Ah what the hell. Mine (which I should be getting any day now) has a Pentium 4 and an Nvidia Geforce 5900 Ultra graphics card, so I can't freakin wait to start playin Halo, Call of Duty, and City of Heroes!

the point is to not buy the package deals they sell in stores.. if you dont pick all the parts its not gonna be that good thats the bottom line

indeed, and then with the one you bought in the store you can barely insert a decent update roll eyes (sarcastic)

thats another good point yes

There are plenty of online stores that specialize in building good computers. The one I bought is from a little known computer company. And it was only about 50 bucks more then if I had bought every part seperately and built it myself.

^^which one BackFire?

it's sticking a board into another....you practically can't fail...because they only go in designated places on the mother board. what's so exciting?

and it's not cheaper. full made systems cost less, than if you sepparately pick the parts. (at least where i come from)

www.cyberpowerinc.com is the PC company I bought my pc from.

i thought it was really cool learning how to put a PC together. I think it's a great learning experience, and just about anyone could do it. All you have to do is take apart an exsisting PC first.

i know that....and it's something i was trying to point out.

you pick the parts, but the guyz at the store mount them and give you the central unit with the parts you picked. that's not a package deal..but you still don't build it yourself. and you get a warranty for the whole thing

actually dexx it is cheaper for the same quality if it wasnt the stores would lose a lot of money on every computer they sell and i work at a store that sells them and i built mine so i know

I'm plannin on building mine, caus the one i'm using now sucks! but then, although it's cheaper i still don't have the money to do it, so i'm buying components here and there...only the basics tho, so i don't have to upgrade it by the time i come to building it. But when i do, it's gonna be a kick ass system!

master zed
No but my younger brother Master Revan has.

i have and im proud of it (at least when it boots up correctly)

I started too... then found i didn't have enough money... so i have a half built one... smile

golden moon
I built my computer and used g force 5 200 grafics card sound blaster sound card 2 hard drives 80G ram 512 x2 dvd writer and dsl...
anything else?

I tried to build one, i had it all setup and everything. I closed the case and plugged it into the power, i then turned it on and all that happened is the fan turned slightly...and nothing else. I was upset, then i purchased my current PC which is awesome big grin

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